Saturday, December 25, 2010


...are beautiful. ♥

Merry Christmas everybody. I love you all, and hope you're having a good time.

I'm waiting to go shopping, listening to Big Bang's Koe Wo Kikasete (love the song) and feeling, overall, very satisfied and happy.

I like Christmas somewhat. XD

Our furnace stopped working this morning, and even though the repairmen got it fixed and the house is nice and warm now, I'm still wearing one of my bro's sweaters (given to him by Cylleruion and much too big for him right now, anyways). I must confess it is getting rather stuffy in the thing. :P I'm crazy.
I've been helping my siblings make a paper chain, and hopefully I can post pictures of it later. :D It's Christmas themed, and on several links we have the names of Christmas songs!


-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hannah gave me a wonderful idea! I didn't realize you can upload slideshows onto blogger! So, I decided I would upload a few of my slideshows/AMVs.


Some of the older ones...

^ I used to LOVE Sigma 6! Wait a min, I still do! Just not as much...haha

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm tired.
My mouse isn't working. My siblings are making crafts to dirty up the kitchen I cleaned yesterday. I feel like last night I lived yesterday again, and therefore had no energy this morning. My siblings won't stop talking. My mom is too busy to do anything. I was going to have a fun day out with her tomorrow, but I need to clean the kitchen before I go.


I'm listening to Kathleen Edwards! Yay! I'll feel depressed and happy and in love with the guitar all at the same time!
The song at present that has me enraptured-

Do you pick up your phone
Do you check your mail
Do you answer your door even if it's late?
I don't know who to call
I don't know who to write
And I think I forgot
What your face looks like
I've been away

Do you think that I've changed
I swear I never tried
Memory is a terrible thing
When you use it right

I guess I'm just like my dad-I like sad or lonely songs. But, seriously, I like the way Kathleen Edwards writes...See, I have a friend who once told me that he thinks each artist has their own 'style' or 'theme' in their music.
Kathleen's is about the other person, typically what they've seemingly felt or made her feel, or how she misses them or has forgotten their kindness. But, most about her theme that strike me is this-Change. She doesn't want him to change her; force her into someone she isn't.
And, as the lines above suggest, she doesn't want to change if he's happy with who she really is.
This communicates me very well. I do not like changing for other people, unless, of course, what I'm doing is sinful. I'll change for Christ. But not for someone that just wants one of my quirks to suit them better.

Okay, I guess that's enough seriousness. XD I just am really tired, so being serious is natural. I also have a lot going on with a friend, and I really wish I could help her, but I've said some things to the only person that could help her that will prevent her from being helped...AGH! *sigh*

I guess I should reflect on the only thing I can reflect on-The beautiful cranberry-apple pie I made yesterday. It was delicious, and I got to eat the last piece and lick the pan! Mmmmmm...but, my bro didn't like it b/c of the cranberries-They made it very sour to him. But I love a bit (okay, a lot!) of tart in my pie!

Well, I guess I've, to master the art of keeping my thoughts inside and not venting them! lol

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, snow... But No Facebook.

Snow, snow, hello, snow
Glad to see you, don't you know?

Glad I don't live in North Carolina! My friends who live down there don't get half as much snow as we do! Well, the ones in the mountains get SOME, but the friends who live in the city don't get it like we do normally...

Haha. I am rambling again. XD
Lately, I have found it impossible to stay on topic! Wow! Amazing, you would never believe it! Me, not staying on topic!

Okay, whatever. XD

Anyways, it's come to my attention that I didn't post pictures of my sister's snowman and snowcat. So here they are-

They're so cute! Sadly, they've melted by now, but they were adorable while they lasted!
I have been staying true to my no-Facebook promise...mostly. XD I was on Facebook Monday and for just a little bit Tuesday, but since Monday was the day I decided to stop getting on Facebook for a week, and Tuesday I had a special friend who's going through a lot contact me, I think I'll let it slide. Maybe I'll extend the 'probation' until next Tuesday. >.< lol
 Also, friendship is a curious thing. To some people, I am velcro-ed...we stick pretty hard when we finally bump into each other. Others, it's like plastic-wrap. When water get's between the wrap, it becomes useless.
 Then, with still others, we're like magnets. Instantly, when we just get in range of each other, we come towards eachother, no matter what. A charge is between us, we love being together, and we just can't avoid eachother.

Lately, it feels like I have a lot of plastic-wrap friendships. Nothing I can do can keep the friendship together when water comes between us. Sure, I have a few velcro ones going on...they aren't so hard to keep together...but I am lacking in those magnet ones that I thought I had.
 (No, I am not talking about you, Sir_F! Don't worry! :) )
My book cover! We found the driftwood while at Southern Shores...

-Argentia Krystofel

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In which I think very hard...

So, last night I couldn't sleep. I was up till two-thirty, of my own accord, and only knocked out AFTER I took a motion-sickness pill and LET it put me to sleep...I could've stayed up, even with that pill.
Blame my braindead-ness this weekend. Because of it I had a sudden rush of thinking last night...I realized things I had never noticed.

A point I must make is that I think I'm gonna be off of Facebook for awhile. Seeing certain people on there just riles me, and I hate being riled up over stuff I can't stop.


Blogger will be my social outlet for a while.

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

The world doesn't like my glances
They scare the people
The world doesn't like my trances
They make them miserable

The people in this place
Are nervous because of my gift
But the gift won't erase
And I do use it for your benefit

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A random argument.,

I can says "hai!"

 And I can say "You are crazy."

And then I can says "Why?"

"You think you know something of Japanese,  I suppose...and,'re crazy're you?"

 To which I says "What do? Japan ain't got nothin on scots!"

To which I reply "Right..."

^^^ Sir_F and I wrote that while we were at Cylleruion's house for S_F's birthday.
It was really fun and cool-Megan and I made a Tardis out of cardboard to put on the table. It took FOREVER! But was fun. We never managed to get the POLICE BOX sign on it, but it still looked cool. I think Cyll's dad was more enthused with it than Sir_F was!
 We listened to techno and messed around on the comp, but most of my anime wouldn't load (there were four computers running the internet, and doubtless two of them had over ten tabs up at once) so I just kinda stared at the two of the geeks, being...themselves. lol
 Also, I watched the first episode of the old Nancy Drew with Megan. It was so fun! I loved some of Ted's remarks to her...and how she just ignores him. XD I am terrible at ignoring remarks like that, though, haha.
 The food was really good, but I don't think I'll eat any macaroni for a while! >.< Maybe if I had put onions or garlic powder on it...or seasoning salt! Agh, why do all the good ideas come after it's over with?
 I have also come to the conclusion that I know nothing about Sci-Fi. I also have come to the conclusion that my best knowledge is of Geographic anything, Art, Writing (including Spelling, Grammar and a love for character development sheets), and Anime.
 If people don't like that about me, they need to really find another person to hang out with. ^.^

Okay, rant over with!
Now, all I want to do is go to bed (in my bed!). I can't shake the thought that the entirety of the time I was at Cyll's house was spent in a haze, though, which is really irritating me! XD

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas? Christmas?

Snow! Holly! Every radio station but the rock one playing Christmas music from the forties!

So, we all get it. It's Christmas time. Winter time. Freak out and wish everyone a happy new year for no particular reason time.

And we're not going to the annual Christmas party at my grandparent's house. We never send out Christmas cards.

And I'm loving it.

This is the quietest, most enjoyable time of year right now. I'm sitting back, forgetting about Christmas presents and shopping carts and checking the labels on every box of cake at Mumsie's house, just to find out that the same knife used for the pecan pie was just used to cut the only cake I could eat. No, I am thinking about baking my OWN cookies and my five-star (Dad awarded) lemon poppyseed muffins. I'm thinking about spending this weekend relaxing and this coming weekend at a friend's house. I'm thinking about how wonderful the Lord is to give me all this warmth and all these opportunities. I'm trying to stay focused on Him, even though these days are sometimes depressing and a bit frustrating, laced with a tinge of worry and doubt. But overall, I want to be happy. ^.^ And I am, indicated by that happy face. Also...

My best-ever muffin. In the background are a few flops, and our advent candles. >.<
It's snowing here!!!! ^.^ Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

She is a cold wind, touched with crystalline beauty. She quietly keeps everyone locked up inside, forcing them to stop and contemplate the meaning of the season and their own lives. To some, she is a curse, to others, she is the greatest show of Winter. 

Thoughts on Snow by Argentia Krystofel (Pen Name).

Friday, December 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo-Facts and Fun things.

My novel is not finished. I know that sounds weird, but I didn't complete it in this span of time. I suppose I shall have to at some other point. Until then, I am returning to Lineage, where Adrian, Alastair, Royale, Misti and Starr have greeted me cordially, said that they missed me, and want to move forward in their story. My only problem is that currently, almost every story I have is taking place in the summertime, so I'm going to have to bribe myself to write somehow, because lately I don't feel in the summer writing mood. Perhaps a few rainstorms will help.
 Anyways, the facts that I learned from NaNoWriMo are-
  1.  I can totally pour my emotions into my writings and then come up with a huge wordcount and a much calmer countenance. I did it twice this month and it helped me so much.
  2. Following that insane and uncooperative idea at midnight is just what you need to do. Seriously, it is.
  3. Listening to music while I write is the only way I finished this thing. Without it I would have died. XD
  4. I love René more than any other character. that really a fact? lol
  5. Hurting your characters endears you to them. Do it, and you'll be bff for the rest of your book. lol
So I did learn a few things...and that I am capable of it if I just step my standards up and really try. I've written 1,000 words in thirty minutes before, just because I got so into it and excited about what I was writing.Those were the most fun moments; when my story was like a movie, and all I was doing was making the movie in my head, watching it and writing it down. It could be said that I was a 'chronicler' as my friend likes to say, but I would prefer 'creator, director and writer' all at once. Seriously the most easy multitasking this strangely unable to multitask girl has every done.
 Anyways, the fun parts? Well, that one above of course. Then I super-enjoyed the fact that I could write and write and write and no one could do anything about it! :) Aka, I didn't get kicked off for being creative! Now, I'm attempting to finish this post before the clock strikes eleven thirty, soooo...
 I also enjoyed working with characters for such a short amount of time, yet enjoying it just the same. I liked writing an almost novel in just thirty days. And eating so much candy, making an atrocious ammount of cookies, and being a general over-achiever during November!
 Now, I could post excerpts from my novel, but I don't really want to. If any of you are interested in reading the sappiest, most hilariously horribly written romance novel in the world (next to a few that I know of but will not list for fear of starting pointless arguments), then be my guest. Comment here or, if you know my email, send me one and I will send you (digitally) a copy of my romance in draft form.
 Note that mentioning of draft form. :)

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

50, 000 Words later...

And I am so darn tired!!!! lol! I find myself SO glad I don't have to put up with those characters anymore, but also happy that I got out most of the scenes and creative energy!

Imagine this.

A young girl, aspiring to be a writer, has just written a 50,000 word novel. Almost finished a book. For the first time.


Now, off to do stuff...

-Argentia Krystofel ♥