Thursday, March 13, 2014


My feelings, which are now so torn and anxious
Glide around like our last goodbye
Like your legs, taking straightforward steps
While others were trepidacious and uncertain

Don't open your eyes to the cruel night
Your heart was too warm for that
More than a fire, you appear like a star
Burning in a galaxy, where no time has passed away

Come to this world and open your palm
Only to be nailed to the cross you built
Did you assume that everyone would love you?
Were you born blind, or have you acquired it?

Do not be angry, no one knows it but I
Who can hear your silence and feel the pressure
My feelings, so quiet and afraid
Drift around in tune to yours, I can't stop it

Please delete Pluto from your solar system
It's cold as ice and pointless
How far away does a single voice carry and
Who can hear me amidst the noise of everyday life?

The instant is passing, your impulsiveness lingers
Suggestions connect like lightening in my mind
Will you not speak a little more to me
Let us map the cities and barren lands of your being

Get lost in the colors of this world, search
Meaning is just around the corner, brilliant
Let me hold it in my hands, this preciousness
Make your decisions; if you wish, I will never let go.