Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Working on it!

I'm dreadfully sorry about the last update on that first part of chapter 2. I didn't get to edit it very well, but I will try and edit it again sometime this week.
Mom has been keeping us busy with school, so we don't have much time on the computer. But this week we have off from school, so I might be able to work on my story more often.

I'm to episode 29 of Inu Yasha. I like Sango. I'm not sure about Miroku...he's a little...wrong. He reminds me of Shigure, though.

I changed my playlist!!! I have three new songs on there. And I also changed the picture. It's Full Metal Alchemist now! Speaking of FMA, Season 2:Brotherhood, is out now! :) *happydance*

Hope to do another post tomorrow!