Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Valentijn Janson [Pictures]

The subject used is 'Saga' from 'Alice Nine', a Japanese VisualKei group. I do not recommend searching for him unless you feel you absolutely need to see pictures of a guy with insane makeup and hair who quite frankly I thought was a girl. >.>
 These are the only two pictures that appear at least somewhat manly. Keep in mind my character is a the young face works.

 Does anyone else think this man looks part Caucasian? At least a little?!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Cliche title. XD

 So, yesterday was my 16th birthday. I made my favorite cinnamon muffins for breakfast, and though made with oat flour they surprisingly didn't all fall apart.
 I received so many Facebook posts of Happy Birthday that I just had to smile practically the whole day! ^.^ I received three very sweet cards, and some great little gifts (including noise-reducing earbuds from my dad-ISTJ's and ISFJ's think a like, no? Kill those noises!). Mom has made me an amazing chocolate cheesecake that I'm going to get to enjoy in a little bit once she's done the ganache (yes, she's amazing like that), and tomorrow, Dad and I get to go up to Blacksburg to the Oasis food store and I'm going to pick up a load of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese stuff, along with maybe some European things (Oasis doesn't carry much European food...gotta go to Winston-Salem or Charlottesville for that). I'd say my birthday is going to last practically the whole weekend!
 So, aside from being very happy and very excited about Saturday, I don't feel any change. >.< Unlike last year, when I was thinking 'Oh, yes, I'm definitely fifteen now', this year I haven't thought anything like that. I guess compared to last year I feel different. Actually, yes, comparatively, I do feel much different. Leading me to believe being sixteen is a slow change.
 Still, it feels weird to say-I'm sixteen.
 Because, honestly, I watched all my other friends who were sixteen, and I thought they were really cool. So it makes me nervous to think that kids that are younger than me are watching me like I watched my sixteen-year-old friends.

 I'm going to be a horrible example, lol.

 -Argentia Krystofel

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Dreams Through the Noise...

I see you standing in the terminal
You're holding your arms that certain way
And you're looking about, confused,
And I can't seem to fight the feeling to look away

He's looking at me, head on, eyes so bright
I feel like this moment means absolutely nothing
But somehow, I don't care, because it's all in sight
Crazy with dreams, thoughts truly are something

The lights were bright and beautiful
The voices were something I will never forget
The faces were smiling and youthful
But there was a pair of eyes still filled with regret

Maybe it wasn't regret, more at maturity
So I'm left breathless,
He dreams through the noise, ah, so freely
And leaves me speechless

Who are you, a stranger in the back of my mind?
Dark curtains drawn by the passage of time
The words mean everything and nothing, because you're blind
Why am I still writing this, ponderings of mine?

Because it's just a small amount of time, say a year
That's all that's said to me,
All that I am expected to spend on this, dear
And I can't believe it, see

But then, there's reality, and people, and things
And there's the look on his face that strikes me
So I'm discontent with the evening and the starlight it brings
This strange discussion, this time isn't free.

Inspired by Vienna Teng's song 'Recessional'.


It's so beautiful here, she says,
This moment now, this moment now.
And I never thought I would find her here,
Flannel and satin, my four walls transformed.

She's looking at me, straight to center,
No room at all for any other thought.
And I know I don't want this,
Oh, I swear I don't want this,
There's a reason I don't want this,
But I forgot.

In the terminal, she sleeps on my shoulder,
Hair falling forward, mouth all askew.
Fluorescent announcements beat their wings overhead:
Passengers missing, we're looking for you.

And she dreams through the noise, her weight against me,
Face pressed into the corduroy grooves.
Maybe it means nothing,
Maybe it means nothing,
Maybe it means nothing,
But I'm afraid to move.

And the words, they're everything and nothing.
I want to search for her in the offhand remarks:
Who are you, taking coffee no sugar?
Who are you, echoing street signs?
Who are you, the stranger in the shell of a lover,
Dark curtains drawn by the passage of time?
Oh words, like rain, how sweet the sound.

Well anyway, she says, I'll see you around

There is so much I associate this song with. So much. Somewhat, the song holds a dreamlike state with me; the lyrics almost seem to just bring images floating through my head.
 It's so amazing.

-Argent (Also, YAY for using poetry in my novel. XD)

MC #3

M(ain)C(haracter)#3 Because he's technically number 3 but number 2 isn't done yet so I'm...posting anyway.
Name: Kadri Hasenkamp
Hair color: Blonde/golden brownish, short.
Eye color: Soft, light brown.
Height: 5'7"-small build.

Definitely how he would be imagined in an anime perspective. Neither of these pictures are the right clothing, but oh, well.

Aaaaand, the closest I could find to the look I wanted Kadri to have. Taking away the coat and leaving just the scarf and the hair, earrings, et cetera, we have Kadri. I was searching for brunette hairstyles to use as a character picture for Valentijn and came upon this young man's picture...but he was more blonde/super light brown to me. >.<

Voice: Higher; still cracks on occasion. Smooth tenor voice when he sings. Can sing but doesn't like to in front of other people.

Certain points of Personality: loves people and is generally aware of other's feelings; desires to be helpful and understanding and wants the best of others...most of the time. Get's somewhat emotional, sharp, or moody when he's stressed out. He hates being alone, and can have very dark thoughts when he's left to himself for too long. Generally appears to be very friendly, outgoing, and supportive, but is very wary of trusting people with his inner thoughts and feelings. He behaves like a chameleon with others in conversation; picking up the topics they want to talk about and simply commenting on their opinions rather than expressing his own. Needs positive feedback from other people about his writing. Can't look at something from a logical or impersonal perspective without feeling just a little guilty.
 Can be somewhat manipulative but in a strange way; aka, he's very good at persuading someone into doing what he wants them to do, for their own good, or what he thinks is their own good. 
 He also will use his people skills to manipulate if he feels he needs something that in reality he either doesn't need, or should just ask for up front.
 Peculiarities: Constantly sweeping/blowing/flipping hair out of his eyes. Cooks really well. Has a fear of darkness; nyctophobia. Physically claustrophobic; doesn't like being in small spaces, or wearing tight, restricting clothing. Writes in his spare time. Doesn't like his room, house, or other people's being untidy or dirty.
 Goal: Kadri seeks only to find a place for himself in this world. Broken, with his childhood dreams destroyed, he tends to find himself doing work in the illegal trading of goods to dictator-ruled countries in the Southern Continent, or guiding persons through the countries. He has also had dealings with many a network of revolutionaries, secret police, and bootleggers. He claims allegiance to no country; he was born in Korreliso but has traveled as far west as the Saralinsey Ocean and as far East as the Tono-ari River.

 And that pretty much wraps up the guy I call the emotional one. *sigh* So dramatic...


Saturday, November 12, 2011

-Flickering Electric Lights-

I whisper under my breath, minutes ticking by
The insanity burning behind those eyes
The voice in my ear and the way that people seem to try
To make everything make sense

It won't, but we want it to, so we're trying
We keep drifting from place to place
The time isn't on our side, it seems to be flying
But we haven't paid it any heed

There's some idiot singing Ke$ha on camera
I hate her songs but I'm listening
You're proposing some strange, new idea
I don't know about it but I nod

Yes, sure,'s always like this, isn't it?
I don't know what to say or do
People are always taking their time like this
Is it obvious that I don't want to hear?

An old song I used to listen to is playing in my head
Event's turn out badly before they happen
And I wonder if they'll just stay like that, but instead
You're saying things are going to change

Like always, I tend to debate truth and lie beyond what is healthy
The idiot stopped singing at last, but I press replay
There's an element of masochism in all of us, but this time it's not getting me
I can't let you get a hold of me, it's just not possible

There's a dragon blowing smoke in the back of my mind
An oriental icon, powerful and mysterious
And you don't care, which doesn't surprise me, people are blind
And I'm the one who's most deceived anyway

A smile's becoming more and more broken every time I see it
I can't think of what you say in this moment
Do you encourage, or do you let the pain run as it sees fit?
It's really just the two of us, gambling it away

So somewhat wasted, the time is over like it began
And I realize that I'm staring at a mess
A quiet thought enters my mind, but yet again
I swat it away before it becomes too much for me

Let me run away somewhere far off, 
and then there won't be any more problems.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MC #1

M(ain)C(haracter) #1

 Valentijn Janson

 Age 18
 Hair color: Brown, long.
 Eye color: Hazel (brown-green).
 Height 5'8"

 His hair is about this length and color. Maybe a bit more brown, but generally, just a normal color, and fine/thin like this, too. I still don't know what sort-of face to throw on the guy...*sigh* *nonchalant* we'll see. XD (And good grief this guy in the pic has a skinny neck...)

Voice: Not too deep, not too high. Just middle. Baritone singing voice. Speaks quietly but with an assertive tone.
Certain points of Personality: Does not beat around the bush-says what he needs to say. Likes to be told his work is well-done. Dislikes noise and overly chatty people. Is an avid reader. Intelligent and witty. Can be more laid-back with an occasionally appearing silly side; only around close friends. Does not trust people quickly. Not easily guilt-tripped; sticks to what he's said he'll stick to.
 Very much a rule-follower, quiet, yet generally friendly. Is not afraid to tell others his opinions. Is more shy about sharing his creative ideas/theoretical things. Dislikes fudging or long explanations of problems or issues. Not impressed by grandeur of any kind, unless it happens to be a whole room of books. Then maybe he'll be impressed.
 Peculiarties: Does not like large crowds. Is not fond of sweets. Fear of heights. Rarely a 'good judge of character', meaning he doesn't get 'vibes' about people at all...normally. When he does get one he's normally 99% correct about it, surprising many.
 Goal: This young Kashihan is on a journey; one that has so far stretched itself out into the perilous communistic country of Grenan. But what is he on the journey for? He's searching for his Kashihan bond, and apparently, he hasn't had his bond with him in many a year. 

 And that's Valentijn! ^.^

Monday, November 7, 2011


 Distant and very silent
 As people go walking by
 Distant and discontent
 But I'm starting to ask, why?

 Why be silent and why follow
 Every rule that's set up
 Why be distant, why swallow
 Your words that I know are there?

 I can nearly feel the cold air's nip
 And see the starry black sky
 I can touch your coat and feel it slip
 Through my fingertips, and by and by

 I'm starting to wonder again
 Why are people far away?
 I'm starting to ponder when
 Or how long you'll act this way

 So many poems today. Sort-of nice. I am in the mood that I can feel things in my hands...see things. Smell things. It's insane.
 I'm actually sort-of liking the thoughtful mood I've slipped into. In fact, I'm growing to love it more every moment. It's awesome.
 A lot of crazy stuff has happened this first week of November.
 A...friend? Acquaintance? I don't know what to call him yet. Well, through the course of many events I've found he's a Christian, and recently he had some hard things happen...and he's grown closer to Christ through it. Exactly what I was praying for. It's kind-of amazing. (No, I do not believe it would be an issue with him that I just wrote that. He's practically told the whole world! XD)
 Two people had birthdays...that was exciting, and also really awesome. I love celebrating people's birthdays, even if I barely know them!
 I wrote 10,000 words in a novel. A crappy, not-so-amazing novel, but a novel. And I promise, I won't abandon ship!
 I learned I need to pray before I make decisions. >.<
 I am slowly getting over the third cold/sickness I've had this year. Not counting the sickness at the I'm hoping this will be the last one this year. Haha
 I...wrote four poems. And took pictures on two walks. ^///^
 I walked to the store when it was dark. I feel like a grown-up now. :P Mom also promised she would show me how to use a credit card. Next steps-getting a job, a car, and a cellphone/trackphone. :P
 I thought-my birthday is only 11 days away! And I keep getting excited about it. 
 And...I thought of Ireland. And I thought...I might actually like to go there someday.

 I also want to go anywhere that anyone will take me. Canada, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Italy, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore...just anywhere that I can get to cheap. ^.^;

 And, to confuse and baffle you, here is Matthew 17:20 in...guess what language?

가라사대 너희 믿음이 적은 연고니라 진실로 너희에게 이르노니 너희가 만일 믿음이 한 겨자씨만큼만 있으면 이 산을 명하여 여기서 저기로 옮기라 하여도 옮길 것이요 또 너희가 못할 것이 없으리라 Matthew 17:20

 And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.
  Matthew 17:20 NAS

Continue having a great Sunday! (That is, unless you mentally or physically dwell in some timezone where it is Monday. :P ) And please continue having a good November! It's an amazing month. ;)

-Argentia Krystofel

That Moment...

When you realize you can turn out more words in your novel when you start to do a self-rant than when you're actually writing about your characters.
 Wasting my time writing things that I must delete from my wordcount is quite stupid, but I must admit I've practically done it all day. It's the 6th of November and I'm already rather frustrated. I have no idea what I plan on doing for the rest of the month, or if things get "harder" than they are right now, but oh, well. I'm hoping that maybe this is as hard as it will get.

 So....I have no idea what I'm supposed to write about in this post except...a poem. I've been writing too many poems lately.

 The sky is an open space of blue
 With little white clouds like snow drifts
 Dotting the sky; white ink splotches
 It's chilly; the scattered leaves the wind lifts

 Are flying up towards the sky
 The sky that I stare at with wonder
 I wish by dreams I could fly
 And that I could lift the leaf you are under

 I know that there are places I've never seen
 And I wish I could taste the air
 I wish I weren't standing here where I've been
 And instead I am standing there
 Right now, I want to be just a certain way
 But I know my place and it's here
 Maybe, I can see it in my dreams and someday
 That chance will be more near

 The leaves clatter on the nearly empty branches
 Like little hands giving an applause
 The sunlight, golden and bright, dances
 Upon everything and for a moment, I pause

 It's beautiful.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wind of November

 Blowing against my face gently
 The wind whispered around me

 I stared up at the gray, clouded sky
 And I saw all I ever wanted to see

 The world was quiet as I took a walk
 I kicked at the dry leaves cluttered on the road

 I felt like the whole world was huge,
 And I felt as if I were bearing a very heavy load

 The wind tossed the tiny dead leaves and flowers
 The gentle wind, but somehow I began to think

 Why the wind? Why the wind?
 Whether it's a gentle breeze, or a great typhoon

 It always manages to move something
 Doesn't it, and it will move that something soon

 Do you know where the wind that you love
 Do you know where it comes from?

 Why does it fill you with such breathlessness?
 Gray skies, bare trees, heading home

 I pulled my jacket closer, I took longer strides
 I took it in with wonder

 The air, cold, real, and yet numbing
 The wind of November

 The wind that I feel, that you've felt
 The wind that moves you

 The wind that fills you with emptyness
 The wind from Who?



It's raining
 Raining here, raining there

It's pouring down the windowsill,
 The tiny droplets like kamikaze flights

You know it well, the rain
 Does it speak your heart sometimes?

It's raining
 Raining on your shoulders,

Shadows make their flight
 And fill your head with doubt as they go

It's raining
 The swishing sound of cars outside

Writing in the night
 As the rain patters on the roof; dark tears

It's raining
 Nearly, you can hear the loneliness

That's hidden in the rain
 That's evoked within us whenever it falls

The quietness we feel
 When the rain is pittering, pattering, even roaring

But I don't know the answer to this
 Or why the rain falls like it does

All I can say is the rain,
 In it's quiet, yet moving way

Seems to seek an answer.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is only the beginning...

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
                                                                                                    Romans 8:28 (NAS)