Thursday, June 1, 2017


curling my bangs
was like keeping you around,
every morning i woke up and
plugged in the iron,
heated the coils and burned my
fingertips into the screen
of my phone,
now they're wild and crazy
like my mind
looping it all as if
recovering the document
will bring back the muse,
chasing our love and beating
a spider against the wall
have the same ending,
it's already dead
so why are we still standing
with the shoe
poised above our heads?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

비트윈 (between)

"your memories will be deleted
in a few days time,
act now before it's too late."
and I hesitate,
the remnants of my cellphone
app relationship,
all those sweet messages I
never received,
they call out to me
I delete
the thoughts, what am
I thinking, that the dream could be
even now I stand back,
and stare at the ceiling,
filled up with self-doubt
"Re: Between,
Will anyone ever
stop caring what other's think,
stop saying 'you're pretty good
at chopsticks for a white girl',
and stop feeling ashamed
of loving me?"

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Translucency

rejecting others is
gouging your own eye
for you reject yourself
the smallest fleck
of your being, your soul
knows damage inflicted,
"I am cleansing"
but you are killing,
like a cold, freezing rain
the darkest winter night
of my life,
you break away
separate, like two microbes
growing into new demons,
from those who loved
and made you a new home,
imperfect and flawed
their pale skin and
ruddy palms, their blue veins
-all mine-
were there for you,
"money is the root of all evil,"
and materialism
is the god of
a man said we should love
but he was never
spoken of,
growing away is not a good thing
but I pray to leave your midst,
though my hand rested
against your chest and
I heard your heartbeat,
are the hypocrite to my honesty,
though I loved you
you saw nothing in me
but my reflection,
though warmth filled my body
when you embraced me,
you saw my
Carolina-blue blood
seeping through
my translucency,
and halted.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mister (아저씨)

that mister won't leave my head,
like the taste
of good coffee brewed
in the afternoon, he is smoking up
my mind like gray, snowy days
in the cold subway,
true gentleman
sending me off properly,
his sleight frame coming
from somewhere I
might not return,
as I slid down the streets
of Incheon, I saw
my own reflection in the ice,
little frozen rivers
spilling from fish tanks,
where the trapped squid
protests, his tentacles
stuck to the glass,
when your eyes grew wide and
you swore you'd
see me more, I wondered
like I have before
if his hands
knew their way to mine,
mystically, like the air
around him seemed to
make me drunk, starry eyed
that day in the sunlight,
pasty smell of
wet paint and cold stone,
in the past I could see
his body next to me
and never did I take myself
this seriously, the
is our greatest temptation
we shut ourselves down
and block it out,
regardless of the reason
winter is a bad season,
love under blankets and
wrapped up in sweaters,
a dangling lure
on a wire
he's never said his desire,
might be the same as mine
but I think I saw it
that day
in his warm brown eyes,
or perhaps his embrace
less careful than before,
smelling of his newest
risky behavior,
he won't get out of my mind.