Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jade Jikeidan

We did t'ai ch'i at midnight
Everything sliding to an abrupt halt
You looked into my eyes
And you whispered a lonely lovesong

If you hold me tight I'll smile
Tell me you need me and I'll stay
Buy the lies I sell you, and don't cry
Oh, dearest darling, don't you dare cry

We practiced pottery at noon
Forming the most beautiful creations
Imperfect and flawed, but lovely
And you whispered my praises

The ancient, pale moon
Bares its scared face without shame
The pits in your soul
Are shadows dancing in my vision

Life's been a pretty little lie
But it's also been a pretty little thrill
And if it doesn't get boring, it's okay
If it never gets quiet, we'll fly

We learned Chinese in the wee hours
Morning of mysterious oriental vision
But I could not understand your tone
So you whispered a little English in my ear

We have slipped in and out
Like your state of mind
But that wasn't the end for you
The sad stories keep building

The faces of those pretty babies
Big brown eyes like yours
Stare into my soul, they pierce me
Just like you

We danced in the haze of spring sunsets
My heart burning with a desperate fire
I was fascinated by you beyond belief
And you whispered lies in my ear

Oh, you were the match, bold and selfless
That finally struck the wheat field
In kamikaze flames, down, down, down
Thank you, thank you, for opening my eyes

I hope you stay this way, in peace
May you live, wild and free and boundless
Perhaps one day we will heal
Until then, please farewell my friend, farewell


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Open the dark pools of mystery, wonder
Stars in the eyes of the night sky
Reflections of the cityscape, the people
Wandering, back and forth, surrounding

My hands are worthless shaking objects
We fall in utter confusion, what is this reality?
Was I yours, or was I your foggy realizations?
My shirt soaked in your tears, my heart weighted

Strip my wings of their pure feathers
Destroy my feelings with intense doubt
The future becomes a fixed equation
All of my efforts will add up to equal zero

Can I escape this flickering flame of a life?
The naked black trees, the azure blue sky
Sliced with a glowing knife and punctured
With trillions of tiny diamonds, bleeding black

I know how to make you cry like a little child
You know how to make me believe your lies
But I'm done with that ugly nightmare
That sleepless ending, those stormy nights

I refuse to believe in the perfection of man again
Or words or pictures or claims of honesty and love
Governments and organizations and associations
In every good thing there's a faker


Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Lanterns and Untitled Poem

We had a lot of snow here; a little over 12 inches. Tonight, while the moon was rising and the stars were peeping out from behind their deep blue curtain, my mother and I tried an idea I heard about from my American Literature teacher-snow lanterns! Sadly, the one my mother made with snowballs kept collapsing, and then the holes were too big so the wind blew out her candle. This snow was very powdery, so I decided to not try to make a snowball lantern at all. I had thought about doing an ice lantern like the ones they do in Japan, but we didn't have enough time for that. So I took my brother's igloo building plastic square and placed an empty Milkis can in the center (Milkis cans are very long and slender). I packed in the snow, turned the block upside down, poured warm water over the plastic to loosen it, and then took off a corner so I could pull out the can. I rebuilt my corners and after three attempts, I finally got the candle lit. It kept burning for over ten minutes; we walked around the block, took some more pictures, and it was still going strong! I was so happy! The warm candlelight beneath the ethereal moon is magical. I gazed up at the stars and wished I could walk underneath that sky all night, down a path of little snow lanterns.

I wrote a poem about snow earlier this winter. I was waiting for 'the big one' to come so I could post it here. Enjoy!

It snowed
And each thought like a snowflake,
White and silent
A tiny secret to the unaided eye

Time slows
My heart doesn't beat so quickly
Rather it's a long, quiet sigh
In a breath, I can't describe it

Falling down
Each individual misconception
Hardly any fear at all is left inside
No longer to hide

Oh, and it snowed
The world blanketed in quiet light
Gives me some peace to speak tonight
Or to fly away, I'm not sure

It froze
The frosty glass bears blurred images
Of who I was and who I am
And who I will no longer be

And it stormed
A whirling world of blank thought
Of background noise and personal habits
But somehow it all becomes a comfort

Because it snowed!
And the heap of troubles and anguish
That perpetual feeling of accursed nonsense
All of it disappears to behold the calm of this moment

Love to you all and stay warm!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

10 Things I Want to Share

I am totally incapable of writing anything that flows nicely in a blog post tonight, so I have decided to update using numbered points, instead.

#1. There should be a filter on Tumblr. Seriously. There are some things that I would prefer to not see.

#2. To the man who keeps leaving sunflower seeds in the urinal at work: that is irritating. A lady has to clean this bathroom, you know. I simply ask that you not drag in cow dung on your boots and keep sunflower seeds out of the urinal. That is all.

#3. I'm so lazy and school is getting so crazy that I want to cry and scream and blabber incoherently sometimes, but God is good and gives me the hope that I will obtain better self-control and focus on my studies.

#4. This makes everything a little better.


Tim Be Told is a talented Christian music group going through some hard times lately-but still having the inspiring courage to produce music and keep fighting. Read more about Tim, the lead singer of the group, and Tim Be Told's music here-

#5. So does this.
I like aegyo, okay? *shameless*
#6. Smile, my love-
Reflecting upon the one of the most beautiful little sitcoms. It's been a while but I still get warm fuzzies whenever I watch this video.

In general, I have been experiencing some depressing feelings recently (as can be assumed from my last post), and frustration with myself, but I think by the grace of God I'm pulling out of it. Valentine's Day this year is exciting me despite the fact that I am single, simply because I can't wait to eat lots of pink cookies and drink pink raspberry bubble tea and think lots of pink fluffy thoughts.
If you are thinking about Pinkie Pie right now, I don't blame you. =P

You are free to gasp in awe at my sudden burst of romanticism. I even have a playlist of my favorite love songs (including Smile My Love, haha) that I am going to blast the entire day. :)

#7. I just want to say how much I love this blog and how cozy it feels to me when I write here. I guess it should, after all, this is the 358th post. =D

#8. Nail art for Lunar New Year! It didn't last more than 4 days, but it was still pretty. In other New Year-related news, weather permitting tomorrow I go northward with my family for a Chinese-style celebration in the city! All I can think about is the beautiful colors and food and boba tea... 

#9. Friend, if the girl breaks up with you twice in six months, she just isn't worth your precious tears. So stop crying over her, stop wanting her back, please, for the sake of your heart, just move on.

 #10. January finally redeemed itself this year; I used to dislike this month because nothing particularly exciting or wonderful has ever happened to me during those previously dreaded first four weeks of the year. But this January I have made several new friends and many memories. So yay for January! XD

I will send any of my unfortunate readers away with this song by Miley Cyrus (I know you are feeling shocked right now, but trust me when I say it is THE BEST she has ever made). Her video was, not surprisingly, quite trashy, but thankfully there are good people on the internets who upload lyric videos that I can post to my blog in good conscience.
Enjoy 'Adore You', and have a wonderfully sweet and Pinkie Pie approved Valentine's Day.

-Argentia Krystofel

Friday, February 7, 2014


Swallow it, because it's all that is
The taste of paper in our mouths
The pale white sun, like your skin
When you can't stomach any food

Rivers flow, reasonless, across the face of this earth
It will not mean anything to you
Your bleached irises scanning this place
Will not detect a single fault

The wind tastes like the seaside
White foam and black waves
Are you the result of that darkness
Tumbling and tearing far-away worlds apart?

The taste of snowflakes on your tongue
They fall aimlessly from the sky
First captured by delicate lips
Finally digested by saliva

Perhaps your heart beats harder
When words are whispered like a wish
But to me it is like silent cursing
Dread coursing through my veins

The sunset is like your dying youth
Slowly slipping behind black sillhouttes
The sky grows empty and meaningless
Angry wind whips clothes against flesh

Bleached world, coursing rivers, darkness
Bitter snow, fatal words, death and anger
Even if there were a single place left,
It will disappear eventually, you know

-Argentia Krystofel