Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Aurora, Chasing

To the North we will go
Have you ever seen the sky like that?
The ground frozen before us
Let's see the sky like that

When the sun rises crystal clear
In the horizon of the Northern Sky
Like birds we fly to our places
Through the crisp, empty sky

Let's drive on a long, flat road till sunset
It's my new dream, that sky, those lights
At the end of the day, we'll arrive there
North country, Northern night, Northern lights

-Argentia Krystofel

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ginger Lemon

Never through those rose colored glasses
Somehow unheard, unspoken
Like the slowly dissipating steam
Off this cup of ginger lemon tea

How can anyone explain this transition?
Pastel warrior, come around
Calculations aren't equal anymore
Warm, like this cup of tea

Digging graves to rest our hearts
Lost your keys again, but I don't feel bad
Simply a misconception, it's explained
Bitter like the lemon zest in this cup of tea

Mourn over a little lost time
Words fall relentlessly from the sky
Avoid the truth, there's a few minutes left
This slowly cooling cup of tea

One warm room, one table, I dare you
Pale and slender groundbreaker
Look me in the eye, breathtaking view, change it all
In the glorious burn of the ginger in this tea.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reason and Torment

You held my hand, you greeted me smiling
You embraced me strongly, held me close to you
Your soft scent, warmth surrounding me; you almost kiss me

When you heal that pain, you may return
And what about returning? About pain?
Why do people return to others? Why is it painful to return?

Dreams I cannot avoid, they will go, one day
You truly will be forgotten
The melodies of your being will lose their meaning, one day,

And what about hands clasped tightly or an embrace?
What about your eyes drifting across my face?
Why, oh why, your breath upon my cheek?

My questions have no answers and
Whirl around in this way, long quiet nights,
This is how you torment me

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Vague and elusive, like that summer rain
Dusting us with tiny, cold droplets
So chill and indecisive, so lonely and frail

That's the feeling of having known one
Person in the expanse of many
This misty green presence, this realization

The scattered elements of your being
Drift along like the notes of 백색왜성
In the blue haze of my memories
One star among many, like no other
Have you ever seen yourself this way?
Through clouds of purple smoke?

Observe your profile view in another's eyes
Forget everything you previously knew
Only realize the future, the true heart

I miss who I knew, you search for who that is
Possibly never understood
The bright white light of the morning sun

Closing the doors, shutting the windows
Futile searching and sense-making
With no clear conclusion, no resolutions

Lies, beliefs, assumptions, a blurred kaleidoscope
Of feelings, innacurate, misplaced, understood
In the empty space between two lives

A dark and quiet apology, owed to no one
Yet whispered late at night, without a single tear
Speaking out loud through the lyrics of songs

Some time from now, if the beating of your heart
Continues in this universe, then come show me
The accomplishment of your precious dreams.

-Argentia Krystofel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm terrified of the smokey, black sky
The lights drifting in this boundless sea
There is no moon tonight
And I tremble at the slightest breath of wind

You are at rest, back to the gravel
No fear in your open, reflective eyes, gazing
Up into the familiar sky
Your hands are so still, so quiet, so soft, like you

Peeking out from their curtain of darkness
Slowly, I spy the brilliant stars
My heart quiets in my chest
My being realizes something I cannot fathom

We will live longer than even those ancient stars
They die before the endless soul
Why fear being so close?
I will make my place, lying here underneath them

Warmth fills my palm, a shock bounces up my arm
Arching all over my chest-I don't breath-
I told you being up here is dangerous
So close to the electricity that brings us light

Connections need no words, you remark
Your laugh is gentle, your whole being a mystery
We don't need to understand
The stars are smiling at me, I can feel it

The long moments drag by in the muggy air
The gravel is painful, but it doesn't matter
I could touch the stars, you know
Peace never felt so near, sorrow so far

Let us forget our previous selves today, can we?
With the sky above and the world beneath
The essence of this feeling is love
All of the words you say with your mouth shut

I laugh again at the weather reports and cancellations
No destiny is planned around a fortune teller
And her off-beat predictions
So why do we hide from rain before it even falls?

Do you mind if I stay by your side a little while?
Filled with these questions, your eyes dance
You hold my hand
I smile at this world and this night, and I smile at you.

-Argentia Krystofel

3/25/14 at 1:54 PM