Friday, May 16, 2014

Untitled #7

What are you trying to accomplish
With that starlight
And those words

What are you trying to say
Singing in a strong voice

-Argentia Krystofel

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I'm in a bad mood, people.

An epicly bad mood.

I normally don't post when I'm in a bad mood, because I feel like showing my bad moods on Blogger is just ridiculous and inconveniences everyone, but today is especially frustrating.

First off, I was up late last night because I can't sleep recently. Sunday was spent at a friend's wedding and in the car (6-hour round trip), and though I was delighted to go to his wedding, I was not really delighted with the car ride and all of the wedding talk.
I've turned eighteen, what I thought at thirteen meant I would suddenly become an eligible young lady battling off marriage-talk, wedding proposals, and unwanted boyfriends left and right. At sixteen I thought this idea was silly. At eighteen, I am believing I was probably right.
So anyway, I stayed up last night despite being exhausted and lay in bed thinking distantly about the discussion of wedding colors and all of the tux and dress commercials I've been seeing and what month would be best to get married in.
Ridiculous, I know.
Anyway, on Sunday I discussed with some of the girls who were encouraging this wedding-color choosing how it would be nice to do pink, because it is a very versatile color on many skin tones.

My logic: We don't know who our groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids will be yet, so it's hard to choose now.
Anyway, last night I settled on an aqua green with white tuxes and either a blue/green dress or a vintage white dress in the middle of August. =P Do not even try to understand this level of absurdity.

This morning I woke up and my grandmother called to say she was cancelling our trip to Annandale because 'your grandpa isn't well', and though I would be more than willing to give him time to feel better before their trip out west this summer, I know what her true motive was in depriving my Fairfax-bound soul of ddeokbokki and takoyaki.

I wanted some...

...truly a pity.

Last weekend my brother ended up telling her that I went to South Korea last year and that I'm going back in July. Sure enough, as soon as she says 'we can't go next week...' she asks 'what about July?'. She told my brother not to tell me about the incident, but OBVIOUSLY he cannot keep anything to himself. I now know that she is attempting to make me spill about being in Seoul this summer.
I have a solution to her interrogations.
Just keep saying 'no'.
Furthermore, no matter how much she tries to get info out of me, convince me not to go, scare me to death with crazy stories, chase me to the airport, call me constantly while I'm gone, and completely ruin my summer, I have a not-to-be-mentioned ace in the hole. And I will use it.
Going to lose my inheritance? Probably, but inheritance isn't worth her constant badgering, xenophobia and racism.

Then Mom told me that colored wedding dresses are silly, and I didn't get to shower until noon, and my contacts won't come in before I leave in June, and none of my friends want to talk, and I can't make ice cream until the ice cream maker comes in, and my room has not gotten any cleaner but rather more messy in the past two weeks, and I have work on Friday.

So I think I'll move to Australia.

-Argentia Krystofel

Friday, May 9, 2014

Read Me Your Favorite Line (Damien Rice Inspired Pt. 1)

Summer sweetness, intoxicating
Running from things we know
Hiding under our own misconceptions

The color of a setting sun in May
Reflecting in the warm lake
Where I went fishing with my family

The sound of a gentle breeze
Flipping through those rough, worn pages
With a 'swap-swap-swap' on an afternoon

The smell of warm pavement
And sweat, and tennis shoes
Perfume, chlorine, grape candy

The leaves are coming back green
The crawling bugs and yapping dogs
The memories, long forgotten

I dive into the murky warmth
Words of my favorite book
Bulgogi with friends last May

I'm not losing time, I savor it
I watch it and hear it and smell it
I hold it.

-Argentia Krystofel

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Fever

The pale yellow daffodils come upon us suddenly

The warmth of each person, each new face

The youthful green grass, daring and rebellious

The tiny hand, drippy-popsicle-sticky, clinging to my finger

The memories of a time before time as it is now

The taste of fresh California strawberries every day

The understanding that things can and will get better

The encouragement of a friend