Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IMPORTANT Question about story!!!

So I'm back from Conference. It was very fun!

And I have a question-Should I change the way I spell Royal?
I can spell it Royall or Royale. I really would like to change it, so from those two choices which one do you like best?

Hopefully I can edit this and add the next installment of my story soon. I would really like to have everyone's opinion before that, though...so...


Your comment need not include anything but Royall or Royale. That is all. Maybe I should just do a poll...

EDIT: Alright, so I've waited all night and almost all day. I've written all night and almost all day(not really). You can still give me your opinion. But I am going to go ahead and post the next part of the chapter.

Fantasy-I have edited that first part. I hope to change that last post. Details to find it are below.

IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ-:P That sounds like a warning label. I have added tags to all of my posts recently. To find my story, just type 'story' in at the search bar at the top of my blog page and it will come up.

Alright parts...something, something and something! *Does not remember numbers*
Oh, 4&5! That's right! Whoa, now I need to right more. But I've written all daaaaaayyyyy. Oh, well. On to more as soon as I am back from grandparents. Yes, I am going down again. This time is the last for a while, though.

The passage was cool and damp and a strange white-pink color, like the inside of a cockle shell. The walls were very slippery. The staircase kept going down and down and down. Adrian wondered why Royal had mistaken Starr for an elf. He hoped Orion would fair well with the young friend of Royal’s. He had agreed to take Orion down a path that was firm enough, and hopefully make it to their destination. Adrian’s head felt heavy. Maybe it was the depth and pressure. He had been thinking about Misti so much today, maybe it was making his brain heavy. He seriously believed she could do that to someone sometimes. His thoughts buzzed around so fast and noisily he could not comprehend it all. He felt hazy, like when you have been out in the hot sun for too long.
Suddenly, he slipped on a damp spot of the stair case.
Down, down he kept going. He numbly heard Starr scream. He felt slow, and he just kept going down and down and down. Yet, suddenly his senses went alive. Adrian tried to stop himself, but his hand slipped again.
Yep, Misti had killed him, he thought as he fell. He was certain he felt his bones being broken, but he did not know which. It was all so fast, yet so slow. Rolling over and over himself, flailing madly, the haziness beginning to take hold of him.
CRACK. His head banged a step for what he thought was the millionth time. He felt sleepy and heavier than ever. He felt no pain, and yet he kept going down and down and down into darkness. Everything went black.
The most lovely smelling breeze was blowing, and beautiful sunlight was spilling over him. Adrian thought it must be his home in the South, even though he hadn’t opened his eyes yet.
He did, and saw to his astonishment that it was not warm, or beautiful. Instead of being in the home he had thought he would be in, he was laying still and cold at the bottom of something. He lay in total darkness, wondering where he was and why. Then it flooded back.
“I-if I call them. They-should-come.” He gasped, trying to organize his thoughts as immense pain shot all over him. He had felt this before, and knew with dread that he had most likely broken his right arm again. He tried to roll over onto his back, but his bruised body would not let him. So he lay on his side for the longest time, crying silent tears of pain. He never felt that crying was weakness. In fact, he had never come in contact with the theory.
After a while, he managed to muster some strength, and called in a rasping voice.
“Starr?!” It sounded like a whisper in this cave. Then, something soft and far away called out. He tried again.
“Starr! Royal!” A bit better.
“Adrian? Adrian! Is that you? Where are you?”
“Here! At the bottom!”
“Hold on, we’re trying to get there!” Royal called a bit louder than Starr had.
“Yes.” Adrian barely whispered, he was so breathless. He heard footsteps, slowly and cautiously entering. He saw light, and then that they were in a small room, circular, and on the left side of the steps was a door.
Starr bent down, and tried to pull his right arm out from under him, but when sharp pain seared through him, Adrian screamed for her to stop.
“Then what can I do?” Starr asked him, worry creasing her brow.
“Through this door we can get help.” Royal began. “If Master Adrian just lies very still, then we might find some of my family to help him.”
“Well, alright, but you had better know what your doing.” Starr declared, standing up and walking toward the door.
“He knows.” Adrian assured her as the candlelight disappeared.
He was alone in the dark. For now.
Gomen nasai for it being so short. The next part still has some wrinkles I am trying to iron out. Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm soooo busy...

Gosh, I'm running around at 500 mph!!!! Having fun, but running! First thing this week was the orthodontist on Monday. Then today I went to my dad's office. And then to Goodwill. And now I have to load the dishwasher and then to get my hair cut.

Also, I'm leaving for the Bluefield Reformed Family Bible Conference Wednesday evening. Yes, same as Rose. But I'm going a day later. By the way, this is my 1ST TIME!!! *happydance*
So I have a lot to get ready for!

Is there anything I want to say... not really. No specific reason for this post so...I'll probably finish in a minute.
I think I might spend some time filling my sidebar with pictures of Edward. That should be fun...lol, endure it. I just found a ton of pictures of Edward.And they're ADORABLE!!!!!!*attempts to hug Edward but he bolts away as fast as possible* I'll settle for Alphonse. He doesn't scream half as much. :P And he likes cats...

Pretend they're saying goodbye instead of welcome...lol :P

I'll do a post Saturday with pictures, because I'll lose my mind if I forget my camera!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm crazy...that I am...

I'm bored...sleepy...and nuts. :P I do weird things at night. Like make a post with a picture of Duo on it...but he's COOL!!!
I like the nighttime. It's dark and quiet and I feel happy. The moon is out sometimes, and the stars shine. I love the country and wish we could live there for one thing-the stars. Our grandparents farm is AMAZING at night. It's just gorgeous. I have spotted so many constellations, my favorite being Scorpius and Orion. My mom was just telling me about how she used to like to look at the stars, too. And don't think I've not leaned out that second-story window a bit too far to see a brilliant display before.

My favorite star watching times are when you see meteorites. They are just breathtaking. Not to mention all the constellations you see whilst searching for meteors.
So I'm rambling about nighttime...at night(LATE at night)...so why not some of my nighttime pictures?
The moon, quite a few months ago...maybe six?

The moon again, really blurry, but very beautiful.The sunset back in...August of last year? Later? Later? I do not know. But it is still very pretty.

I like this next one. It reminds me of so many memories. That light there is one I will never ever forget looking at. It brings back memories of my friend Megan when I was little and played as her tag-along who followed her everywhere and probably drove her crazy on occasion. Thankfully our friendship is much more than that now.

And a planet. I don't know which, but I see it almost every night. This was taken on the same night of the blurry moon.
A close up of a blurry sunset through trees. I loved it. And then the original of that picture.
Well, I hope you liked. I am now going to bed before my mom comes down here and gets me good. I'm super-tired, anyway, this is the first time I've been up this late in a while...I cannot believe it's almost 12. And I have to get up early! Sweet dreams everyone, and pardon my craziness!


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Writing an Exo-Force fanfic to Doki Doki Waku Waku is odd. I am hearing a super-cute voice saying "na na na na na..." and I'm writing about Hikaru fighting Sumi. The song's over. Now I'm listening to Mata Ashita. Still wierd for a fight scene.

My mom fell from the attic lader today and bruised her tail bone. Well, she either bruised it or cracked it for the second time. I'm trying to help her out as much as I can, so this is just an update. She can't walk well, but it hurts to sit as well, so all she can do is lay down. But she can't sleep so she wants me to talk to her. It's odd my mom should ask me this, so I'm super happy to!(It's usually me asking to talk to her.)

My playlist has Summer songs on it now!!!
Some are just Summer songs, most are just songs that remind me of Summer.

Thank you, Timeless Trinkets, for doing my tag!

And I leave you listening to Guilty Beauty Love by Miyano Mamoru(Tamaki's seiyu.)
An now it's That Don't Impress Me Much. XD I have a wide range of music that I listen to. :P

Friday, June 12, 2009


I enjoy summertime a lot. My perspective on it is probably over-exaggerated. I took a test to see how hot my summer would be...of course the test can't predict the future. I think it really was just predicting what the person's opinion of summer was. My summer was going to be great.

I've changed my blog colors for summer, and I changed my playlist appearance too. I just need to change the songs to my favorite songs that remind me of summer. Alright, so the playlist is at the bottom, and you get tired of scrolling all the way down, yadda, yadda yadda, right? Well, just click on my newest post and it will open so you can see the comments and post on the same page. Then you don't have to scroll so far!!! :)

And I have made up a tag! I know those things have died down a bit, but I never made one myself, so I thought I would.

Your perspective on each month of summer is this-

June-It's green and warmer outside.
You can go outside at 8:30 and play because it's not dark yet.
You start to see fireflies at night.
The woods are nice in the daytime, hiking and climbing trees.
You start to get out more often.
And we even have VBS at one church up the road...we won't be going this year, though.
You get your first dab of sunscreen...and then sunburn.

Red, White and Blue!!!
Evenings outside, watching the sun set on my grandparents farm.
Listening to Mother the War in my room at sunset.(Or any other 10,000 Maniacs song!)
Going to my Grandparent's farm and riding in the back of the truck...Which my mom has outlawed. :P Or riding on our bikes.
Picking blackberries and raspberries and blueberries.

August-THE BEACH!!!
Walking on the sand.
Playing in the surf.
Collecting sea shells.
(Actually, I did all of this back in January when I was in Florida...I won't be able to do it this year. VA Beach doesn't have many sea shells anyway.)

And that little part of September we forget is summer-I like to think about snow. I wish it would get cold. I like to play outside, but mostly I'm tired of summer by now. I want fall to get here.

Favorite thing about summer- Playing with my friends, of course!!! I love all of your company so much. And this summer I'm working on loving the company of my brothers and sister.

Most memorable day this summer-Hmmm...I think it was actually back in May...We were up at the soccer field and then at the school playground. I was up there with a few girl friends, my brothers and Cyll. And then we went to the soccer field another day. My dad got to go that time and it was SUPER fun. That time Megan came. If there is any other memorable day actually in June it was Sunday. That was fun.

My favorite food in summertime is-Hmmmmm...BIG HMMMM...I can't answer my own question. My favorite drink is lemonade. My favorite dessert is probably homemade peach ice-cream. My favorite thing to eat? Well, I like*rambles on and on about any food that isn't warm...*

And a few things you want to do this summer-To get my room clean, to write and read more often. Hopefully improve my drawing skills and finish my math for this year. Then start on Algebra 1/2.
Oh, I just want to have as much fun as possible with my friends, and hopefully get to know a few new ones.

So that's it!!! I tag Timeless Trinkets, Miss Rose, Megan, Fantasy, Cylleruion, Nate and Sir Furious.
I'm interested in hearing all of your answers. But if you don't have time for it you don't have to. And you don't have to tag other people either. It's more like a get to know your friends better test. :)
Megan: I know your busy, so if you want we can just talk about summer Sunday. If you really want to type it all out you can in the comments since you don't have a blog. If that's alright.

Now for changing my blog name...Oh dear...

EDIT: I just realized I forgot to put the rules here.
You copy and paste my answers from my blog to your new post. Then you change my answers to yours and post it. And then you attempt to tag three other people. I'm interested in hearing all of your answers. But if you don't have time for it you don't have to. And you don't have to tag other people either. It's more like a get to know your friends better test. :)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Update

This picture is hilarious. Just LOOK at Trowa...and then Heero...It keeps getting funnier.
I was talking to mom last night and I told her about this picture. I wonder if the reason anime boys are always portrayed as eating this way is they always seem to be hungry! Even Quatre's cramming!!!

I have three younger brothers. I find myself getting frustrated cause their always hungry and are always asking me to fix them something to eat.
And then I realize that is just the way growing boys are!!!

When Mom actually saw this pic, she said Heero(far left) was Shadow, Quatre(right of Heero) was Elliott, and Wufei(far right) was Simon. And that she didn't know who the other two clowns were. :p lol. I just find that really funny.

Now for the important part.

The deadline for entry's in our Chautauqua art contest is two days away. I can't decide if I want to draw something or not, and if I do, what to draw. I really want to enter, but I just can't think of anything to draw for it. My mom said I should draw Sai from Hikaru no Go. :P Imagine that...
In a more serious tone she recommended this-

It's Zhoom, the last surviving Sand Elf from DragonFable. I rarely play DragonFable, but I do try to keep up with the storyline of Artix, Galanoth and Ash.
I copied this drawing. It took me all day to get everything right, and even then it didn't turn out exactly the way it should look. Partly because I am against over-muscleing people. I think the original is bordering my limits. lol, he truly isn't that bad. I thought maybe I should draw him again. The first one doesn't satisfy my perfectionist opinion any more, and it also has scribbles down near the signature.

So that's one idea. I thought about drawing a character of my own. Then I could always copy a character. I think I have too many ideas rushing around.

Another thing...Today is Simon's 6th birthday!!!


Simon is my little artist friend. Here are some of his drawings-Bird and Bird nest. I thought these were done very well for a six year old.

This is Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin. And then the one I am most proud of-

Kenshin Himaura.

He even got Kenshin's cross shaped scar!!!(Even if it was on the wrong cheek.) I thought it was a very cute picture. His attention to detail is what got me. Until I saw this drawing I had not
known he was so good. Now I try to pay attention to the pictures he asks me to look at.

So that's my life lately. I was up at my grandparents house Thursday through Saturday. I'll post
about that sometime soon.