Wednesday, April 28, 2010

English Dub of D.Gray-man

I really can't stand most of it; but some is funny.

Compare those with Japanese. XD

I prefer the Japanese, but the English still has funny moments, and when I can get some money (AGGGGHHHH....XD) I will be buying it on DVD with Japanese language option.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Poem of the Days Before Summer

It's beautiful, spring is. The brilliant, colorful flags of the heralds before Summer comes marching in full array of horses and men with their bright, flashing armor. :P You make weird allegories when you've spent several hours playing knights with your brothers.

Well, I wrote a poem about spring. It's not yet titled very I won't worry about that. :)

The houses fly by
As freely down the road we fly

Happy chatter, almost there
Blooming trees are everywhere

Strawberries, they always seem
Much tarter with vanilla ice-cream

Friends are here, as we ate
A spider sits above our plates

Snakes ans spiders, coming out
Reminds me of something to talk about

Drag along, and try not to run
Warmest room, brimming over with sun

Talk of things that we enjoy
Crazy, fun-filled kids, two girls and a boy

Hours pass, let's go outside
Teasing with laughter 'till we die

Violets picked in the evening like,
Birds alight in homeward flight

Learning much, loving more
As a friend slips out the door

Sun is gone over the hill
Nighttime breeze, the world goes still

Go inside to escape the cold
Wonder at the wilted flowers you hold

Smell the flower, spicy-sweet
And suddenly the day becomes complete

The stars make a picture in the sky
Looking down at me as my heart does cry

Just a minute more, to spend in this spring
This day has been such a mysterious thing

I wish to go, yet wish to stay
Alas, I just wish for another happy day

More foolish moments, there will be some
But simple joys shall always come

One last moment, a touch and a laugh.

AND THAT'S IT!!! :) Loved writing that, if I could squeeze out those feelings of overwhelming nostalgia that I feel when I hear the train go by. T.T

Argentia ♥

P.S. Violetta, I wish I knew how to speak Italian. I would write my poem in that language so you understand. T.T Someday I will learn. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Of Ling, Art and Vacations (Sorta)...

Okay, so I'm not going to type out his name super long with a bazillion exclamation points on the end. I won't. I PROMISE.

He's just so awesome.

I've been watching Brotherhood and am overjoyed at the reappearance of Ling Yao. I've been overjoyed for about every episode that he's been in since then. Not Greed, but Ling. Yes, I'm not as happy with Greed. Logically. Greed doesn't act HALF as comical.

Anyway...I'll be leaving tommorrow and staying at my grandparents house. Bad thing-Gotta set up an Ebay account AND a Paypal account for them. Good thing-I get a manga novel AND probably stay upstairs alone in a room to myself, which means a bit of a Naruto Shippuden marathon, lol.

One question remains: What manga will I buy? (I am debating between D.Gray-man and D.N. Angel, with D.N. Angel winning...)

Now for the art. I actually can't post any, but I will post them later. Promise. :)

-Argent ♥