Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Video for Sasuke and Sakura

 When did I fall in love with you?
 Back in those days...I was just infatuated with how cool you were.

 you became my teammate...
 On Team 7.

 Being team mates didn't change me. I was still hopelessly in love with the cool Sasuke. Just gazing at his handsome profile was enough for me. 

 I never gave a thought to who he really was, behind that pensive face. 
 The shadow that you carried...
 When I finally noticed, it was too late. 
 Before I knew it, Naruto had matured and was standing face to face with you. 
 I was the one left behind.

 Yet I didn't change. 
 That's why this time...
 I tried to catch up to the two of you, in my own way. 

 But Sasuke-kun not longer the person we think he is,
 and he's far beyond our reach.

 I've already decided!
 I'll take care of Sasuke-kun myself.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Justin from Westmark indescribable presence. The angel and the devil; that's how Florian put it, and rightly so.
 In the very essence of his being there is an anger, a hunger for revenge, for answers, for something to satisfy his endless plight. His violet eyes flash with fury, a look that many cannot understand.
 It's no wonder Rina fell for him.
 His past haunts him; he's his own ghost, as Theo remarked. He drifts along between the Justin that could have been, could be, but still is in between. A madman, but neither grovelling in self-pity, nor embarking on any killing sprees. Simply there; he does what occurs to him to do at the moment, and that can be one of many things, each dependant upon the past and his vengeance. He can only trust himself to carry out this vengeance, because no one else understands it.
 Perhaps Florian understood it best. Either that, or he just allowed it to carry on without stopping Justin, which was as good as understanding.
 His scar adds to his lack of sanity; a rippling, brightening and darkening mark down his forehead and cheek, reinforcing the expressions that cross his face, and telling a story without any words; a story of thoughtless, crazed valour, near-death incidence, and the reason behind the sandpaper dividing himself from Theo.
 Things drop into Justin's mind and disappear, Florians says. His mind is an endless labyrinth; doors opening to hallways. Some are easily passed through, others haven't been opened in years and probably never will be opened again. He allows himself to forget those awful memories. They drop down into the darkness and are never seen again, or, they are changed; morphed into something at least half-better than it could have been. He has an uncanny ability for that, and after a while he loses track of when he started to believe his story as the truth.
 He wants to destroy the monarchy. He wants to destroy the world. He wants his vengeance. He can't be contained until he has it. He's the devil.
 He smiles and laughs and talks to people, with a winning 'charm' that most can't escape. He doesn't feel like he's hiding anything, because he isn't. He's the angel. 

He's Justin.

 Westmark rant. >.< I absolutely cannot get over Justin as a character. He's amazing in a way that I can't quite get out.

 Complex characters for the win.

-Argentia Krystofel

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tag from The Shieldmaiden at Wordpress!

Do you want a hug?
Adrian: Depends...if I know you, maybe, if I don't, of course not...if you're a pretty girl...sure!!!
Misti: I am now weirded-out. No.
Alastair: ...please don't.
Do you have any kids?
Adrian: *looks around*
Misti: No...but I love 'em.
Alastair: That's a very...impossible question. I'm fourteen years old. Why would I have children?
Have you killed anyone?
Adrian: Uh-huh, I have.
Misti: Once; only because they tried to kill Adrian.
Alastair: Yes. Several.
Love anyone?
Adrian: …maybe...*mischievous grin*
Misti: Yes. I love the person more than anything in the world.
Alastair: *sigh of annoyance*
 (Adrian: Don't ask him^ personal questions unless you're prepared to be answered with either silence, or a sigh.)
What is your job?
Adrian: Find the shards, prove I can use them well enough to say I'm royalty, and then take my throne back.
Misti: Self appointed-Protect Adrian. Given-Protect the forest...and do laundry.
Alastair: Puppet ruler.
Favorite season?
Adrian: Summer! All the way!
Misti: Tough one...probably spring, when all the flowers bloom.
Alastair: I hate just about anything other than Mid-October. That's the only time it's even at all reasonable outside.
Who’s your best friend?
Adrian: Don't have one, don't need one.
Misti: *quietly* Adrian.
Alastair: Royale.
Adrian: Reading, practicing with my shards, and riding my horse, Orion. Sometimes, I just lay around, especially at home, daydreaming or playing my flute.
Misti: Exploring! I love to explore the unknown parts of the South. Then there are so many other things I love to do, I can't really name them all.
Alastair: Piceus, reading, and becoming more skilled in dual-wielding.
What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Adrian: Writhe in agony and utter boredom as Argent has be recover from poisoning for the SECOND TIME in a row.
Misti: Return from my walk with Alas and check up on aforementioned Adrian.
Alastair: Finish the ice cream Misti and I just bought.
What is your eye color?
Adrian: Green. Emerald green; quite rare I've heard.
Misti: Aqua-colored.
Alastair: Normally, gray. They grow darker in dim light; glow red in darkness. It's a night vision thing. I don't like explaining it and I hate talking about it; most people count it as a 'curse'.
Are you good? Or bad?
Adrian: I attempt being good most of the time, but I on occaision...make people cry. I don't try to, honest!!!
Misti: I'm on Adrian's side. Him getting his throne back IS a good spite how it might not seem like that right now.
Alastair: Depends who you are.
What is your greatest fear?
Adrian: There's no way on earth I'm telling you that.
Misti: I won't protect the forest, like I always have, or that one of my friends will die.
Alastair: comment.
What do you think of your parents?
Adrian: Well, technically, I never knew my birth parents, but I have adopted ones; Callan and Shane Kempf. Mother is...okay, I guess. A little eccentric, and sort-of protective, but it doesn't bother me. And Father...he was taken by the plague when I was fourteen. He always kept his distance; waited for when I wanted to come to him, instead of smothering me. One thing I remember very well is that his smiles were infectious; when he was happy, everyone was.
Misti: Let's not go there.
Alastair: I cared for my father...deeply. My mother...another story entirely.
Any siblings?
Adrian: None.
Misti: I wish! Starr's kinda become like a little sister, though!
Alastair: Two older half-brothers, and a younger half-sister and half-brother. Four in all...there might be more that I don't know about.
Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Adrian: Anything new is welcome.
Misti: All but a few...
Alastair: It was indescribable. In a really bad way.
Do you have any weaknesses?
Adrian: You gotta be kidding.
Misti: Let's see...I can't really count them all, but I'd say the greatest is when a certain someone gives me a certain smirk. I can't say anything, much less disagree with them. (Adrian: This wouldn't happen to be any of the guys in the village, would it? Misti: I never said it was a guy and what makes you think I would tell you?!)
Alastair: You just never give up, do you?
Your favorite element?
Adrian: Definitely fire. I love the stuff.  It's bright, warm...and truly beautiful.
Misti: Ummm...foliage? Trees and rocks and the ground and stuff? Do those count?
Alastair: Darkness; night time. Quiet, solitary, and safe.
Do you care what others think of you?
Adrian: It's SUPPOSED to matter to me, because I'm a prince and all, but honestly it doesn't. (Me: It does!!! He'll just never admit it!)
Misti: Duh. Doesn't everyone, somewhere, worry about what others think?
Alastair: No...not anymore.
Your theme song?
(None of my characters have one decided yet. There are different ones that I listen to, and some of them are more for the character than others. ^.^ I can't write without music, though. LOL)

What’s your species?
Adrian: Completely human!!!
Misti: Part forest spirit, part human.
Alastair: Half Wood Elf, half Dark Elf.

Summer-full of enjoyable and not-so-very-enjoyable things...

To make a blog post....since I haven't posted in a while...

This summer has been/is interesting. Somehow, to spite being a relatively head-in-the-clouds person, the teenage/highschool drama decided to hunt me down this year. I must say that it can all be boiled down to about three points.
-God gave us our parents for a reason.
-Parents should act like parents.
-Someone isn't doing their job.

So there! I found a solution! XD

So right about now I'm being stubborn and enjoying my life, and my summer.
I've baked cookies and iced them with my little sister, I've listened to music (OWL CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!) super-loud, I've made these little drinks by taking raspberry chocolate coffee creamer (I can't have coffee because it makes me sick and everyone knows I just need more sickness) and put it in milk, stir it around, and viola! It's actually really good; flavor isn't as strong as strawberry/chocolate milk that you get in the store, or even the mix stuff. It's more...delicate. I like to go out in our front yard and sip it under our big oak tree. Our neighbors must think I'm crazy, but I don't care because...I don't care. XD
I like pink lemonade. I've been drinking a lot of that. I also have been eating a lot of food from our raised bed gardens (check it out at my mom's new blog here- ). It's all so yummy!
I've been going to Goodwill and maniac-shopping! LOL, yes, I am doing something girly! The other day I found a dress by the designer 'twenty-one.' The top part was annoying and far too low-cut, and I had no idea what to put under it to put a stop to this low-cut-ness, so I just pulled out my seam-ripper and took the top from the bottom! Viola, I have an amazing little skirt that looks so fashionable and summery. I'm wearing it Sunday. :)
I love being a teenager. Yeah, fifteen isn't QUITE everything that I bargained it would be, but maybe next year will be better. I think eventually I'll look back on fifteen and think-Wow, I didn't like it but MAN I learned a lot.
And besides. I'm having fun here at home for once. I'm not wishing I could be somewhere else. I'm not chatting with friends 24/7, and I'm actually talking to my siblings more often. I'm reading books. Books are amazing things. I recommend Lloyd Alexander. He is my new favorite author (I never had one before) and the writer of the Westmark Trilogy, the Prydain Cycle (The Black Cauldron, anyone?), and The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha (Amazing, unique, funny, slightly strange, rascal-starring book that I love) and many more. Go. Read. XD. I also recommend G.A. Henty, for books that are slightly more educational and don't take place in the town of Zara-Petra or the world of Westmark. I must say a lot of Henty books are very hard for me to read and I get bored about half-way through, but a few of them really have captured me and taken me along for the ride. Albeit, Henty can be a bit...repetitive, in his storylines, so can Lloyd Alexander so why am I complaining? A Henty storyline- Guy goes adventuring, guy rescues girl (or tries to), guy gets captured, guy escapes, guy gets girl and lives happily ever after. Since I'm reading a few Henty books, though, I decided I should recommend him as an author.
Other books I'm reading at present are Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild (sorta like it), The Developing Child (Psychology book that I like for character development), and of course a star-gazing guide for beginners. A few years ago I do believe my mom got rid of all of her old stargazing books which really makes me want to cry that I wasn't into that sort of stuff at the time. I mean, I REMEMBER her sorting through them and I DON'T remember her keeping many.
News flash-Meteorite shower on Friday, July 29. I'm still trying to remember if that's 29th P.M. (between 9 and 11:59) or A.M. (between 12:00 and dawn) but that doesn't really matter since it's such a spread out shower. I'll give a link later, since I'm REALLY excited about this one. Its small, but that doesn't matter to me at all. Actually, it makes me even more hyped up because I feel like a dedicated meteor-watcher because it's such a small shower that no one BUT stargazers go to. to continue having my weird but awesome summer!!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Being next to someone as kind as he is...

I just hope...that the world is kind to him.

-Uru Takamura, Happy Cafe chapter 72 pages 7-8

Tonight...a perfect moment was frozen in time whilst my protests and analogies, my mistakes and my misunderstandings. It was stilled into a perfect picture-one of smell, sight, and sound, though I wouldn't know it until later. 
 I still don't know if I enjoyed the moment, or if I hated it, because I still feel knots in my stomach and an uneasy pretense in my heart. 
Suddenly, a voice called my name,


Blasted out of my reverie by that familiar someone, I looked up.
 "Adrian, what is it?"
 He smiled at me; that crooked smile that always meant he was in a delightfully suspicious mood and was ready to play a prank or set off fireworks, or do anything that involved some sort of risk.
 "I just finished a good book."
 "Is that seriously all?"
 That's all I remembered. I couldn't remember anything else about Adrian. He had been someone who was important to me, I knew that much. Even now, after the apparent hit to my head, I knew he was important. But I couldn't remember what had made him so special to me. Only that little moment, that time I had been thinking of him, could be recalled.
 Yet I felt like I could tell him anything. The struggles I faced, the questions I had, the sorrows and burdens...and I came to wonder; does it really matter all that much whether or not I remembered? Yes, they were precious memories. But nothing seemed to have changed inside me. Something was still the same-a thing I couldn't name, but felt. 
 I sighed heavily, letting my eyes trace the stars. Maybe someday soon, maybe not, I would regain my memories of this person. But until then...I knew I could wait patiently.

 -Argentia Krystofel