Saturday, November 27, 2010


She stood on the balcony, looking up at the stars. The entire countryside was quiet, like a room after someone has just passed away. The only sound was that of the crickets, singing the song of the world continuing on, not heeding her solitary pain and confinement.
She fingers the knife, thinking of the different choices she has. Be trapped forever, unified to one who will not care at all for her own interests, or be free from it all, leaving the only person she has left behind in this world.
Not a person could have heard his alighting on the scaffolding, and she did not hear him either, but rather felt the presence of one she had lost. For a moment, the person detains her in sealing her fate.
“Why do you linger here, young man? Did she send you?”
No reply but the steady chirping and the softest breeze. She wonders for just a moment if she is imagining the tingling on her spine, but suddenly he speaks. It is a deep, quiet sound, and she can picture his lips forming the words, although she does not dare turn to him.
“It will be inconvenient if you jumped; a broken body does not suit a beautiful wedding gown.”
“I will not jump.”
“And knives are only fitting in the hands of one such as she.”
“Of course. I do not plan to commit murder tomorrow, though I may tonight.”
“You shall not. I do not wish to interrupt non-existent wedding ceremonies.” He whispers, his hand slinking over and taking the dagger from her hands. She willingly lets him have it; she has nothing more to gain, nor lose.
“I am against all wedding ceremonies, but if you must have your way, my friend, then by all means...” She trails off, her next statement unnecessary. The wind rustles his clothing; loose folds of the deepest, darkest red, coordinated with black that cries of death. Her hair is tied up in a tight bun, else she would run her fingers through it in frustration, but instead she grips the necklace about her neck. In the quiet moment, memories of long ago are awakened, and words from dreams past echo inside her mind...I haunt your dreams. I am in your head and only awakened by your loneliness...And I won't leave you. I'll grant your greatest desire and never, never leave...

Join me...The voice whispers now. The ground looms below her.
Do not have second thoughts.” The figure says, and she turns to him. To her greatest surprise, he does not move, but continues to look off into the distance, stock-still in the starlight. Only a dark shape is his face, but she can map out every feature without any light to go by.
A breath in, a breath out, they stand in contrast, neither willing to leave, nor willing to let the other know how desperately they are struggling. He turns, stepping up on the railing. His foot rests there for a moment, and she stares at him, waiting. Will he leave, will he stay, the question hangs in the air, unspoken, but well understood.
I will not be ruled by anyone; neither him, nor you, nor that woman.”
I know.” He answers, a trace of his true self leaking through as he casts a look down at the ground. Then, in an instant he has blended into the surrounding blackness, a phantom of him still lingering in her vision.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poem of Autumn and Winter

Just finished making cookies. I had thought of a good blog post, but then I kinda forgot what it was and am now just sitting here, staring at the white, wasting my time.

I'm hopeless!

Ah, I'm listening to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional right now...such a beautiful song, and conveying my feelings about Spring so acurately. Now, I wish I could find a Winter song that is as beautiful as this one! 

I remember when I sat up in the hallway and listened to Stolen over and over was just magical, as magical as when after Conference 2009 I listened to Clean Up Your Eyes by the Dykeenies over and over...just remembering what I had done and how much pure fun I had had.

I love summertime and springtime, but I want to be able to remember and love Autumn, too. I think the song that has conveyed September this year is Cry by Mandy Moore. October? I'm not sure; I guess something about the beach! Then, of course, November...I don't have a song for Autumn yet, I suppose! I'll keep looking! Maybe something beautiful will show up!

I wrote a poem about Autumn, here it is-

Bursting with color
I can't believe what he brings me
Baskets of wishes
And the possibilities that be

He greets me with a smile
He is one of my best friends
And holds out his hand for a while
Till the bright daylight ends

His sweater is tied
Around his middle
His t-shirt is tie-died
Red and stained a little

His hair is the color of fire
His eyes a playful green
I know my situation is dire
For his motifs cannot be seen

Taps on my window, never my door
Though I know he'll eventually go
The running and hiking will not be a bore
I'll muse upon it when the wind does blow

The coldest wind sweeps in from the West
Sending snow in, and chills up my spine
The sprite from before who seemed like the best
No longer lingers in this life of mine

I wonder, where has he gone?
The happy and bright
Fun-loving, carefree, thoughtful one
Fading from sunset into night

So while I stand in the cold and freeze
No longer a gentle nip,
The moment he does seize
To whisper of Autumn, just a bit

And even though the leaves are gone
Crunching under my boot-clad feet
He still manages to whistle a light song
And I am so glad we were able to meet

Autumn is playful to me. So disappointing to some, but to me...ah, he plays with my very heart. One day is bright, warm and enchanting, the next cold and dreary and sometimes so lonely...but each moment is so special, no matter the happiness or heartbreak. So I wrote this like a love story. Kinda. XD Autumn is also the month of my birthday. I though about writing this about another girl, but please...only women as seasons is just...too stereotypical for me! ^.^

Ah, even if things do seem hard right now, I'm excited about the rest of the year!!!!  December sounds hopeful...
We didn't get to see the meteors for my birthday, but we'll hopefully get to go in December, so that's one reason why I'm so excited! ^.^

-Argentia Krystofel,

And she walked away, grinning as Sagi and Genesis ran up to her and walked away with her, leaving the battle-scarred place and never coming back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to...ME!

Happy Birthday to me, and happy one-hundredth post. I feel....

Really odd.

So, I'm fifteen. And I actually feel DIFFERENT for the first time in my life. I feel like the world just tilted on it's axis or something.

But I'm doing okay. I'm enjoying my birthday.

Japanese themed, it's been a good birthday. Some pretty tea sets, a little bit of Pocky and lots of cheesecake...SO FAR. This evening I get to have Cyll and the two Megans over for supper! *is happy* I've missed Megans 1&2 and Cyll! I haven't seen them in WEEKS! TT.TT

I feel very out of the loop lately, actually. It's a weird feeling.

Not much else to say.

This is a good song/Teen Titans Terra Arc video-

EDIT: So, yeah, 15 feels like the biggest number in the world right now. And I'm not going to say that "I still have a ways to go, it's fine." Cause it isn't "Fine" like that. But I'm still THANKFUL. You don't have to grow up all at once. You don't. :D


Like a paper flower, she is beautiful, yet fake.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Of earbuds, books, and sisters... first pair of earbuds I kept for a year and they didn't have any issues. Then they broke, and I had, like, SIX pairs of earbuds/headphones/other such devices that either stopped working or I lost. Up until last January/February, when I had found a good pair of sound-reduction headphones that lasted a good six months. Then they quit, I thought my mp3 player was broken, ect, ect, Cyll gave me a pair of earbuds, but I lost those right before our trip to the beach. My dad very graciously stopped by his office right as we were leaving and got his headphone thingies and let me use them. I've been using them since the trip, but I realized I needed to give them back to dad, so I brought it up to him yesterday, and he told me he had already bought another pair of earbuds to replace the headphones. We decided to do a trade; his headphones for his earbuds, which wasn't really a trade at all, but very nice of my daddy. ^.^

I do have a question, though, for any of you who read my blog-HOW MANY EARBUDS/HEADPHONES HAVE YOU HAD TO DIE ON YOU, BEEN DESTROYED, OR LOST???????

It's kinda creeping me out how many I've been through....

Now, of books. So, I'm reading one of those books that seem like their going to be a...well, one of those...hard for me to understand books. Not like a dry old History book, but like a...boy's book, to be blunt. It's a boy's book.

So, why am I not sitting there, glued to it, about to die from the suspense?

  1. I already get some of the plot. I can see the characters lining up, people! I can see the need that this character will play, what that character will play. Not exactly, of course, I'm only on chapter 2, but....that guy will be needed, that guy...we aren't gonna see him again. That guy? Idk.
  2. There aren't enough cliff hangers yet. I'm bored.
  3. ...something about the writing style irritates me 
So there. I'll read it after NaNoWriMo.

Now, of sisters.
Funny face #1 of Lillian

Funny Faces Together

Stick our your tongue!

Show'em how good those chips were!

Funny Face #2

YIKES!!! GRESH IS HERE!!! (Her's is so much more genuine than mine!)

We'll beat your socks off, so don't mess w/ us...

I think I mentioned Spiderman...

And she poses...

We love eachother, and eating chips.

Good one of myself, plus I look less pale! XD

Lillian looks hilarious...

Simon jumped in for a funny face!

We loved Southern Shores...we reallllllllly did.... And we love making faces at cameras when we're super bored. ^.^;

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cast of Characters

For my NaNoWriMo novel, The Lost Neried.

Protagonists-Delphina Lestrange-Fierro
Cptn. Leandros Cervantes

Supporting Characters-Tercero Cuevas
Emilio Cervantes
The cook, the crew...I don't have all the names yet!!! XD

Antagonists-Henry 'Ree' Davis
Anybody flying the Spanish flag. :P

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, I finally took the plunge and am enjoying it (for the first day!) Let's hope me and my friends hold out (yep, I got several ppl on the bandwagon w/ me!)