Friday, October 21, 2011

In the Midnight Watches

 I'll be watching
 On a dark December night
 Till the sun does rise
 On this weary, old world,

 I'll be watching
 As time seems to slip
 Through my fingertips
 And the second hand ticks

 I'll be there
 In the coldest hour
 Though I don't know where
 To meet you, dear

 I will wait
 As the winter air around me
 And the stars and galaxies above me
 Declare His glory

 I'll be watching, yes,
 As the Ancient of Days
 Works in mysterious ways
 That I do not understand

 I'll be watching, yes,
 Even if I am afraid
 Even if you do not change
 Even if you cower and run away.

 I'll be praying, yes,
 In the midnight watches
 And the hours before dawn
 Not only for this but because

 He is so great and so mighty
 I know I have been blessed
 He is so loving and wonderful
 He is God, our Savior, and He will do what he deems is best.


Time works in a strange way. It never stops; it gives no one a second chance. It almost seems to rule over all, though we must not forget Who rules over it. Some say time is evil, time is cruel, but is that really so?
 God uses time for His glory. Why is it we are in the right place, at that very right moment, to hear what we need to, or see what we must? Why is it that things never seem to happen when they shouldn't'; they always happen right when they should?
 Time may create barriers, but it also creates bonds. Just because of time doesn't mean that I don't feel attached to that last remnant of the past, and just because of time, it doesn't mean that I don't look expectantly towards the future, and the new people I may meet.
 The barriers of time may be healthy, in their own right. Separation from one, due to time, is not always a bad thing. And as time passes, that separation sometimes goes away.
 Yesterday, I was not free for this weekend. Now, you are not free, and I am, only due to the providential workings of our Lord. Perhaps it will work out and one day, we'll see behind it all, but for now, I am content to know that for some reason, each and every little thing happens.
 It seems like just yesterday when the rain tasted a little salty. Tears were being cried somewhere, and what hurt the most was knowing who was crying those tears, and knowing that there was no way to comfort their unfathomable pain. It happened when it happened...and I'm thankful that it happened then. It was just the right thing, given the right time, for each of us, tied to the other. I don't even know why yet, but slowly, like the bloom of a winter rose, the events unfold to reveal a beatiful, brilliant picture, that with the care of time, will not fade away.
  Everything we do swings upon the pendulum of time. The seasons, our days, and our moments. Our years, our lifespans...all is set in stone due to time.
 So I try not to loath time. As the season passes into winter, I hope that the people dearest to me, the people on my heart and mind, won't loath the time, either. With so many friends and family at these points in their life that are called 'milestones', I cannot help but dwell upon time. Time has treated everyone well; whether at the moment we each realize it, does not matter.
 Whether the numbers on the clock are changing, people are changing, and the environments they live in are changing, so that we cannot question the existence of it. Time isn't invisible; it shows in the slowly dying leaves, the nights coming on quicker and quicker, the temperatures dropping lower and lower. It shows in the eyes of my best friend, how changed and thoughtful they've become. It shows in the wrinkles on a face that smiled "too much" in youth. It shows in the children as they grow, slowly, but surely, into adults.
 Time is almost overwhelming to me right now, and yet somehow, a delightful thing. I take comfort in knowing I'm not stuck where I am, rather, I am always continuing forward. Always forward. Never back.
 I hope that we all respect the tool of time that God uses to mold us into what He wants us to be.

 -Argentia Krystofel

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Riagan Breen

Definitely the right style. Haven't decided on the coloring yet. And I wish I could find a real model. I don't like envisioning everyone as anime characters! >.<

Kadri Hasenkamp

Masaomi-kun is proving to be a good visual inspiration. This is roughly what I want Kadri to look like. (one down, two to go)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This will be extremely short, considering my hands are in a lot of pain and it's getting really late. I'm tired, I want to be up by 8, and...yeah.
 So, my planning for NaNoWriMo is going...sort-of okay, I guess? I've decided to switch some stuff around (but not Valentijn...I like him right where he is!)
 Ah. Yes. Guy #1 got a name. It's Valentijn (Val-ent-tiyen) or Valent, for short. Yes. It's a variant of Valentine, but I just needed a name that started with V. I don't know why. Likewise, Guy #2 needs a name that starts with R and Guy #3 needs a name that starts with K.
 I have no idea why I'm doing that, but ANYWAY!
 There was a point to this post and I'm trying to remember what it was. Oh, right. Fall is starting to feel very...present. It's not always *cold* per-se, but there's something about the breeze that is no longer soft and warm, but nippy, and carrying a slight chill. With fall beginning to really get here, I feel somewhat overwhelmed. There are a lot of things going on and just slightly at the end of the day I start to wonder if I'm still sane or not. For one, I don't think I'll be celebrating my birthday with friends over or anything this year. It's just too much hassle. For another, I feel very at a loss as to what to do about the upcoming Reformation Day event at a church nearby, because I am going to see all my old friends again.
 Along with that, it's just...fall. And wow, it got here so fast. And I feel I'm missing half of it or something. >.<

 And that's all, because my hand is now protesting loudly at it's work-out. *goes to find ice*

 -Argentia Krystofel.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NaNoWriMo-Character Designs, Issues, Etc..., just a brief idea of what I'm TRYING to do for NaNoWriMo. ^.^
 I know for very sure that I have 3 main characters. I also know for very sure that all three of these main characters are going to be male.
 I don't know why that is, actually, except that I think my ability to write females is very lacking and I really don't want to deal with the stress of writing one.
 Of these three guys, I want one to be rather quiet; sticks to himself, doesn't enjoy large crowds, and tends to not open up very easily. He doesn't really have much to hide, but he doesn't prefer sharing unless specifically asked to. It just doesn't cross his mind to do so on a regular basis. He's also a rule-follower.
 He's on a journey, but he's a homebody, creating some confusion in guys 2 and 3...

 Guy 2- Fun loving, energetic-Loves new people, new experiences...or anything that changes the ordinarily "dull" pace of his life. Tends to make things up as he goes, rather than thinking it through before hand. He cannot understand the necessity of theory or planning. He has to be in action, or he feels guilty or unhappy.
 I don't know much about him yet.

 Guy 3-HERE is the trouble maker. I have no idea what sort of personality I want for him. Most would find this extremely easy, but there's just one detail. Guy 1 is an ISTJ, according to Meyers-Briggs typology. Guy 2 is an ESTP. I've been dying, just dying to work with a person like Guy 2. Long-term, I probably wouldn't be able to tolerate one, but somehow their cute? >.<
 But my issue here is that I don't necessarily want all these types of people to get along. I want them to rub eachother's fur the wrong way-not necessarily on everything, but definitely on a few certain subjects, that to one might be important, but to another, is simply irrelevant. 
 So I sort-of don't know *what* to do with Guy 3. *sigh* I guess I'll have to go consult my psychological-jargon-books for answers. :P Seriously...people act as if I'm the plague when I talk about these things. T.T

 They work for characters. I'm going to prove that.
 *can't wait to write Guy 2*


Update...I guess? lol

This is basically a conglomeration of different posts, just edited so they fit. I've mostly just taken the main subject of each post and...just read. >.< I'm seriously braindead right now.


 So yeah. Anyways, a new blog background!!! Yes, I know I'm late announcing that. It's so pretty-doesn't really match FALL, per-se, but I still love it...all the pink, yellow and orange remind me of Asia and I need to change it for fall soon, yeah...But I really like it. T.T
 I've done several changes to the blog/organizing of different things here. I hope it looks reasonably better and less cluttered, hahaha.
  Lately, I've been preparing for Christmas by experimenting with candy recipes and soap stuff. On one such candy exploit (I was baking pocky), I took a break while the dough was rising. This happened to me-

While waiting for my pocky dough to rise today, I decided that it would be a fun idea to see if I could find picture of anime characters with green eyes, particularly guys. Typically, you don't get anything to weird when you search this, but for some RANDOM and totally weird reason I got UNDERWEAR on page...5? I mean, seriously Google? Aren't there more pictures for you to display of anime guys with green eyes before you start displaying underwear? Honestly? I'm a girl, but even I was just a tad embarrassed there. 

 Ahem. I guess the only way to find the picture I was wanting is to draw it myself or go to some other site to look, lol
 I almost feel as if I want everyone to make me Christmas lists or something! I only know what I'm doing for ONE friend, and that's only because I just know EXACTLY what to give her without having to even think about it...
  I've also been writing quite a bit recently...this is just a little fragment, that I'm not sure I'll finish but will probably use later. It was just this fleeting feeling, and felt so perfect, I wanted to fly...or something like that.

A slight, cool breeze sneaks in; it's late, on an undoubtedly fall night. Something about this night whispers to me, but I don't know what it is.

And a poem that I wrote...
Just as soon as the words came...
 They disappeared. 

Write the words, words that mean something
 But they don't seem to come, no matter

Whatever I do, they're gone, 
 They're gone like the feeling in your song

Deep inside I know I must write
 But it won't come out onto that endless white

And, the true goal of the post-To rant and rant and rant about NaNoWriMo. ^.^
 It's true that I am part of those crazy people that love to write a 50,000 word novel in November. This year I really thought I wasn't going to do it, or wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I decided after much deliberation, that I would. Actually, it took a few of posts like this one-

As for your boy, I am a girl INFP but I have come to know many... a lot of them are the sensitive artist type. They tend to be extremely nice, well-intentioned boys who usually have some sort of talent (like writing perhaps!), but they are also shy. A shy dude isn't too different from a shy girl, really, just without the whole "cutesy" stigma. Its acceptable and cute to be a shy girl, but a shy guy is mostly just quiet and soft-spoken, and often has frustrations with this because guys are (according to society) supposed to be tough and manly and protective. Not that they aren't! My best buddy who is an INFP guy is protective, but not agressively so, if that makes sense. But the stigma of being agressive is seen as acceptable in society, so that can provide some frustration and so on, if you need to add that in. Think about how genders are "supposed" to act, and see how he compares... and maybe he doesn't care, but is frustrated that the girls all like the badboys when hes a genuinely nice guy and just is too shy to make any moves (for example).-Post on NaNo forums.

 Ah, such a perfect description of those INFP boys. Quiet, artistic, sensitive, but longing to be able to compare to those bad boy types that get all the attention. This was truly a good motivation for me. I knew I wanted to write a novel about the different personalities-not directly about them, but about how people don't always get along with eachother, but can learn to appreciate eachother. I'm not going to go on one of my many long rants about how I make all of this work, but it really does. I'm extremely passionate about people and their differences, and in the past two days I've recently come up with a plot for one of the three main characters. I'll do another post on all of that soon.
 *sigh* Some days, I feel like ISTJs  and INFP's follow me around or something. I know at least four ISTJ males (not including my dad), and at least three INFP males. I wonder why that happens...I don't really get along with them, I just sort of...tolerate them? I mean, I love them...but I just wonder why I know so many of them. Do we act like magnets to eachother or something? :P to write another post about my novel! YAY! You have two posts in one day to read, both of which are rambling nothings that you probably skip...oh, well. Enjoy if you can, reader.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yet Another Story

I get the feel like writing in October a lot. >.>
 Especially *cough* this character *cough*.

*Snow drifted down; white flakes against an endless gray sky. No sound but the softly falling snow could be heard in that moment, but there was one thing, though silent, couldn't be avoided. Blood...there was blood in the snow. Ailith glanced down to see her brother, eyes closed, body limp, a curled up, scarlet-stained blotch in the perfectly white snow.
There was a soft breeze that chilled her as she realized what had happened. Kyle was dead.
Slowly, she stepped back from his lifeless form, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Then, she stopped. A presence was felt behind her; she turned, hoping it might be someone who could explain what had happened.
A tall man, lanky, brunette, wearing tattered and bloody clothes, stood before her. His dirty jaw was set, with no expression, and as the freezing wind whispered, softly, soundlessly, his hair was blown from his clear gray eyes.
Hatred filled his cutting gaze, and though no words were said, she knew his hands were stained with the blood of the young man dead in front of her.
Ailith stepped back, fear taking over her. His relentless eyes continued to stare at her. She tried to run away, but her feet wouldn't respond; she opened her mouth to scream, and-*

*Ailith's eyes snapped open as the sound of her own shout awakened her. She breathed in and out for a few moments, then quickly took in her surroundings; dark room, someone breathing softly, the quiet sound of people talking below.
It had all been a dream; they were in the inn still and the person breathing was Kyle. Still, blood pounded in her ears and her breathing was panicked. After only a few moments more, she sat up, trying to settle her thoughts. The events of the dream wouldn't leave her mind, rather, she was involuntarily remembering events of the past; the image of Rurik's lifeless eyes, her last memory of home, flashed through her mind, and suddenly a sob welled up in her throat. She tried to contain it, but it was far too powerful, and though she told herself it was just a dream, over and over, a tear still slipped down her cold cheek. One after another fell, until she found herself weeping as quietly as she could in the dark room.*

Posting three times in a row would just be too much, though...
Very minor editing, btw.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy

 Wrapped in warmth, I feel amazing! The Highlanders Festival at Radford was today, and I spent almost the the entire day there. It was FREEZING, but actually really fun. I wore a costume (yes!) and so did my little brother and friends. We listened to great bagpipe music, eat shortbread, brave the elements and watch (or in my brothers case, do) some great swordplay. Yes, I'm a fan of my own brother. :P
 Afterwards I headed home with our pastor and my friend Megan, and we went to their house for supper-a nice beef soup. It was warm, and cozy, and we laughed and talked a lot and had a great time.

 So I feel warm and cozy right now. :) I just want to smile a lot and listen to nice feels nice to know that fall is finally here, winter will soon follow, and I can rest for a while. And be able to wrap up in a warm sweater. My biggest worries seem to just be so unimportant...thank You, Lord! :), my little brother Elliott turned 11. It feels so weird to see my 5 year old sister wearing his favorite coat when HE was 5, and trying to remember Elliott being THAT small. Megan played me a song today that reminded me so much of Elliott-Close To You, by the Carpenters. Here's a little of the lyrics-

On the day that you were born,
 The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
 So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair 
 of gold, and starlight in your eyes of blue

Which is why, all the girls in town
 Want to follow you all around
 Just like me, they want to be
  Close to you.

 Sorry if it makes you embarrassed one day, but the song really does remind me of you, Elliott.
 Happy Birthday. :)

-Argentia <3