Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's over!!!!

Christmas Day and all of the Christmas festivities are over, everyone. But I'm not disappointed, because a new year is coming, and there are a lot of wonderful things happening on my schedule in 2009!!!
So, I promised a Christmas post. Sorry, but I don't have any pictures yet.

Christmas Eve we open our presents, because we go to our grandparent's house and to our church on Christmas Day.
Well, I received a set of Faber-Castell felt tip inking pens. Along with those came a pencil, eraser, sharpener and stencil. Then I also received some Prismacolor pencils.
Then we went to church Christmas morning. We sang Christmas hymns and some of the men in the church read scripture.
Then we all exchanged gifts, which was the most hectic thing I think I've ever seen. But fun! :)
After that, we ate. There were all these goodies!!! Hehe, there were these 'aromatic ornaments' that me and some friends had made about a week ago. They looked like cookies, but actually had something like 3/4 a cup of SALT in them.
Well, Fox convinced Shadow to take a taste of one. It was funny, mostly just because Shadow believed us. :P
Then we danced. It is a tradition of ours to dance the Virginia Reel on Christmas Day.
Sasha and Fantasy know a lot about dancing, so they showed us many dances. First we danced the Virginia Reel. Then we did a very random Gay Gordon, and then we just danced several different things. I learned a lot about waltzing. But I tell you, I just CAN'T figure out that Salty Dog Rag. It's so confusing, I always end up getting myself tied in knots!!!
Then we headed down to our grandparents. (We call them Mumsie and Pa, I'm not quite sure why.)
First, though, we had to go pick up our Grandma, then we headed to Mumsie and Pa's.
Mumsie had cooked a HUGE dinner, and I ended up with a stomach ache, as usual when she cooks her big dinners.
We opened presents after that.
I received a gingerbread scented candle, a thing to store my drawings in, a sweater with the twelve days of Christmas stitched on it, and a black purse that matches my dress shoes. It is a cute little purse, yet it has a teenager look to it. I like it a lot.
The best part was watching the sun set. There are some big hills behind my Mumsie and Pa's house, and when the sun sets behind them, it is beautiful, any time of year. I was also listening to my little MP3 player, which made the sunset even more beautiful.

Well, Happy New Year, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas like me!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to post and say that I WILL NOT have a Christmas Day post for maybe a couple days. I'm hoping to do one in the morning, but... I ate WAY to much Christmas Dinner...Oh, I do hope I feel better!!!! :)
But I am very happy, no, EXTREMELY happy. This was the perfect Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, everyone, Christmas will be here soon. I have been doing lots of stuff; making decorations, Christmas presents, and so on. But we must remember, among the hustle and bustle, that when we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating the simple birth of Jesus Christ. I found this year that I was very overwhelmed by Christmas and wishing for it to be more simple.
I hope you did not become so confused as I did. :)
Ah, well, on to a drawing update.
Mostly, I have actually been working on drawing Full Metal Alchemist characters, but I don't think my fanart is good enough to post here. (YET) :) :P
Lets see, I drew Pohatu Phantoka last night, but that was very hard, and I don't have any pictures of it yet.
I don't believe I will be putting up the pictures of Brutaka and Axxon, they are more if sketches then actual art.
I drew a few other little random things here and there, and then I am working on a special idea for my bro's Christmas present.
Oh, and guess what?
*is VERY excited*
Now I can take it to church on Christmas Day! And take pictures! And videos! >:)
Just kidding, I won't terrify you all with my camera unless you give me permission to. I'm just glad I have it because it takes much better pictures than my mom's.

Well, that's all. How about another picture I found while zooming around on the internet?
Haha!!!! See that, FOX!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, I have been sick. Runny nose, headache, slightly sore throat. Perhaps some of you have the same thing? lol.
OK, so I've actually had time to take pictures of my artwork!! 8D

Kopaka Phantoka
-*Is shouting for joy* I drew Kopaka!!
OK, so the picture is NOT the best quality. Give me slack because I'm sick and blame my mom's terrible camera in the process. I took these pictures THREE times, and each time the camera would not pick them up. It was like they weren't even on the SD card. *looks suspiciously at SD card*
Oh well, I drew this picture after getting Kopaka Phantoka at the WAL*MART. I was nuts over the toy and that funny rock/vine decoration on the outside of the package. Well, on the back of the box, up in the right corner there is an example of him behind the rock/vine thingy. I was inspired. My favorite thing is his position, especially the way his arms are rapped around the vines/rocks. No, I did not draw those rocks/vines from memory. I was looking at the box.

Lewa and Onua Nuva-This is part one in a series of pictures I'm doing. It is Lewa and Onua Nuva. Also, I have been experimenting with the muscle coloring in these. See how Lewa's neck muscles and collar bone are colored and Onua's are inked? Also, that little sign on Onua's arm is a continuation of the concept for Gali Mistika's powers and such. That is the evidence of his elemental powers over dirt(earth).
Tahu and Gali Nuva-This is number two in the beach series. It is Tahu and Gali Nuva. I think the sunset in the background is very beautiful. Btw, Hahli, I used the pencils that you gave me for my birthday on this pic.!
And a closeup of the sunset.

Lewa- Good Grief, I cannot get over this picture. Yes, I know Bionicles don't celebrate Christmas, but I HAD to do this. If you can't read my handwriting, Lewa is shouting-"Taka, Gali-Sister, it's Christmas!"with his fist thrust out in front of him, ready to conquer those gifts and stockings.
Now, after he falls down the steps, Lewa will shove pancakes into his mouth and then shred the wrapping paper on his presents into a million pieces. =P
I drew this yesterday, and the only problem I see is that the leg that is bent is attached wrong. His hip should be a little more to the left.
This also gave me the idea to draw a picture of Taka eating pancakes. Taka is a fan-made way of shortening Takanuva.
I'm hoping to do a post tomorrow with some links to some other artist's drawings of Human Bionicles. They are both much better(and older) than me. I hope you will like them.

One last thing, and then I will let you go: I HAVE done three drawings of Axxon and Brutaka, but I'm not sure if I should post them. They are kinda, er, well they aren't bad, they're just different. Rose has seen one of them. I guess they aren't horrible, but I'll think about posting them. :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Tagged, REALLY? Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!
I've been tagged by Fox and asked to list 15 things I'm not afraid to admit.
This is gonna get crazy. :P
Sorry it took so long.
#1. I hate Math.
#2. My room is almost always messy and disorganized.
#3. I write stories about Bionicles and my own little characters.
#4. I draw Bionicles in Human Form and I draw Anime/Manga.
#5. I prefer girl-ish things, yet play with boys all the time.
#6. Reading a good book has caused me to actually skip meals, I can become that distracted by the book.
#7. I am a night time person, and love the darkness and stars. It is so beautiful, I even like the way the night time smells.
#8. I am NOT a morning person, and can sleep SUPER late, if I stay up too late at night.
#9. My middle name is French, and I like the French language.
#10. I love languages, including (but never limited to): Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and many others.
#11. I love computers, and I am trying not to get on this one QUITE so much.
#12. LOL, I should go to bed before 12:00 a.m.(give mom the credit for that one.)
#13. I am not a tom-boy, but love NERF and a good game of tag, getting wet, muddy, grass stained and playing in the snow.
#14. I currently have 4 music playing devises in my room, two are mine(CD player, MP3player) and two are not( Mom's CD/Cassette player, and mom's cassette player) Yes, I still love cassettes.
#15. I want to travel to other countries one-day, be an artist, possibly get married, and if so, have children. But the main thing right now is traveling to other countries and becoming an artist. ;)

Well, that's all. I just am trusting that none of that is absolutely terrible things for me to admit, since I have almost a zillion others. I'm not afraid to admit quite a few things.
I won't be tagging anyone other than my mom, Timeless Trinkets, because I don't have time right now. Man, finding those six people is difficult.
Also, I'm leaving for my Grandparents Christmas party about....RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
80 *starts freaking out because she can't find her shoes and can't spell 'freaking out'*

Actually, *starts rushing around room and trying to find her shoes*the party starts at seven or so, but my little brother Elliott is going to his friend Haley Rose's birthday, and that starts at 2, and it takes an hour to get there, and she's a good friend to him, and he hasn't even rapped her present yet, and -HELP! I CAN'T FIND MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8O 8O
Extremely whacked out,

Friday, December 5, 2008

First Ride

Today I was at Rose's house and got to ride Belle! She is a dear horse. I also got to ride Red, bareback. Such fun!!
That also happened to be my first ever ride on a horse! And even though I usually have problems with being super nervous, I wasn't that much! So I actually got to enjoy it!

Also, yesterday I got to watch Narnia: Prince Caspian. I'm going to do a bit of a review on it, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, don't read any further.

OK. Out of the two movies(The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian) I was more interested and pleased with the first. It just drew me in, as the second one did not as much.
Although, there are some parts that I LOVED.

First of all, the beginning where Caspian falls off of his horse was VERY interesting, I felt the urge to run into the movie and untangle the reigns and help him.
Second, the scene with Peter in a fight is very nicely done, I actually liked the generic-ness of that part.
Third, the part where they infiltrate Miraz' castle and Susan asks-"Who exactly are you doing this for, Peter?" I thought that was put very well, and jabbed Peter very emotionally.
Fourth, anything that Reepucheep(don't kill me if I spelled that wrong, but please let me know)
said was awesome. As Lucy so bluntly yet effectively put it "Oh my gosh, he is so cute!" Not to mention funny.
Fourth, the part after the first battle at Miraz' castle where Caspian and Peter are yelling at eachother I undoubtedly loved. I have a strange attatchment to rivalrys like that.
Fifth, The part where Caspian and Peter are both tempted to give thier blood to the White Witch is one of my favorites, as I felt like I was in the movie in that part, as well as in the other parts.
When Edmund cracks that ice I was very relieved.
Sixth, after the second big battle, when Susan, Edmund, Peter and Caspian are kneeled down in front of Aslan, when Aslan says "Arise, kings and queen of Narnia" and all of them rise up except
Caspian and Aslan says "All of you" a great feeling of hapiness for Caspian welled up in me.

Probably, of all the characters I like Lucy best. I also liked that 'Chivilrous (yet cute) tiny knight of Narnia, the DLF and others. Of the humans-
1. Lucy
2. Edmund
3. Peter and Caspian(*to self* You just HAD to put them on the same number, didn't you)
4. Susan( I wasn't as impressed with her in this one.)

Well, back to sipping Blueberry tea and watching Full Metal Alchemist!