Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bear with me!

I know things are looking kinda weird, color wise, but I'm still working on it! If I possibly can I'll get it right by tomorrow, but I don't know.


EDIT: I got it right!!! *happydance* Now, to quit stressing over writing, drawing and doing an endless mountain of dishes!!!

I hope all of you are doing well.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Poems

'Tis moonlight, summer moonlight,
All soft and still and fair;

The solemn hour of midnight
Breathes sweet thoughts everywhere,
But most where trees are sending
Their breezy boughs on high,
Or stooping low are lending
A shelter from the sky.
And there in those wild bowers

A lovely form is laid;

Green grass and dew-steeped flowers
Wave gently round her head.
I forgot who wrote this. I should have written it down.

Blessings on thee, little man,
Barefoot boy, with cheek of tan!
With thy turned-up pantaloons,
And thy merry whistled tunes;
With thy red lip, redder still
Kissed by strawberries on the hill;
With the sunshine on thy face,
Through thy torn brim’s jaunty grace;
From my heart I give thee joy,—
I was once a barefoot boy!

by John Greenleaf Whittier

Look! Look down in the garden how
The firefly lights are flitting now!

A million tiny sparks I know
Flash through the pinks and golden-glow,

And I am very sure that all

Have come to light a fairy ball,
And if I could stay up I'd see

How gay the fairy folks can be!

by Evaleen Stein

Flash and flicker and fly away,
Trailing light as you flutter far,
Are you a lamp for the fairies, say?
Or a flake of fire from a falling star?

by Evaleen Stein

And, yep, lots of EXO-FORCE pictures. It was my first introduction to manga, and I still really like all of the dear pictures I have. I also follow the artist's blog.

Hope you enjoy the poems and pictures! Oh, and the new name of my blog...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tagged by Cassie!

I was tagged by Cassie. I love being tagged. Most people don't, but I really do.

*Your Life*

What is your favorite food? I like a lot of many to name a favorite!

Your favorite hot drink? Herbal Tea. (Celestial Seasonings!)

Your favorite cold drink (besides water)? Lemonade

Your current favorite articles of clothing?
Some new skirts I just bought a few weeks ago and my forever favorite blue jeans and blue jean shorts.

What are you reading right now?
Ummm, my Bible, and...nothing much else. I SHOULD be reading more.

What are your favorite books right now?
Hmmmm...Well, lots of manga I like to read...and then some favorites that will always remain favorites. Not any new ones.

What are your favorite movies right now?
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
and...Nothing much else...I watch more anime than movies. My favorite anime right now is Gundam Wing.

What music do you listen to?
Well...should I say just about everything my mom and dad listen too, along with quite a few others?

What phrases/exclamations do you say often/are a family joke?
Not many. I know that when a friend is talking and I don't catch what they said I'll say-
"Wha-Wha-What???" Really, really, super fast.
I will quote FMA characters alot. I like to quote Roy Mustang to my mom alot.
Other than brothers and mom say 'good grief' a lot. :P We don't have many things we say.

What do you enjoy doing most?
I like to sing and write. I think I enjoy writing and drawing the most. And talking with friends.

If you were going somewhere dangerous in Middle-earth, Narnia, or The Lands Beyond, what would you take? Don't that possible? If it is, I hope I don't have to go. Too much danger for me, and I'm not a huge fan of Narnia or LoTR.

Who are your real-life role models? I admire my mom alot, and quite a few of my friends.

Who are your fictional role models?
Hmmm...I definitely think Riza Hawkeye is a good character. And I wish I were more self-sacrificing like Tohru Honda.

If your life were a movie, who would play you?
I don't know anyone but me who could do it. I'm quite the odd person, and I am very dramatic.

What are you most afraid of?
One of the things is breaking a bone. I really don't want to break a bone. And their are many other things, but I know God is taking care of me and watching over me.

What are your favorite smells? About a million different things...but I like the smell of the nighttime most.

What is your favorite sound?
Again, many things. I like laughter the most.

What is your favorite sight?
The countryside, mountains, ocean, cities, sunset, just lots of things!

If you had a CD, what would it be called?
I am not sure...

And I don't think I will be tagging anyone. If you want to do it you can, though!I like this one of Havoc...A lot...^.^