Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Within Myself

Dark and quiet, my thoughts surround me
Like a warm blanket, I bury within myself
Only a few can understand this feeling
The reason why my words don't come

And if we could hold on to time, we would
Seek the security that no one provides
Life, unpredictable and cruel, brings bad with good
What will we cling to when we are the pillars of strength?

I am held by that deep feeling of quiet
Have you been embraced by it?
If I close my eyes, I feel I can see them
The tears, frozen on cold cheeks

Did I know during that unexpected moment
That went against everything in my being
I would become a new person in the end
That the spontaneity would make me constant?

I become captivated by my own memories
By the sound of the waves at the ocean
Or the voice of a friend, or the summer breeze
Trivial things add up to so much nostalgia

By saying 'important', I meant 'a milestone'
Which, of course, you know
Words and feelings affect me, so does being alone

But no one knows that, do they?

-Argentia Krystofel

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sky Blue

Seemingly mesmerizing me
I've never experienced this before
But it's somehow a part of my memory
The faces and colors softly fading

Even if I close my eyes it's still here
The sky blue color that flashed in my vision
The familiar face that I cannot name appears
Then turns and disappears into the confusion

A turn in the sunlit pathway I walk upon
But can you tell me which direction to go?
No man can see this future that can't be counted on
I never allow myself to assume otherwise

Even if I try, the memories of this face
Will not go away
No matter where I go, memories of this place
Continue to haunt me

No one knows who has come and who has gone
In this rainy, dreary, silent day
Yet when the most simple things leave me to be alone
I feel as if I've lost a bit of my heart

As time passes slowly, yet without care
Many may pass by this place
Where they think no one stood, they'll stand there
They'll never know of  you

The stranger that walked upon this earth
That captured the mind of a poetess
Though no one knows of this stranger's worth
He stole her words and wrote this story