Monday, December 24, 2012

The Wrong Time

The road is open
And lights are shining, shimmering
Eyes, like stars
Stars, like lanterns in the sky

Burning as fire
Trenchlike depth
Warm inside

I'll wait as I am
Playing foolish stranger
The earth's canopy is a dark blanket

Breathing too soon, but we're surviving
Opening my eyes, searching east
Through darkness

Saturday, December 15, 2012


In the last minutes of daylight
The last words, the last seconds, the last decisions
The world seems to tighten its grasp
Dwindling light of the dying sun

Then emotions pool out, sweet release
Like the glorious night sky above, star-studded wonder
Burning tears falling from eterny
A moment of quiet connections

This world is so beautiful
My heart beats so intensely in my chest when I fall asleep
The voices reverberating in my mind
Notes of the song of being

I close my eyes when stillness sets in
A pause that means something to me, and I can't explain
Through today is tomorrow
Don't forget it

This feeling is extraordinary
And I search for meaning through the azure haze

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Really Beautiful Songs...

RoyKimMusic liked The Temper Trap's song 'Rabbit Hole' six months ago. Roy has really good music taste. I love this group now. Mom played their songs in the kitchen for quite a long while the other night.

Besides all that, I don't have much to say recently. ^^ Life has been interesting, but I'm going to wait to do any more posts until break.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Into What

Fifteen miles out, the ocean is glimmering
Call me, and I will soon carry us away
No questions need be asked
We need no rhyme nor reason

Escapade, speak those words together
You don't have to fall into nothing
I'll seek out a journey for us to embark upon
While you seek to fill the void of a quiet moment

Chasing the star-studded sky
Will our guide be forged out of thin air?
Painful names repeated in my head
Two comrades, experiencing our hardships

Why don't we try to fight? Make sense of it all?
I reword my sentences again and again
But nothing comes out correctly
Hearts broken, thoughts stilled, words stifled

If eyes were the windows to the soul...


Friday, November 30, 2012

Anonymous Interview Questions


Mirriam, at, made a post about 'random, anonymous questions'. I haven't done anything like this in a while (since the 'tag' thing died out, hahaha), and so I figured I'd do this! It seems kind-of fun, though I always experience difficulty answering all of the questions.

Lee Minho (1993) in The Moon that Embraces the Sun

  • Five ways to win your heart? Be a Christian, understand me, have at least SOME knowleadge of how to cook/clean, be honest, and make me laugh. Could I add on 'artistic' to that? It's not neccesary, just definitely wonderful. ^^
  •  Something you feel strongly about? Bad relationships: missunderstandings, favoritism, and lack of communication. Depression (I just can't give one answer, can I?).
  •  A book you love? Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones, Westmark, by Lloyd Alexander.
  • Pet Peeves? When people don't exit out ads fast enough on videos. When my sister won't stop talking when I don't feel well. Sticky piano keys. Cold hands/feet. The aforementioned things I feel strongly about.
  •  How comfortable are you in your own skin? I'm pretty comfortable in it. Some days, I wish I were prettier, or smarter, but I figure I'll deal with it as it comes. I generally only feel that way in the presence of extremely beautiful people (or at least people I find beautiful). As to being comfortable with my personality, I am quite comfortable with it. I have my flaws, and with the grace of God I'll get to them. I am myself, though. I try not to let the strange glances get to me. ^^
  •  Something you always think ‘what if’ about?To repeat Mirriam, I have the 'what if it's a dream' thoughts quite often. I also experience some darker thoughts 'if I don't do this, I'll die tomorrow', or occasionally 'they will die on their way here'. They're normally fleeting and very strange, and I have to ignore them. I chalk it up to overactive imagination.
  •  Five things you really want? 1. Time 2. A clean bedroom 3. Christmas tree lights 4. A yummy bowl of ramen 5. A trip to Taiwan.
  • A quote you try to live by? I don't know...I guess it would have to be verses in the Bible. I'm sure there's one somewhere...oh, well, can't find a quote. ^^
  • Five guys you find attractive? Kang Dae Sung, Lee JinKi, Jung Il Woo, Lee Minho (born 1993), and Kim Jong Wan (of Nell).
  • Five women you think are beautiful? Yoona, Minzy, Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah, Audrey Hepburn.
  •  Something you’re currently worrying about? Homework, housework, piano practice!
  • What do you hope your future will be like? I'd love to spend the rest of my life travelling and living in East Asia. I also hope I can teach English as a second language, and at some point, I'd love to be fluent enough that I can help teach Korean. I would be completely delighted to be fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. It would be great if I could tack on Portugese, Spanish, German and Vietnamese. I want to create as a hobby; drawing, painting, writing, anything. I would be happy to tackle the art of washing dishes and folding laundry with a smile on my face. Furthermore, I think it might be nice to learn how to keep bonzai trees. And, if God wills it, it'd be lovely if I could get married at some point in the next 10-15 years. ^^
  •  Five weird things that you like? Oreo 'Neopolitan' cookies (I firmly believe they are as good as Pocky), guys wearing 'skinny jeans'-the fitted type that aren't too tight (I've heard this is considered gay and/or extremely unfashionable in American culture), finding dust bunnies, untangling knots, studying people's personalities.
  •  Something that you’re proud of? I get really happy when I accomplish things, even little things. I'm proud of learning as much Korean as I have. I'm proud of good grades, etc. As far as being proud of people, I can't list them all here.
  •  A problem that you’ve had? I procrastinate! I'm procrastinating right now! Augh!
  •  Something that you miss? This summer. It was amazing. Last Christmas, which was equally nice.
  •  One thing you’re excited for?The Geminids meteor shower and the Christmas parade tomorrow! ^^
  •  Something that bullets your whole day? Bad things happening either around the world or to my friends and family, getting up late and not doing anything.
  • Put your iPod on shuffle and name the first ten songs that play? Cowboy Junkies-Sweet Jane, BIG BANG-Cafe, Kang Dae Sung-Try Smiling, NumaNuma Remix (hahahah), Stevie Nicks-Sorcerer, SHINee-Hello, UB40-Cherry Oh Baby, Cyndi Lauper-Time After Time, BIG BANG-Ego, G-Dragon-Butterfly,
  •  Things you like and dislike about yourself? I dislike my innability to clean and focus. I like that I find interest in different people and am generally level-headed (or at least I appear to be).
  •  What are you wearing? A navy blue shirt with bleach stains on one sleeve, black jeans, 4th of July style socks (way out of season), tennis shoes, and red/brown/white stripped fingerless gloves.
  • What do you think of school? I like it. Most of the time.  
  • What makes you happy? When someone writes me an encouraging card or letter. When someone does something nice for me, without being asked. When something wonderful happens! When I can sit back and do something enjoyable without feeling guilty.
  •  What makes you angry? People who fail to understand others and make fun of them in the process. Though this often makes me more sad than angry. I get angry for a while, but I can't do anything, so then I just feel sad. Very, very sad.
Well, I guess that's it! Hope whoever is out there reading this enjoys the question and answer! And if you happen to want to do it yourself, go ahead! Send me the link in a comment! ^^


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lonely Winter

I want to watch the snow fall outside my window
In the cold darkness outside, warmly with you
Winter is coming slowly 
To the time of your gentle heartbeat

I would be delighted to walk down main street
Gloved hands shoved into our pockets
Guarding against the cold
Bright lights in our eyes

Stars will fall around us, if we just walk together
Please, don't walk apart from me, not too far
I will miss you until I know you
It's not a shameful thing to me

Longing for a handsome smiling face
This does not mean I'm not thankful
Loneliness is not always pain
Firmly believed, quietly stated, often contemplated

Let's not waste away our winter with wishing
But don't forget to think about me
As I think about you
Lonesomely speaking to the stars


Sunday, November 18, 2012

17 on the 17th-Once in a Lifetime

So, today I turned seventeen. Seventeen...I love the number seven, actually. I've loved seven since I was about ten years old, I believe. Something about seven is so...interesting.

I woke up at 3:50 this morning to go out looking for the Leonids-a meteor shower that peaks on the morning of my birthday every year. Boy am I exhausted from staying up for this long. I'm going to bed soon! Forget the homework and writing! Hahahaha
You can read a little more about the details of my birthday event on my mom's blog right at this post-

My mother, brilliant lady that she is, realized that my friend Christopher and I don't have many pictures of ourselves together. I still can't figure out why. >.< Here's two that Mom took.
Leaning...I think this is my favorite. Except I didn't smile. >. >

My eyes are closed...*sigh* 
Mom says this is how we normally look. =P
And this is the mountain of awesome stuff I recieved! Thanks, everyone! (I also recieved some wonderful memories!)

-Argentia (Caroline) Krystofel

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chinese Princes

I have grown convinced that Stinkbugs love me. Those flat green/brown ones? Yeah. They love me. For the past year I've seen them frequently. One was on my computer. The other was crawling across the table past my plate. Another one was crawling past me in the hallway while I watched dramas. I found one in my room this spring. And this last one? He was in my hairdryer. Yes. I'm dead serious.

He was clinging onto the grate of my hairdryer. The poor thing had become a dry powdery shell of what he was before. I feel a little sorry for him. But he seriously freaked me out. I'd gone from screaming everytime I see these things to just instantly killing them with anything I had, to watching them fly around in the back yard. Last time there was one in the house, I waited patiently for it to be caught and did not panic. I almost caught one myself once. This sounds pathetic, but these bugs scare me. They scare the life out of me. I hate them, with a passion, and I can't figure out why.

Well, after today, Mom decided that these crazy Stinkbugs must really like me. I agreed, saying "I must be pretty popular in the Stinkbug community-these guys will go to any length to spend some time around me!". XD Somehow, I reached the conclusion that perhaps, these stinkbugs are cursed princes, like the frog in Princess and the Frog. So, yeah. Cursed princes.

Do you know where these Stinkbugs come from?


I can't believe it. I've massacred.... magic Chinese princes. I'm an awful human being! T.T Ahem, anyway, no, I haven't been hurting any Chinese people recently. In fact, I find them quite charming, especially after going to see the Cirque Chinois Wednesday night (I'll post about that later). I would rather give them big hugs rather than ever hurt a hair on their heads. But either way, it was a funny buildup. Definitely comical.


Monday, November 12, 2012



My feelings are inaudible right now, out of sight
They dissappear into the cold, awaiting night
Patient as it is, looking down with starry eyes
Clear skies

I wish I could lie out beneath the stars and stare
Make patterns of faces in the sky
Travel thousands of miles
Greetings, friend

I want to float through the clouds on a sunny day
A warm day in June, summer's arrival
Touchdown on the bustling, running bright city
Grab a snack, take a bus to the seaside

I breath in the chilly fall air, frozen world in the snow
I want to ice skate across an ocean
Somewhere far away, with thoughtful and crystalline solitude
Where the leaves fall quietly

I want to see the skyline, gray and dismal
Offer an umbrella to a passing stranger
Because you can only buy one for six dollars instead of three
Cluching frail arms, water dripping from a small, flat nose

I dream of walking the beaches again, in the sunset light
Observing the boats, lit up on the distant, never-ending sea
Trails of airplanes and the first few stars in the brilliant blue
While the water reflects golden sunlight close to the shore

And perhaps snowflakes dancing down, a youthful moment
Life in a snowglobe, winds blowing softly
Peering into a warm, crackling fire, clutching loving gifts in my hands
Gray winter world, perfect timing

I suppose the stars could also greet me
If they weren't quite so far away
And so very empty

But for now, on solid ground, the stars are bursting with life
They are a beacon for us to sail by
A picture for us to observe together
Possiblities for us to dream about

Without the burning lights, a contemplative night
Is the same in all seasons; it does not change
Expanse of black, little stars, maybe a moon


P.S. I'm eating a lonely piece of Pocky before the end of Peppero Day-because it's 45 minute drive to buy Peppero. *sigh*
I guess I'm okay with being given Peppero next year, alright? ^^

Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Update

So, recently I haven't updated my blog because of so much schoolwork and such. Believe it or not, I have a break from all the crunching right now, because one of my professors got our schedule screwed up a bit. ^^ I'm completely positive no one wants to hear about school, though, so I'll just talk about the random details of my life at the moment. :)

Spanish (I'm not calling this schoolwork! No way!) has been giving me a little trouble. I'm hitting what I call 'stage 2'. The new words are becomming IMPOSSIBLE to remember and are being lost with the old words, and I'm struggling to read any of the text I'm given without my Spanish-English dictionary (or Google translate, for a quick but not so accurate fix). Thank God that all of our big tests have been open book. Oh, but there's an oral test on Wednesday? What?
I'm also quite worried about the 'Field Trip' assignment we have due on November 28th. I have to go and speak Spanish to a Spanish-speaking person. Just a little-but Spanish, for gosh sake!-and it can be either at a tienda (store), restaurante or soccer game (I'm completely forgetting the names for soccer game right something another...jugar is to play...yeah. Hm.).

Superstar K4-Recently been entertaining me with the performances of Roy Kim and Jang Joon Young. The aforementioned is a youtuber I used to follow, so it was extremely exciting for me when I discovered he'd made it on to Superstar K4. It's a Korean music program much like...I guess American Idol or Britain's Got Talent. I don't know; it's a singing show, that's all. People audition and 100 are chosen and then knocked down to the top 12.  I was pretty amazed when it turns out Roy and Joon Young managed to make it the top 4. ^^
(Joon Young is in the off-white coat and Roy is wearing a white button-down. ^^)

Also, I've done a little NaNoWriMo, but I think I'm going to stop at 30,000 words. If I could get there, that would be really nice. I'd have to hit 15,000 pretty soon, though, to finish. So I don't really know. ^^

Our microwave broke, my brothers are belt ranking for yellow belt (I'm sticking with white, thankyouverymuch), Super Junior's Leeteuk enlisted in the military (that may seem insignificant, but it's actually a pretty big deal since he's the leader of one of the most popular groups in Korea), TTMIK had their live streaming of Gangnam and other such places, where they talked about Korea LIVE, which was really cool but also cost me a load of sleep last weekend, friends from NYC came in for a visit at my grandparent's house. That was pretty fun, but also stressful for them, because they were worried about their house and the damage after hurricane Sandy (they live on Long Island).

In closing, it's been really interesting lately. It's also only 7 days until my birthday...4 days until Dad takes me to see the Chinese Circus...*sigh* I suppose life will continue to get interesting, no? Let's see who wins Superstar K4, whether or not I survive my speak in Spanish assignment, and if our new microwave can prove it's as good as the last one. =P


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Short Story. -_-

This is a story I came up with/began to write during my vacation in the Outer Banks. Going there always seems to do something to me-I'm grow creative and inspired by the change in scenery. ^^

Anyway...random story bit.

 I stared in disbelief at the situation. Spaghetti sauce dripped from my chin, noodles dangled haphazardly between my mouth and fork, and a beautiful girl sat just ten feet away at the table across from me. I could tell she was looking me up and down with that typical expression which said 'what on earth is wrong with that little Chinese kid?', and I'm sure the embarrassment of the whole ordeal had my face a deeper red than the tomato sauce.
 It was a sad moment in my life. I was reaching for the napkin container with one hand, while the other was occupied with forking the noodles back to my plate, when I suddenly felt cold hands touch the back of my neck.
 I jumped. Then I knew the whole thing was over.
 The napkins when flying in a cloud of whispy white, the metal hitting the floor with a loud clang. My fork dropped onto the table with a thud, spaghetti dumping into my lap. My hands dropped softly onto the table, and they rested there.
 I looked up and glared at him. His dark brown eyes met mine, friendly and excited. I scowled as meanly as I could.
 "Yoo Joon!" I hissed, "what is wrong with you?"
 "Sorry! I forgot!" He explained haltingly, "ah, mess, right, I'll clean..." he murmered, stooping over to begin cleaning.
 I sighed, lowering my head in humiliation. Forget the girl. I was the only guy in the place who had just gone limp because he'd been spooked and couldn't even clean up the horror he'd created.
 I stared at my watch.
 Thirty seconds.
 One minute.
 One minute thirty seconds.
 Two minutes.
 Two minutes thirty seconds.
 Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three...
 It came back slowly at that moment, just as I was sure I'd be there forever, my sweater sleeves dyed with spaghetti sauce and peppered by parmesan.
 A waiter had come over to help Yoo Joon; my face had been wiped for me, my hands lifted from the sauce, and my plate cleared away.
 "Okay, looks like we're good now." Yoo Joon announced. He smiled at me; his nervous eyes darted about, and he wiped his hands on his jeans absently.
 "Yes," I answered, lifting myself from my seat shakily, "I think it's over."
 "I'm really sorry, Michael." Yoo Joon apologized, biting his lip and squinting at me behind the black frames of his glasses.
 I smiled. I was still irritated, but how could I stay angry at that face?
 "It's okay, Joonie."
 Yoo Joon grinned, "good. I'm glad you're not that angry."
 "If I were, I'd be in trouble again..." I muttered, glancing around uneasily.
 "Let's leave." Yoo Joon whispered, "we're being stared at now, and your shirt's dirty. Let's get a new one."
 I nodded and followed him. We exited the restaurant just above the food court of the mall, and before I knew it, my friend was spazzing out over some designer clothes he'd seen, and then the new video game he hadn't played yet, and then the gourmet food he wanted to try. I watched with calm amusement. He wasn't always so intolerably bouncy, but the day was a bad one for both of us. Stranded for a three-day weekend in Orlando hadn't been our idea of a vacation. Yoo Joon's grandmother wanted to see him for Labor Day weekend and I volunteered to tag along. Yoo Joon's grandmother was a sweet lady, and I liked her a lot. Her house wasn't uncomfortable, and the neighborhood was quiet. If our prescription transfer to Orlando hadn't been fudged up so royally, things would have been fine.
 Yoo Joon's stepdad is a health nut, so he had Yoo Joon attempting to forgo all medications for a week. It was looking so nasty I was about to wring Mr. Park's neck, but thankfully he'd decided that his herbal remedies were no match for Yoo Joon's ADD/HD and resulting insomnia.
 My story was a bit more complicated. My doctor recently died. He was a great guy, we were incredibly close, and I missed him a lot. The substitute doctor that had arrived from Virginia didn't know anything about dealing with a narcoleptic. I'd been so stressed over the past weeks from Dr. Ming's death and my doctor not allowing me to refill my medications, my cataplectic attacks had increased. For instance, last week I was talking on the phone to a college friend and started laughing. My knees buckled, I collapsed into the floor, and I couldn't get up for five solid minutes. It was the worst thing I've experienced since high school and I didn't want to do it again.
 But, it seems Yoo Joon's father and my new doctor had no intention of changing the way they were treating us until Labor Day weekend rolled around and we were stranded in Orlando.
 I wouldn't normally have been so irritated, except I was away from home in an unfamiliar place with my hyper-active bestie and my own habit of falling asleep anywhere I sat down.
 It was only Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm even bleeding and I don't feel it
Because my hands are so cold, so cold

But my heart is beating fast
My feet are shifting, don't notice, don't notice

It's a long sigh as I use my chapped lips and stiff tongue
To breathe a voice of recognition, for it's all here, it's all here

Winter came earlier than predicted
My soul is calling for more time to the rain, the rain

The grayness of the clouds, swirling above me
The moment of quiet stillness, it brings me alive, alive

November is the definition of who I am in a ways
Quiet, still, traditional, cold and dead, and yet warm, warm

I'm warm right now, yet I'm freezing
Anticipation is taking over my life and I'm nervous, so nervous

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Language Joke

Hehehe, a language joke my mom found. 

A European tourist is lost and stops in an Irish village to ask for directions.

He sees two old men sitting outside the pub enjoying their Guinness.

"Parlez-vous Francais, he asks.

The old men look at each other and shake their heads.

"Sprechen sie Deutsch?"

Again, the old men shake their heads.

Beginning to get a bit irritated, the tourist asks "Habla Espanol?"

The men once again shake their heads.

Totally exasperated by now, the tourist asks "Parla l'italiano?"

The men once again look at each other and then shake their heads in puzzlement.

The tourist is so disgusted that he drives off.

One old man says to the other, "You know, Sean, perhaps we should learn another language."

"Ah get on with yeh; look at him, he knows four and it didn't do him a bit of good."


Friday, October 12, 2012

Enchanting meets Steadfast

My main characters in The Summer Colors of You (a very random unrelated title-because this is a drama-style romance!), are confusing to me. It's a story about Enchanting meets Careful Quiet, and it should be working out that way. But Enchanting has this maddening habit to wander away from his Careful Quiet in search of something more stable and perhaps, just perhaps, more exotic-Steadfast.

At the very beginning moment of the story's creation, I intended for Victor Park to be female. Or I intended for there to be two Victor Parks. An arrogant, anti-social, self-confident, intelligently geeky and artistic one, and a strong, reliable, duty-led history major who rooms with Mina and wants to be a lawyer one.
It was a darn good idea until I realized that Mina's love interest was slowly working himself into a complex, emotional, social butterfly who bursts with drama at every moment, and his brother was slowly working himself into a self-confident, independent, and slightly bossy eccentric genius hallyu star who practically glitters with an aura no one can quite escape nor understand...And my characters were all going to fall in love with the wrong people!

So I changed Victor into a male (this sounds awful) and sent Kibum back to Korea, and the world became a beautiful place again. No one could fall in love with anyone they weren't supposed to (because I don't write LGBT fiction -_-), and we could solve all of our problems-Mr. Enchanting would never wander because there would be no Miss Steadfast to wander to, and Careful Quiet would never become blindly infatuated with Mr. Sparkly Eccentric Genius.

I feel a little bad about it, though. Victor and JinKi didn't like eachother at first. Victor wasn't being just who I wanted him to be and so it was difficult for them. Then he started to smooth out and JinKi started to not mind him so much, and before I knew it, they started this bromance.
A bromance.
I'm a bit shocked because for the longest time I thought JinKi would stay to himself, but Victor started a bromance, Kibum starts to show his caring side and begins taking care of JinKi, and ChunHee practically adopts our clumsy hero as his role model.

Victor especially bothers me because I (still) feel like Mina and JinKi weren't the perfect match. I could've started two romances if I'd made Vic a girl. >.< Kibum/Mina or ChunHee/Mina would be perfect for eachother, I just know it, but I suppose that's a romance for you. Leave it to the writer to make things difficult for herself. ^^


Thursday, October 11, 2012


 (Note: This is written from the perspective of my character Park ChunHee from my recently named story The Summer Colors of You, and has nothing to do with my own state of being. In other words, I'm not depressed or suicidal. This is for character development...and I felt like writing something from his perspective. ^^)


It's so white and gray and cold in this place
I stopped feeling anything long ago
This apathy has overcome me
Yet I'm consumed deep within by anger

Perfect is so short a moment
We can't live it very long, before it burns out
The time becomes ash, floating off in the wind
Like the sparks that ignite and disappear into the night

Certainly my path grew wide open and unreliable
My heart faltered and my hands shook with pain
Things I thought I would never endure, I survived
I survived, and I breath in this moment

My tears are a sign that I'm still here
An aching reminder of my human imperfection
A failure I became in the moments of darkness
Soon to disappear like everyone else has

I'm going to die tonight, and it hurts
It hurts so much as I feel tears begin to fall from
My tired, blood-shot eyes, endlessly searching
For something to cling on to, I grasp wildly

I'm angry, and I'm hurt, and I don't know what I want
They've all thrown me away; they called me worthless
I'm an idiot who can't learn anything and doesn't speak to you
Because I hate this place and I hate these people

I hate everything; people, places, words
If I could escape everything, it might be peaceful
But I'm afraid to disappear forever
I'm afraid.

 Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Day My 4.0 GPA Went Far Away~

Yesterday was a big deal for me. I got my last history test in and found out that I scored a 65. Yeah. I was so upset I cried, which probably sounds weird, but I'm a perfectionist. My dad's a history major. I felt like I had failed myself, failed my dad, and failed the whole course.
 Obviously, this wasn't the case as I'm still enrolled in History 121 and I'm still an A average student. I suppose God wanted to send me a wake-up call. I need to balance. Balance everything; time, energy, and emotions.
 It rained that day. I waited for mom in the library, and I stared out at the dreary campus. I felt pretty bad; I knew I was going to have to tell her about that awful grade. I thought about how I was going to do it; I tried planning the whole thing, but in the end, the fact blurted from my mouth too quickly for me to stop it. The same thing happened on the phone with my friend afterwards, and I just started to cry my eyes out. I never failed a history test before-not once. I hadn't recieved my grades for the past two tests beforehand due to my vacation absence, and I was so worried I couldn't stop myself. Hannah, you were so sweet to me on the phone yesterday, I can't thank you enough. You listened to me blubber on and on and you were still encouraging to me!^^
 Either way, I got my previous quiz results back and realized the world wasn't ending. God knew what he was doing for me, I guess. I feel better now; strangely better.
 That evening I went walking after my night class. The rain began again, pattering softly on my umbrella, touching the leaves and the pavement. Water gathered in pools, reflecting the blue-ish and yellow-ish lights. Fog settled around, and not another person could be heard even speaking, because not another person was there. Just the swish of the cars, the falling rain, the blustering wind and my own footsteps-clomp, clomp, clomp-against the pavement. In that moment, I decided school wasn't so bad. I stopped hating the campus, the people, and the buildings. I stopped hating the pavement and the red and white umbrellas at the snack tables. I cleared my mind and I felt like an adult for an instant.
 I walked back and forth and sang this was truly beautiful and I just felt extremely happy.
Hopefully, I can keep this attitude up. In no way does this moment on campus or this history grade mean I will stop despising a certain professor, or suffering through my computer class, but maybe I'll survive till this spring without dropping any classes.

This is yet another magical song that I've been listening to recently. 그 칵스, or THE KOXX are a Korean Indie-rock group that I've recently taken a liking to listening to. Their outrageous English does get on my nerves sometimes, though.

Enjoy your evening-I'm off to read more American History. XD

To a positive attitude in Christ, 화이팅!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I Was Up To All Summer...

So, those who ever take the time to read my blog, I was slightly busy this summer with a writing project. It's finally fall and I have to put it down for a while. I love it so much, I just can't seem to tear myself away for more than a week or two, and then a page or a scene comes smashing onto the white paper in little black lines and circles that I just can't stop.
I realize I've posted maybe an excerpt and a description of the story once, but I feel like introducing some characters with pictures, so I'm going to do so (a night where I finally have lots of spare time...) ^^

Onew, or Lee Jinki. Not very creative, am I?
 Main Male Character (the story is written from his perspective every other chapter-probably not the 'correct' style, but something I've done with characters since I read the Viking Quest Series and the Artemis Fowl books)
Name: Lee JinKi (all Korean names are last name first). Also goes by Jay Lee as an Americanized name.
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Profession: Secretary for his father.
Hobbies: Reading, browsing the internet, watching TV on and off when he has time, and a number of random and indescribable things such as studying the time it takes to finish a lollipop, how many different blue M&Ms he received (not because he likes blue but because Kibum does), and what interesting dishes the Vietnamese-Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant down the street might be making. He's definitely a varied individual. To spite his respectable, routine and factual job, he's an artistic soul that shies away from a lot of commitments-ones he isn't manipulated into making, that is.

 Female Main Character (who also gets the POV half the time)

Name: Mina Kwon/Cole-after her father's death she went by her stepmother's name.
Age: 22
Height: 5'3"
Profession: Majoring in Creative Writing at Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN.
Hobbies: Reading, watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas, listening to music, writing, learning Spanish, and online forum discussions. She enjoys such things that most people don't notice them; artistic touches to anything make her heart sing. She doesn't view herself as particularly skilled in anything, but takes a lot of pride in her writing.
Kim So Eun. I didn't want to have her as Mina, initially, but finally gave in. I think Kim So Eun is one of the prettiest girls alive. I feel a little sorry for JinKi, putting her next to him...he would feel insecure about his looks...-_-

Side Characters...

Name: Kim Kibum (aka Key)
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Profession: Hallyu Star.
Hobbies: Kibum likes to look spectacular and finds fashion the next best thing to being a pop star, so he spends a great amount of time on his hair, face and clothes. Owning expensive, high-quality European items is something he take great satisfaction in. When he's not worrying about fashion, he practices dancing, singing and rapping. When he's not doing that, he's generally sleeping. Likes to be in charge, so he's normally the leader of his friend group, and tends to be particular about activities. JinKi's half-brother.

Kim Kibum. Once again, I am uncreative with names. I decided to keep this man as the Hallyu star that he is- a giant leap for me, since I normally avoid celebrity characters. Yet I just couldn't imagine Kibum any other way.

Choi SeungHyun-I chose him on the spot for his quiet, intimidating face.
Name: Park Yoon Seong. Also goes by Victor David Park.
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Profession: Graduate Student-he wants to teach History on the college level.
Hobbies: Once again, reading, listening to music (likes a lot of different genres), watches a little television, jogging, swimming, and Tae Kwon Do. Finds almost any fact interesting; could tell you how to put a car together, even if he can't do it himself. Dislikes too much theory and math. Very good with words; Korean, German and English ones, so he has been known to write in his spare time-mostly poetry/lyrics. Introverted, careful and observant, he doesn't like anything that requires him to jump too far out of his comfort-zone.

 Name: Park ChunHee
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Profession: Freshman college student-was going to major in Business but that's not going too well...
Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music, drawing, hanging out with friends, partying, drinking, and playing the violin. He's a conflicted individual with some difficult problems, including depression. In the time-span of a mere plane-ride from Seoul to Newark, he's gone from a rebellious teen on a wrecking, attention-getting spree to a lonely young man in a dangerous foreign country, engaged in a confused and hopeless paradox of skipping class, drinking his troubles away, and breaking laws that he never heard of in Korea. His grudge against the United States as a whole leads him to refuse to speak English, except a few choice words like 'yes', 'no' and 'every curse word I can throw at you in 30 seconds flat'.
Victor's older sister's eldest child.
*Yeah, this turned into more of a bio...but I gotta explain why someone spends time drinking and breaking laws...

I needed a teenage face that looked good while being smug-and I found Chunji, the 'ulzzang' or 'pretty faced' member of Teen Top. He does have a completely awful, smug little brat expression in the video 'Don't Spray Perfume'. I definitely wanted that expression. Image how disappointed I was to find Chunji is actually a sweetie who usually never looks smug...terrible for finding pictures!

There is also a very brief appearance by the Korean indie group 'Nell'. YAY!

So there's the cast. ^^ This is such a drama storyline, hahaha...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YOLO-You Obviously Love Onew

Photo manipulation my mom did with her shiny new camera. It looks like the dunes are flooded. Or spilling out water, like magic Inca waterfalls. Okay, I need sleep.

 Hahaha, I kept seeing this at the Outer Banks! Literally every other t-shirt had YOLO on it. YOLO actually means 'You Only Live Once'. Simon and Martina apparently think it means 'You Obviously Love Onew' which is probably quite true. ^o^ I didn't know it was a trend until now. Shows you how out of American pop-culture I am. 

 So, recently I closed my facebook in hopes that I would dedicate more time to my studies. It looks like I'll have to quite my YouTube stuff as well. -_- It makes me sad to know it takes up that much of my time, blahhhhhhh...anyway, so much school work! College is different from high school and completely and utterly foreign compared to home school.
 I've been working today on some weird flier I have to do for US History. My experience at college is I expect it to be worse than it is and when relax and I don't expect it its horrible. >.<
 My most interesting experiences recently have been Spanish and people that have trouble with staring. Spanish is more than just difficult for me; it's starting to feel a bit impossible. I hate the fact that I can't seem to memorize any of my grammar! It's starting to feel like Latin which is sending red flags as big as Alaska and as tall as Taipei 101. Not good.
 Either way, I think my relationship with Spanish will progress, and I shall have to learn the language. I can't help but grin from ear to ear when I hear the utility workers at college blabbering to one another en espanol. I'm sure my profesora thinks I'm totally psycho.

 The second interesting thing as of late are the weird people that I find staring at me. I've discovered three different ways to stare at someone.
 1. O.O
 2. O.o
 3. 8|

It's funny I should say that, because I seem to stare at people a LOT myself. I don't try to do it, but sometimes it just happens when I'm zoning out or I'm really curious about the person. To spite every attempt to avoid it (like I attempt not worrying about people and not biting my nails!) it still seems to happen. Maybe that's what's wrong with the people that I've caught staring at me? I sure hope so.

 I have a computer class in the morning. Oh, my lovely blog, I will see you later.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

He's Leaving...

Black hair framing a gentle face, skin kissed by sun
Black eyes that glitter with childish whims
He gives me a bright grin, showing crooked teeth
And I find I must smile softly back at him

I met him on the warm streets in the evening
Beneath the glorious moon, in front of that magical place
His white button-down untucked, his black slacks wrinkled
A winning smile plastered on his dreamy young face

In that single moment, I knew there was nothing to be done
I couldn't tell him to leave or to stay
His suitcase hung over his shoulder as he walked alone
The man made his way into my heart that day

Tonight, my heart feels like it will shatter, each piece a memory
The warm pavement, afternoon ice cream, evening walks
Each magical moment of freedom, each whisper of romance he brought me
All of them will dissapear with his absence

He takes my hand and leads me out onto the still, quiet beach
'Let's take a walk?' he entreats with puppy-eyes
'I can't, it's cold,' and without a word across my shoulders his arms reach
His warmth is like the fiery sun; boldly passionate, gently reassuring

My footsteps in the cold sand, he hums a sweetly sad tune under his breath
I inch a little closer to him and catch the faint thumping of his heart
As the waves beat against the shore in time, a choppy rhythm like our thoughts
I clutch the slightly weathered, long fingers of his brown hand tighter

'Ouch, you're squeezing', but I don't care, and the thoughts of his departure cloud my good judgement
He continues to ignore my silence, chatting about the sea, the skittering creatures, the winds
The stars, brighter than any night yet, are a parade of celestial wonders, marching to God's alignment 
My lonesome heart replays the song of life in it's fullest bloom

There he stops, his feet planted in the soft sand, and he sighs, like he's afraid of it himself
He takes his arm from my shoulders and bows his head, black, windswept hair
'I've got to go now,' he explains in his painfully quiet voice, barely above a whisper 
I try my hardest to look at him and nod, but I feel angry and upset inside

'For how long?' I ask, but before I receive an answer, his lips touch mine
A brief peck of a kiss, rushing pulse, scattered emotions, overwhelmed in the sensation
Summer lets my hand slip from his
And turns away.

-Argentia Krystofel (9-21-12)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 28-A Scar You Have and it's Story

 So, a scar I have...hahaha. My poor little brother.

 You see, when I was a toddler and my brother could barely talk, he took to biting people. I'm not sure why he decided that biting was a good idea, but he did it when he was both angry and not.

 One day, he decided he was going to bite me. And not just bite me, but really *nail* me.

 Naturally, as Avery has always done, he did exactly what he determined he was going to do.

 Afterwards ensued doctors visits for an infection and antibiotics and Mom biting Avery back (not as hard, of course!) to teach him a lesson. Not surprisingly, after that day he decided he was going to stop biting people.

 The scar is on my lower back, right above where I normally wear my jeans. It's about the size of my thumb...I guess an inch long and half an inch wide.

 Of course, Avery and I hold no lasting grudges over this event.


Day 26-A Childhood Memory

My fondest childhood memories are of my parents reading these books to me. The Foot Book was my favorite book as a baby-this is not my original book, but a newer one, because I wore the original one out. ^^

This book belonged to my mother! I always loved the pretty colors and the hilarious story. Honestly, I had no strong interest in Asia at the time; but I thought the guy on Iron Chef was so cool and funny-sounding and the Emperor of Japan was a little stuffy in comparison. =P I formulated too many opinions as a child.

This book makes me think of MY Daddy reading to me before bed. I love it.

This book is a favorite among all five of the siblings. We've had to hide it from one too many two-year-olds. I was so upset when the bathroom page ripped and Daddy had to tape it! It was my favorite! >.<

This is a book Mom bought me when I was about 9. It's really cute and the artwork is so delicate and detailed. I really appreciate this pretty present from her and I love how humorously the story ends.

For some reason, as a child I always thought this was the way OUR house was made so pretty. My parents DID buy an old, ram-shackle house and have to do a lot of repairs, but there was no farm or hatched roof. XD

This book is one which I bought in Food Lion a few years ago, when my sister was a toddler. I remember telling my mom that it would be a great book to read to her. At first, I thought it might be Japanese, but then discovered with a twinge of dismay that it was set in South Korea. A short-lived disappointment, of course, as I flipped though the pages to discover the beautiful artwork and heart-warming story. Needless to say, it was hard to convince my mom to let me buy the book about a country I had never held any interest in!