Thursday, October 29, 2015


How must I contain you?
Your spirit is vast as the sea
Beating against the shores of my self
I will always remember your eyes
Searching my soul in the purple night
Drenched in the perfume
Of May lilacs and the serenade
Performed by one thousand crickets
Harmonizing with a heartbeat
Unaware, the solitary request
To enter your faraway world,
Your cheek against mine
My weary head rests
Between the space of
Neck and shoulder,
Autumn rains fill me up, they gather
In the valleys of dirty black streets
Flickering with little lamps
As another flame dwells in your
Endless dark orbs
They say I must have you
Affections do not turn so quickly
Far too many words to put here
But why?
You have owed me nothing,
Go in peace,
For I cannot contain you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


and I just wanted to let you know that
you always look incredible,
even in sweatpants,
nothing can take away from your eyes
so don't ever hate them,
but by far your most beautiful feature
is the loving passionate
of your infinite unknown soul.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Rain soaks the windows
Distorts the flood of umbrellas
In the fog, they know nothing of us,
Lights glowing in the water
Pooling on the roadside
Settling with the dirt of the city

I'm lost in your profile
Warm silhouette against the cold mist,
We are two wanderers 
Searching for our voices, in a quiet corner
Among the noise of other souls,
To God be the glory I found you,

Our hearts flutter like wings
In fear of the unknown
Through the hammer of needle and thread,
And the throbbing in our heads
We are plowing away our misunderstandings
Connecting to another world

And against the backdrop
Of a people in suffering and sadness,
Eyes meet, dark and watery
Like those puddles of this city,
Windows of hope and misery
Too close to be separated.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Plunge

Still a WIP as I'm not sure I quite like it yet. Inspired by an overwhelming desire to connect with someone and iron out the wrinkles.

When I close my eyes
I'm standing at the edge of a swimming pool
The body of water glistens
No touch of ripples on the surface,
My hands clasped in yours
Round eyes filling with wild ecstatic joy,
Hell yes, even if you don't want to,
We are going to take the plunge because
I must see you eye-to-eye,
One moment, one instant in which
We are parallel in our desire
To breathe, the pressure
Pulling us underneath,
Holding, reaching,
Grasping, we need clothes, hair, flesh, anything
In this single, straining moment
Mortality and the fear of it are more apparent
Than all our petty differences
We reach the surface or we die,
Under heavy silence, my heartbeat
Is the soundtrack of being
Soaked in your frightened eyes,
Overwhelmed when our worlds collide
Cannonball crash of our bodies
Thrown against the surface
Smacked by all of who and what and why you are
An assault without a perpetrator
Just victims,
Touching base, vision clearing
Feet kicking the ground, we rise
Water drips down your jaw, off your chin
Black shirt clings to skin
And the air burns like fire, and my chest aches
Lungs screaming in protest against
My foolish behavior---
Perhaps it's my heart, for I realize we are
Destined to be torn apart,
Habitually hurting ourselves,
Whenever we choose to brave the chill pain
Of our resurface.