Monday, June 21, 2010

Bible Conference

I'm off for the Reformed Family Bible Conference on Tuesday. I'm looking foreward to having a good time, and I hope that I can stand up for myself while playing Nerf and show those boys I'm no ordinary girl! :P Anyways, I probably won't be playing Nerf much, due to the fact that it's very hot this week and I have a very blank feeling of absolutely no reason to play. I'd be content to just sit out in a field with my scetchbook and a few subjects to draw. Or hey, take pictures of! XD Sorry. I'm tired.My drawing, 'Regrets' won the Award of Merit! :) That is the drawing above ^^

Anyway, I'm not doing much nowadays. Just being excited! :)

-Argentia Krystofel ♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A friend thing

A new friend-Megan Russel (or Megan 2)
Your best friend-All of them!
Someone you met when you were little-Karis
Someone you always have fun with-Tatiana
Someone who likes good music- Sir_Furious
Someone you used to be really close with-Hannah Pratt (and I miss her!)
Someone with really nice hair-Meredith
Someone who makes you laugh till you hurt- Cylleruion(You have made me cry before.)
A truly good friend-Stephanie and Megan (or, to save confusion, Megan 1).
The person you can talk to about anything-Stephanie and Megan (1).
The friend that knows you more than any of your other friends-My mother. I mean, she's my mom! Of course she knows me best! :)
The prettiest girl you know-Hannah Tucker. And I don't care if you don't admit it, girl. :)

A thing normally on Facebook, I decided to put it on Blogger, too. Ya'll are just too awesome for some of you not to see it. :) Love all my friends! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fairy Leaves

So, my mom is a jewelry designer on Etsy, and she made a beautiful necklace this week that reminded me very much of Neverland and fairies in general.

Please take a look at it, and the rest of her site! She makes such cute things! Mom also has a blog on here, you can find it in my sidebar listing; Timeless Trinkets is the name. :)

Return to Neverland Fanart

And I present to you my fanart. It could've been better, but I am on an extremely tight schedule with a dash of life problems thrown in and the extremely exciting Reformed Family Bible Conference coming up.

Anyways, this is an anime/manga styled picture communicating the dissagreements between Peter and Jane. I loved how in the movie he wasn't completely sure what to do about it, but wanted to set things right.

In this picture, Peter's expression and Jane's hair are my pride and joy. I either haven't drawn Peter's expression often, or never at all.
I just know it was great practice, much fun, and a good challenge. :)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Return to Neverland vs. Peter Pan

So I decided, that even with my crowded schedule, I would participate. ^.^ I am a crazy person.

I must admit it now, I guess. Although I have been seeing many Peter Pan posts concerning the live-action movies throughout the ages, my heart has always been with the Disney version.
I am a true lover of animation, I supppose. XD

When I was very little, we had an older version of Peter Pan, but I'm not sure which one it
was...our VHS player ate the tape. I do remember that
Peter was played by a girl, and there was a lot of singing and flying on black wires. :P I did miss the tape after it broke, but forgot about Peter Pan for a long time after that.
Then, when I was about 8, I somehow watched the second Disney movie, Return to Neverland, at a friends house. It continues to be my favorite version of Peter Pan to this day. Yes, the original story was great, but Wendy always irritated me. Way to girly, probably because I'm a tomboy. That's why Jane appealed to me.
Plus, the second movie gives a different perspective on the story, one of a child grown up before her time. It is easier to relate to Jane, in my opinion, because nowadays so many people don't take any time out of their day just to be imaginative and look at things in a 'magical' perspective. Jane has to learn to be more fun, and the second movie really stresses the 'Faith, trust, and Pixie dust!" saying that is almost lost in the first Disney adaption, being said only once, I do believe.
I found some really cool pictures, too...I'm a sucker for cool pictures. Art is a big thing with me, and I HOPE can get good sketch or two, based on the second Disney film, up by Saturday.

-Argentia ♥

P.S. I have finished my Chautauqua drawings and only need a title for one of them. Let's pray that I win! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So I actually had fun at a social event? Wha-?

lol, I didn't have to socialize much. Corey did it for me. :P

Corey and Jenner are two guys that I have spent quite a bit of time with at my grandparent's social events. XD I don't like parties, but when you have some funny people to talk with, they are more fun.

Then, tonight, there were Jacob, Logan, Caleb and Audrey, as well. I made many aquaintances! I liked meeting these new people...especially Jacob! He was a lot of fun, and only a month younger than

Well, hope you are all doing well~

I have been kicking off summer with a BANG!!! Loving it, too! Hontoni shiawase da~!

-Argentia Krystofel (At her grandparent's house)