Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, we have been raising tadpoles since a few weeks before conference. Two of them have now become frogs! We have a little habitat we are keeping the little things in until we can take them somewhere we can set them free. They are only about and inch long, and bright green. We have named them In and Out, as one is very social, but the other likes to hide.
Here are some pictures taken when they were tadpoles-
The first picture is bucket of tadpoles one. The second picture and onward is busket of tadpoles two. This was the day we moved them. They were outgrowing bucket 1, so we got another bucket. When they got their legs, we didn't know they would scale the walls even when they still had their tales, and we lost two in the middle of the night. Thankfully, my brother put carboard over them and punched holes in it so they can breath.
Here is a picture of Out. I couldn't find In, as usual.And a picture of our newly discovered soon to be frog. (Trying to scale the walls of tank #1)
We are considering naming him Three, or if he is jumpy naming him, well, Jumpy. Simon and I are the ones naming them, no one else seems to hot about it. One problem is they aren't eating the frog food we put in. We need to let them go soon or they will probably die.
I know it isn't a sweet post, but it's cute. And Huck's pet is a frog, in the new version at least. It's name is Shoo-Fly.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Wednesday's sweet thing-muffin recipes. This site has the most muffin recipes I have ever seen, and several ones with berries in them! Hope you enjoy!

Also, I was able to edit and write a whole bunch in my story today, so I'm super happy. I also managed to wash all our dishes-YAY!!! 8D
A picture for the sake of pictures! :P

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake, Anyone?

My little sister, Lillian, LOVES Strawberry Shortcake. The TV show, I mean. And you won't believe me, but I like it, too. The TV show, but also the dessert. Until Tuesday, August 11 (omitting Sunday), I will do a post each day with something 'berry' sweet!
I'm not sure why I really like Strawberry, but I think it might just be the sheer light-heartedness of it. My two favorite characters are Blueberry Muffin and Huckleberry Pie.
Blue is a lot like me, she is imaginative; she likes to make up stories, she is very imaginative, she loves books and she likes to dress up and put on plays.
Huck is just hilarious! I probably like him most for his anime moments. He also reminds me of my little brothers. Although, I have one question-Why on earth did they change Plum Pudding into a girl? I mean, Huck has gotta have some boy to hang out with! I don't get the point, why have only one boy?
So, have fun reading if you like strawberries in general, if you don't like strawberries, then you'll just have to deal with it. :P


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry for not posting

I am terribly sorry for not posting very much lately. I suppose I should tell you about some things that have happening lately.

First of all, the week of the Reformed Family Bible Conference, my Grandma died. The good thing about it was that she was a Christian, and she is now in heaven with our Lord. Another really neat thing is that my mom's cousin Michelle had given birth to a little girl only a week before that!

Another reason is I have been going to my Grandparent's house so much lately, that I've barely been able to do anything at home at all! The good thing is I get to see my baby cousin. She is adorable! And guess what her name is? Autumn! We thought that was a really funny coincidence. I've held her twice. Holding her just melts my heart, she is so small and lovable. Everyone keeps saying-"Now remember, you have to give her back!"

Then we went to Spruce Pine, NC, Thursday for a rock show and then to sift for rocks. I bought two Chinese beads made out of cinnabar resin. Then we went to one of those places where they give you a bucket of rocks and sand and there is this trough with water running through it. You take a shovelful of the sand and rocks and dump them into a sieve which you then put in the trough, shake it and sift through the rocks that are left, picking out ones you think are pretty. My mom, brother Simon and I had a lot of fun doing this, and Simon was so good at picking them out.
Some of the stones he wanted to keep weren't even pretty, in my eyes. Then I realized something. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I use that phrase so much, but I forgot about it now. I had become blinded by the beauty of the big pretty rocks, and I didn't even think about the white gravels that were, in fact, very pretty. I decided I would quite turning down Simon's requests to keep a gravel or two, and we ended up with some very unique ones!

The picture above is a ring with a Star Sapphire embeded in it. The name reminded my of my story. Remeber, Adrian's uncle was Sapphire. And I have taken into consideration that Sapphire is not typically a boy's name. :P