Monday, October 20, 2008

Hold on.....

I'm working on another site with this little image, and I need to do some testing, so please be patient!!!!!!!

Many thanks,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots of Stuff!!!!!

Well, to start out, the other night we had the most beautiful crescent moon. It looked gorgeous, silhouetted against the house next door. That house is empty, so nobody ever asks me why I take pictures of it and it's surroundings. To tell you the truth, it really is a beautiful house, and
since nobody lives there, it's very peaceful.

The camera was a bit shaky, but I managed to get a video. I think the most beautiful thing was the crickets and the cars going by. My room is closest to the street, and my room is where this was filmed.

The other thing was a beautiful sunset we had,
it cast an orange-red glow on everything.
The first is a picture of the sun glinting against a flower I have taped to my window.

This is after the sun went down.

These are the pictures of Vakama, Nokama, and Matau on my bookcase. They looked beautiful.

This is my hand, a comparison of
how red the light was.
And this is my bookcase, it has candles and rocks and a handmade oil lamp like the ones the Israelites had.

And the last is my darling, sweet, hardly-at-all-prickly cactus-in-a-teacup♥. I love it most because I don't have to water it. I love that I don't have to water it because I am very forgetful. I don't think I'm making much sense. :P

Thank you for stopping by, I will have artwork up on Monday, if everyone is at church Sunday. Why? Wait and see.
EDIT: I'm adding a video of the sunset, my voice is VERY deformed, but I just thought I'd upload it anyway.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, I guess it's here.........

As so many of you have anounced, Autumn is here. It is getting cold here in Virginia, and I am enjoying it immensly, although have to say, I'm not getting out much because I'm still a little under the weather as you'd call it from the cold I had a while back.

Well, I have now watched Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Rings for the first time and... I LOVED THE THING!!!!!!!!! It was a little scary, but not that bad, so my brother, Shadow Strike, and I watched it together on a VHS that looks ancient that my mom bought at GoodWill. Mind you, we had no intention of watching any of the three movies until our mom bought this, and I'm super glad she did.

I'm sure you guys wonder why I post about myself less-often, and more about my artwork and such. Well, my artwork is me. My blog is where I display it to other people other than my family and friends, but I will try VERY hard to post about myself more. Also, I am home schooled, so I can't post that often, as our mom keeps us OFF the computer, ALL THE TIME!!