Friday, September 4, 2009

Friend Test

Let me know what your score is in the comments or sidebar thing. Rebecca has one of these up, so please go take hers, too.


EDIT: I am not able to log into my account on the quiz site, so please just tell me your results in the comments. Something is wrong with my password, but I don't know what.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I just realized!

The anniversary of this blog was July 31st! I thought is was August 31, so I didn't post about it until now! So, my blog is now officially a year and one month old!
I decided that I would write a little about what has changed in my life over the past year, and what hasn't.

What's changed and several reflections-

  1. I started watching anime!

  2. I have become a much better artist and writer.

  3. I have made several new friends. By the way, I am so thankful for all of you, you are so important to me, be you a friend I have known for a short time, or very, very long time!

  4. I have learned a lot of Japanese, a language I was never interested in before I started watching anime. Japanese is a very pretty language, by the way. ♥ At least in my opinion.

  5. I learned how to mow and how to start a lawn mower! Speaking of which, lawn mowing isn't that hard, if you have endurance and a light weight mower. Also, if you have a mom, dad and bro who mow as well. Then you don't have to do it often.

  6. I've learned so much, I can't really write it all here. I have learned that Math IS out to get me, but to prove myself, I must FIGHT like a, er, girl, and concur it!!! MATH WILL NEVER HOLD ME BACK AGAIN!!! To VICTORY!!! Okay, enough of that...

  7. I have also learned a lot about life, and how to handle certain things that have come my way and will most likely come again. I sorta don't want them to come, and then I do so I can show of my new ability to handle them! lol, seriously, though, this year has been awesome. Just some time and prayer and my life has gotten seriously better than it was. I look back and I almost want to cry at how merciful and good God has been to me. He really does answer prayer, I mean it. You might be in a bad situation yourself, and even if God feels far away, please, please, PLEASE trust him. He WILL hear your prayers. He has heard mine and he has helped me. I have learned from all of the bad, as well.

  8. Well, parts of my house got repainted by my mom, and they looked great after that. By the way, mom, you are AWESOME!!!

  9. I went to conference this year!

  10. I went to several dances, which I didn't do the year before that. And, if I remember correctly I went to my first dance last, maybe that was the August before...

  11. I like many new songs and kinds of music, but I consistently like the same music my dad does...I mean, I like every song he likes except this one artist, and they really don't get on my nerves that much. And my dad likes HUNDREDS of songs and MANY, MANY artists.

What hasn't changed-

  1. I still have my faults, but they have gotten better.

  2. We still live here.

  3. I didn't get my ears pierced or contacts.

  4. I still have terrible social skills.

  5. I still can't wake up before eight consistantly. Without scary dreams to prompt my rising.

  6. But that is okay...anyway, there isn't much about me that hasn't changed. I look different, i like different things....

  7. Ah! I still have some of the old friends I used to, and I still love my family more than ever, and my friends more than ever, and Jesus more than anything!

So, there. Some people I want to thank: My mom, Timeless Trinkets, for being amazing and for loving and taking care of me. My dad, for being just a WONDERFUL daddy and for loving me and taking care of me. My brother, A Confederate, for being such a sweet brother and for watching out for me. (Even though I can take care of myself, bro! Well, most of the time.) My other two brothers, Simon and Elliott, for being sweet and caring. My little sister Lillian, for being such a cute little sister and teaching me many lessons about taking care of kids. My friend, Megan, for being there. You go girl! My friend, Rose, for being a friend in general. When I want to chat, I know who to call up! Tatiana, for being a great friend and playmate, Cylleruion Gwaithovorn, for being a friend, writer and fellow anime freak. Annie Cole, for being a friend and fellow artist, writer and anime freak. And all the rest of you friends; Mirriam, Marriah, Nate, Sir-F, Rebecca and anyone who I have forgotten! You have permission to chew me out if I did!

Well, you can chew me out anyway, but now you have a good reason.

And last but never, ever, ever last in my heart; My wonderful, gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Goodnight everyone!♥