Saturday, November 12, 2016

Teen Love Nostalgia

when I met you I was looking
for converse wearing simplicity
wrapped in t-shirts and
worn out jeans,
burning seventeen,
you'd be my right hand man,
fighting poetic battles
with me, fear and discovery,
my world ever-expanding
into the unknown space
of human existence, and
you'd be my peter pan
prince charming
robin hood and dark lord,
no one
knows how to stargaze
like me, we kick-started
the club of intergalactic dreamers
running off vodka and music
donations, you could
come with me to the moon,
play dress-up
suits and ties and talk
when I'm all grown-up
"I wanna be like you"
cold and bitter
broken inside from
the pains of my teen belief,
blinded by my love
all that time spent on the run,
what to do,
I'll turn twenty-one.