Monday, January 20, 2014

You're Beautiful Episode 5 comments

I was watching 'You're Beautiful' alone, so I didn't have anyone to talk to while I watched. I decided to get my comments and frustrations out through typing on this blog. I decided to publish the comments-next time, I'll actually list the time in the episode that I made the comment so it makes more sense. XD

Why can't the wonderful nice guy get the girl? Shinwoooo~~~ ㅜㅜ

Oh, so apprently every single guy that has anaphylaxia is rich, handsome, and it has to do with shellfish of some kind. He also coughs a lot and then recovers (okay, so Micky Yoochun is an exeption-that was some pretty realistic anaphylactic shock he had going on there. XD)

Oh, so Korean men don't like asking for directions either?

Ok, I do support this-he finally smiles and then she falls. Good call. Very good call girl.

Shinwoooooo~~~you lost out *cries*

Poor Jeremy. Now his lostness is finally getting funny.

Then there's Shinwoo, with his mug. At a table. With his hair. And his sad, searching puppy eyes...and....GAHHHHH....

Did Shinwoo just say 'keu yeoja param (wind) manaseo (met)? to mean 'she stood me up? if so that is an awesome expression!

Shinwoo-mysterious moodiness strikes again.

That's it, Shinwoo. Avoid her gaze, then pout when she picks TaeKyung. What a little pouting boy you are right now..."she doesn't get it, my intuitive hints, my cute puppy eyes..." Give up. the writers have doomed you to this.

Go Minam! The casual "ah-ah...mugeopda" should get him to carry stuff for you. All that aegyo, girl.

Shinwoo in the corner...moody again. Should've tried talking to her playfully? Should've been meaner? Should've looked like a bad boy? Oh, it hurts too much-SHINWOO THIS ISN'T FAIR ANYMORE.

Oh, Minam. Shock yourself with the tazer. Good work.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hurt Pt. 2 (ChunHee)

It's moments like these when I miss someone or some feeling, but I can't describe it fully.

So I put it on paper, then erase it, then write it again, then erase it, turning away from the page with fear that my message will be misunderstood, or misguided, or misread.

Fearing that the wrong eyes or ears might see and know my complex feelings. Fearing that vulnerability.  

I try to hide it, then try to show it, then try to hide it again. I hope that someone might see it in my eyes, or hear it in my voice, but I wish so greatly that I won't have to show my heart to anybody but that one select person, so I don't know how to behave.

I don't want everyone to know what I'm thinking or feeling.

But I want someone to know.  

-Park ChunHee

Once again I'm writing from ChunHee's perspective, perhaps with some of my own emotions sprinkled in. Honestly, of all of the characters in The Summer Colors of You, I feel that ChunHee's moods match my own quite frequently, but at a lower intensity, of course (I'm not suicidal, obviously). I think that the way he expresses his feelings really matches with mine; rather than talk about it, he goes and locks himself up in the bathroom and refuses to speak to anyone. I think this is one of ChunHee's parts that most accurately describes my own feelings. You don't know it, but even this short paragraph has been erased and rewritten more times than I can count.

-Argentia Krystofel