Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gali, Toa of Water

I'm sorry for not posting in a while, we started school and things have been rather...dull. Today reminds me of last year when I played on the travel soccer team, all clear skies yet extremely warm.

Well, this morning at 11:00 I decided to start on a drawing, ink it and color it in 1 day. I finished at 3:00. Really, I didn't know I could still do that. I guess it doesn't count too much because I didn't do a complex background, but, oh, well, here she is!

Gali Nuva/Colored

I used many blues as this is the Toa Nuva of Water. She seemed purer if I took the picture in natural light, but it glared a little. My camera batteries went dead , so I never got a full view. She's wearing a blue swirly skirt, but you can only see a bit of it anyway, so I suppose it's not major.

Gali Nuva/Inked
This is what she looked like at about 1:00 this afternoon. In manga you usually ink your drawing with a pen (or
markers.)to make certain features stand out. Then you color it. I thought I should show you both.
And here is a glimpse of that skirt, a long with my signature.

Well, I hope you found this art, er, REFRESHING. :P Gali tends to do that to people. I hope to get Lewa and Tahu done soon, they will be very interesting.