Monday, January 31, 2011

A Moment In Time...

 For a moment in time, he stands there, his gray eyes cold and unforgiving.
 For a moment in time, she begs of him, pleads that he will pardon her wrong. She never meant to hurt him; reopen such deep wounds in his soul.
 For a moment in time, afternoon sunlight covers them both, warming things ironically. Yet, down below, she can hear the powerful waves beating against the shore, cold, firm and resolved, like his gaze so scornful.
 For a moment, everything hangs in the balance, neither willing to break. But that moment is fleeting; time must always go on. The floodgates are let loose; their waters pioneer streams down her flushed cheeks.
 For a moment, she contemplates how lonely it is to cry alone.
 "Crap." He says defiantly, then sighs. He holds out his arms to her, a look of resignation on his face. She races into those arms, burying her face in his cotton t-shirt.
 "I'm sorry!" She chokes out, the tears unrelenting.
 "I, too." He says quietly.
 For a moment...nay, longer than that, they stand together with arms about each other, taking joy in the glory of forgiveness.

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh! The Exaggeration (And thoughts on geeks)

Oh, the exaggeration I go through.

Oh, the exaggeration I create.

Oh, how funny it is sometimes

Oh, wherever can it originate?

^Random poems are fun things. I almost want to write one about geeks. Lately, I feel, and remember, a girls second calling is to exaggerate, that they are on the rise. No, wait. That they have almost conquered. Like a massive wave they have come upon us, and they have been recognized for their competence, their techiness, their intelligence, and their awkwardness.
 It's been seen throughout history that people with a cause they feel passionate about, no matter how ostracized, are generally excepted by the majority at some point. This, I am afraid, is what has happened to geeks.
 Just think about the comedy Chuck (which I wouldn't recommend to ANYONE aka not a good show in my opinion). See what I mean? Geeks are being widely recognized as cool and, since our culture has a habit of feeling that everyone and everything (no matter how odd or vile or just plain stupid), needs to be accepted, geeks are being, well, accepted.
 What happens when a group so proud of their differences, their oddities, and their weirdness suddenly become mainstream? Why, they lose their set-apart nature and become normal, making room for another thing that has gone out of style to come back in.
 Now, I will confess that computer geeks (as I am referring to as just 'geeks' in this post) are definitely *different* when compared to other groups that were/are considered different. They work with computers, something we never had before the 20th century. That's definitely ALWAYS going to set them apart from past 'weirdos'. But future ones? We'll see.
 I also wonder what the next wave of strange to popular will be...

 I guess I have to let you know that this isn't geek-bashing. My 'older brother'  (aka, best friend) is a comp geek and proud of it, too. This post is simply getting out a thought that has been on my mind for about three hours...and I hate to have things linger on my mind for too long when it's okay to let them out.
 So, enjoy the rambling....sorry if I stepped on toes, I didn't mean to. I just meant to meditate for a while on the constant cycle of some people long for acceptance, and are accepted, and how others don't, and yet still get brought into the big circle of happy, loving and totally crazy people. >.<

Also, I've been thinking about my serious male characters lately and realized they aren't serious enough! I also realized that Adrian and Alastair's conditions are redundant, not similare, yet all I've written so far and all I will write further relies on their pasts. *groan* I guess I must keep plowing on...even if I hate the web I've weaved for myself to work with. =P
 On the other hand, Royale and Ayame are doing well...even if Ayame is a bit cold with Royale right now. Hopefully she'll start to like him (and eventually love him) once he saves her life a few times. Hahaha
 On another note, I like double chocolate brownies, and birthdays of other people (I don't like my birthday; it's annoying) and I also like staying over at other people's houses.

So there. *smiles*

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A friend won't care!

Lately, I've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl in parts.

It's the most boring movie I've ever watched. *sigh*

Anyways, I've been thinking about something pretty interesting. You depend on other people throughout your entire life, right? But sometimes, they don't always meet your expectations. What irritates me most is that it seems the closer you get to someone, the less likely they are to meet said expectations. There's this idea that-"Oh, they're a friend, I don't have to get it done by the deadline for them." Yes, that's true, friends should be forgiving and versatile, but how far should you put them off?
 Another instance of this is in trust. You can tell a person a lot about you, but it seems the closer you get to them and the more they hear, the less they treasure the facts they hold. Some of those facts are just rocks and dirt. But even though some are like gold and rubies, a friend will sometimes 'drop' a secret that is one of those treasures.
 FRIENDS ARE NOT CONCRETE! They're not invincible. Even if you drop a brick, parts of it are going to chip off. If you drop a brick from a tall building a few times, it's going to be a much smaller brick after you drop it. If you drop it from a skyscraper...well, it's probably not going to be in one piece on the sidewalk below.
FRIENDS AREN'T TOYS!!! You can't play rough with a china doll. Even if they appear as hard as stone, underneath they do have a heart.
Friends aren't CLOTHES!!!-You don't 'try on' friends. And I'm not just talking about friends-friends. I'm talking about boyfriends and girlfriends, too. If the Lord has blessed you with someone that you love and hope to marry someday, then you stick with them. You don't keep switching between the pink shirt and the green one. Nobody likes being treated like that.
  The greatest comfort I have amidst this, though, is to know that Jesus will NEVER treat someone this way; not even by accident! He will not discard you as 'just another friend' but rather, you will always be precious in His eyes.

Done with my rant! (No, this was not aimed at any of MY friends, but rather at the friends of a certain girl I know).

-Argentia Krystofel~♥