Monday, December 24, 2012

The Wrong Time

The road is open
And lights are shining, shimmering
Eyes, like stars
Stars, like lanterns in the sky

Burning as fire
Trenchlike depth
Warm inside

I'll wait as I am
Playing foolish stranger
The earth's canopy is a dark blanket

Breathing too soon, but we're surviving
Opening my eyes, searching east
Through darkness

Saturday, December 15, 2012


In the last minutes of daylight
The last words, the last seconds, the last decisions
The world seems to tighten its grasp
Dwindling light of the dying sun

Then emotions pool out, sweet release
Like the glorious night sky above, star-studded wonder
Burning tears falling from eterny
A moment of quiet connections

This world is so beautiful
My heart beats so intensely in my chest when I fall asleep
The voices reverberating in my mind
Notes of the song of being

I close my eyes when stillness sets in
A pause that means something to me, and I can't explain
Through today is tomorrow
Don't forget it

This feeling is extraordinary
And I search for meaning through the azure haze

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Really Beautiful Songs...

RoyKimMusic liked The Temper Trap's song 'Rabbit Hole' six months ago. Roy has really good music taste. I love this group now. Mom played their songs in the kitchen for quite a long while the other night.

Besides all that, I don't have much to say recently. ^^ Life has been interesting, but I'm going to wait to do any more posts until break.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Into What

Fifteen miles out, the ocean is glimmering
Call me, and I will soon carry us away
No questions need be asked
We need no rhyme nor reason

Escapade, speak those words together
You don't have to fall into nothing
I'll seek out a journey for us to embark upon
While you seek to fill the void of a quiet moment

Chasing the star-studded sky
Will our guide be forged out of thin air?
Painful names repeated in my head
Two comrades, experiencing our hardships

Why don't we try to fight? Make sense of it all?
I reword my sentences again and again
But nothing comes out correctly
Hearts broken, thoughts stilled, words stifled

If eyes were the windows to the soul...