Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Evenings In France

She stared out the window into the rainy twilight. A storm had just passed, cooling the warm summer air to a comfortable temperature. Down in the garden below her window fireflies were flying up from the ground, blinking silently among the leaves of the dark apple tree. Amidst all the red roses was a single orange one, washed by the rain and swaying lazily in the breeze. Ailith could still hear the thunder in the distance and she thought that maybe another storm was coming through the area.
 Laughter broke the silence; which wasn't really silence due to the mewing of a cat, squealing of a few pigs across the street and the ballad of a minstrel in the bar below her room. But the laughing caught Ailith's attention, and she turned to see a girl with chocolate brown, curly hair walking arm-in-arm with a boy who appeared to be cracking jokes with her. He pointed toward the garden and her face suddenly grew serious as he walked over and picked one of the small purple violets growing in the stone wall. He presented the violet to her, shaking a stray strand of blond hair out of his face as he did so. It was a simple motion, but obviously pleased the girl even more than the violet, because she laughed as she wiped her hands on her dark red dress and took the flower. Fitting it in her hair, she took his arm once more. They continued down the street, and Ailith heard her exclaiming-"Caelan! That's not funny!" but laughing all the same.
 It began to drizzle a few minutes later, and Ailith found herself hoping it wouldn't ruin the evening stroll of the two laughing teens. She even found herself wishing that she could be doing the same somewhere; laughing and strolling along with her friends. The image of those she had lost crept into her mind, but the lightning flashed and thunder clapped loudly at that moment, the downpour that followed clearing her mind to the nothingness that it was beforehand. Ailith turned away and headed back downstairs; Kyle would be wondering where she was.

Ramble there. ^.^; Gotta love my writing, though. An idea I came up with a while back. Just filled it out a bit and Voila!
Anyways, it has been raining a lot in my area. It feels like fall! ^.^ I wrote that about summer, though, but it's still rain! XD I've got my grandparent's keyboard and am enjoying practicing on it. It's fun...but I like the touch of a piano better. >.<
 I've been sort-of brainstorming on an idea for a picture, but it currently hasn't come to anything except more questions about details. I also feel like writing in the RP, because this was the kind of weather last year that I thought the most about the RP, and around the same time, too. I'm really ready for fall. :)
Well, nothing much else to say!

-Argent ♥

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Normally, I dislike them b/c there is nothing to do but clean. But this time, we did something. ^.^
Sir_Furious came over for a visit with his mom and sister. XD We had a good time, so on, so forth. I wish my other bros had been here to talk w/ him, too, but alas, twas not to be.
Other than that, I thank the Lord that I was able to get the house clean on time (w/ my mom's help!) and get to see them. :)

A few drawings I have done over the past week.

Gris to the left-Drawn from a picture of his creator. I tweaked a few things so that it would be more like Gris, but overall it looks the same. Post-return from absence, he is wearing a cloak. After I clean it up a bit, things will be clearer. It's a very thoughtful picture; Gris is staring out over a field, his arms over the fence. I am debating cutting all that grass and instead making it a harvest time picture, even if it does take extra effort. I do believe I am beccoming more courageous w/ backgrounds...what do you know...   The original picture of Sir_F is to the right. He gave me permission. ^.^                                                  

Raven and Beast Boy! From Teen Titans. I love them as a pairing...drew this after watching the episode "The Beast Within". Personally, I like how it turned out; BB's stance is very IC, Raven's a little less so, but if BB were shouting that, I think she'd be blushing a little and looking a bit uncomfortable, yet impressed by such a gallant statement. ^.^; A little of the original lines and stuff are still there, I'm sorry I didn't have time to erase them. I liked drawing BB's suit...it was so much fun to draw such a gangly and stringy little guy after all my efforts to draw these tall, broad and muscular guys...I liked doing a short, normal-looking gangly little guy. lol

It has come to my attention that you can't read my poem at the top of this blog very well. I apologize for that, but I also have to say that I'm not changing the color so that it's more readable. I like the purple, it matches well, and this crazy artist won't settle for any other. Because of that, I'll post it here, as well.



Well...not much else to say except that I hope the beginning of next week is nice and cold. I want to wear some of the clothes that my mom and I bought at Goodwill yesterday. :D


"Eventually I know the feeling of loss will come again, but for now I'm ignoring it.
I can't always be right there, protecting you, like I was once able to. But I can hope and pray." -Misti

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Colors Changed and Playlist Changed

Welcome, sweet fall time! Autumn, season of my birth!

When I first started this blog, it's name for fall was Autumn Winds. I have changed the name several time for different season, but I will never change the fall name. ^.^
I first started with a very dark look...deep brown, like crunchy leaves. Honestly, I cannot remember what I used last year...I think it was a similar look.
This year, my look is warm pumpkins and yellow gourds...aka Fall Conference 2008; the last one we ever had here. I absolutely LOVED Fall Conference at our church. I remember the last one we had in the upstairs building, 2007, I think, and this blog is themed after it. That was the time I realized Cyll could talk your ear off. ^.^

My playlist?-I themed it with quieter, less bouncy songs. I love the Alison Krauss and Natalie Merchant on there, but, of course, I still have my string of 3 Doors Down on there...I ♥ my 3 Doors Down, be they depressing or no. >.<

What are you to expect from my posting this fall? A lot, actually, since I've decided to start posting more often. You'll probably see a lot of my poems. We're going to the beach, so you'll see that, too. I have friends coming here, friends going there, FRIENDS EVERYWHERE!!!!! XD Birthdays, trips, Thanksgiving, different get-togethers and so on and so forth. I'm way too excited, as you can see. :)

Now, how is that French going, you ask? Currently, I can only say one phrase, and that is-La petite garçon. Which is "the little boy". XD La petite voiture is the little car, la grande voiture is the large car, la petite maison is the little house...ok, so I can say more than la petite garçon. XD

Huh...recently, I posted a picture of my French curriculum on Facebook. Well, my Justin Bieber notebook happened to be on my desk, between my map of North Carolina (we're going to a beach in NC soon) and my French books. I happened to get quite a few comments of *groan* and "He sounds like a girl" on Facebook. It's rather interesting...I cannot say I am the least surprised. I also have to say that I am not a huge fan of Justin Bieber...I have never once squealed over him in the slightest and I don't like much of his music. But I just have to say that my mom kinda teased me into buying that notebook for school this year because, yes, I do think he is cute. XD My brothers have teased me unmercifully over him since the thing came under our roof and sometimes I do think there is a very decided population-Bieber haters, and insane Bieber lovers. I don't understand why I can't seem to sit on the fence. : P Besides, he speaks French and sings a song in French, which happens to be my favorite song of his and one of the only ones I like, I am very pleased and am happy to have finally found a song I can memorize in that tongue.

Oh, and don't think that I am offended by these Facebook comments in the slightest. I actually had a very good laugh over them and am pleased to hear the opinion of others. :)

But I'm not obsessed. With Justin, that is. Now, with Firo from Baccano!? Maybe. ^.^;

Anyways, HOUSEWORK CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*


Ok, enough of that! (But I do so love my Firo~!)

-Argentia Krystofel ♥♥♥

Monday, September 20, 2010

Under Orion May Your Memory Ring True

The night air is chilling
Stars and moon are thought-stilling

A single star shines very bright
Upon whom her thoughts do alight

But she longs only for a friend
Sweet perfume on a darkened wind

Because light only glimmer with hope
When with their descisions you can cope

Leaning in, she needs you now
Before this throne she cannot bow

Only half the cry you hear
And she wished things could be made clear
Lonesome longing
For one seemingly lost
Silently begging
That he won't pay any cost

Pointless worry
Time will stand in place
Never say sorry
A blank look on my face

Her heart still flies
But she ties it down
For fear of those lies
That make you frown

Black on white the song
Of thoughtful love yet remorse
Though you can sing along
I'm still trying to see, of course

Oh, leave me, sweet regret!
Go, jealous envy
I will not be caught in that net
And nothing gained, you see

A sparkling treasure
Sitting under the sand
Brighter than the gold
Of all the land

Burning horizon
Dreams, please come true?
The constellation of Orion
Is coming into veiw

Run, run, fast as you can
A destination is on your mind
Do not stop, not for any man
And never look behind

Let her smile guide you
Just for this short moment, tonight
Understand her heart is true
Her sympathy is for your plight
She sees the sky, so great a height
Embellished with clouds by the day
And stars of diamond by the night

She sees a jagged fissure
Where the earth has cracked
Broken by the pressure

Look! Fool, there is broken glass
Consider who's at fault
And find some warmth at last

I'll try hard to hold on
It's a few weeks soon coming
And this is almost gone

When moonshadows are dimly cast
And Orion above us
We'll shoot back into the good of the past.

The style of ^this^ poem changes...hum, three times throughout. A muse, I suppose, since it is so very long.

For We Have Become Minstrels (or A Penny, A Quarter)

Do you know what laughing is
Yes, I know and it is this

A great and full; bursting moment
To be in the presence of not one lament

Even his faults are all kissed by the sun
And our spirits toward the sky horizon run

Where is the vast sky, can it be named well?
So this depth is like the blue; trust you cannot sell

The brightness of this day is more than I
And through the clarity of the horizon pearls I spy

Floating on invisible waves, reflecting the sun’s light
You can stare at them for years, till you increase in height

Time and stature, yet we’re still with hope
And with the changes of life we’ll cope

A family of travelers upon the road
Playing our instruments and searching for abode

A penny, a quarter, a flower for miss
And a long, happy strain that they call bliss

Then the deepness of your river is enhanced by two
And the world doesn’t always spin around you

But we never had to tell him, he always knew
That darkness is waiting for me and for you

Hark, oh night of blackness and silence!
We will not be hindered by your evil-hearted vengeance

Our family ties are strong, they bind us together
Nothing can take us, never oh never

Till the light shining on the rocky side
Is reflected by the incoming tide

While you stare up at the pearls as the ships leave the land
And I sit close by and draw pictures on the sand

The birds take flight and he writes a song
And the little girl and boy rather play than sing along

The women and men walk down the shore
And the eldest of us are still looking for more

But we’re the most content than we ever could be
In our cove of goodwill, out by the sea

Wondering if the bonds will ever go away
And hoping to stay for another day

As I said on Facebook-

A cookie to the first person that can tell me what the pearls are in this verse-

The brightness of this day is more than I

And through the clarity of the horizon pearls I spy

And I guess another cookie to who can tell me what this one means-

Then the deepness of your river is enhanced by two

And the world doesn’t always spin around you

ENJOY!!! Sorry I don't post very often-life is hectic and frustrating-not VERY bad stuff, but still hard. And if you understand all of the stuff in these poems, or most of it, then you are either crazy, know a lot about me and my stargazing tendencies, or are a big part of the subject. :) I doubt many understand fully, so don't dare feel bad if you don't...you aren't supposed to! ^.^

I have finished Baccano!, btw, and it's very good! I love the English dub of it-Accents are so cool. Still working on Cowboy Bebop.

Also, expect a total blog makeover soon...Fall is almost here!!!

-Argent ♥

Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Year Started

Started school this week! Also got my new books in for 9th grade...my first year of high school! YES!!! XD
My subjects are-
Algebra 1/2


I'm really excited about the French, I must say.
Piano has been going well for me, I am in level 2/3 now and am progressing...some days I sit down and don't want to play, though, but I try and it starts to rub off on me until I enjoy it. XD

I've finished a sketchbook and will post the drawings here-

The ones above and right are of my friends. The one below and to the left are characters. Sylvia and Gris are Sir_F's chars, and Tithdaeron and Alastair are mine.

Well, thanks for reading! Sorry it's a short update, been REALLY busy lately!