Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Mere Breeze

some days I think I could
go drifting off in a haze,
if I dissolve into the air,
none of my thoughts will materialize
I desperately desire to
remain as strong as I have been
and stay as long as I can,
but so many strong ones
have come before me
and found themselves broken,
they weren't meant
to be part of this place
they had to be sent away
I should instead become a mist,
a fine rain, or a fog,
maybe I should be a dream,
or a cloud, or a moonbeam,
and not care at all
where I go or what I see,
ignore the patronizing stares
of the people, for the trees
and the sky, the ground
and my own eyes
they all see me
as if I have become
a mere breeze.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Yes, I told you many things
which I cannot find in you
but little do you know how much
I have actually thought of you
when I was looking
for one to fill your place,
and if I could go back
I would finish my statement;
though there is much you lack
you are as close
to perfection
as a human being
can be
to me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Buried my Heart

In this moment
Of remembering you
I was going to protect you
I was going to become so strong
for you,
All night
I cried
at the thanks I received
for my words,
and the inevitable memory
of my care for you, but
the fact that time has it's own way
we parted all the same
you have returned to the place where
I buried part of my heart,
it will never return,
sitting in the graves of historical figures
and political significance
if I could go back
to that dark night
I still
wouldn't save my heart
it deserves to rest in such a place
for its foolishness.

Monday, September 5, 2016

His Smile

That I could see this smile
of pure joy
I thank the world
I thank every green leaf
and every warm beam of sunlight,
I thank God,
I did not believe
I would ever see your smile
like this.