Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I don't have much family that comes for Thanksgiving (just my mom's parents) but I have some awesome 'family' that I got to see today, and I just wanted to say I love you so much everyone and thank God that I have you. I hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving, I hope you are enjoying the food and time with your family.
I am also thankful for my blood family.
They are all very sweet and even when they aren't, good grief, it teaches me patience, at least. I thank God for giving them to me.

I must say, this Thanksgiving I am very hungry(no breakfast, save a banana just a min. ago and a graham crakers hours ago, WITH tantalizingly good smells wafting from the kitchen into the
office) and am a little tired and down. Rain...clouds...go away, PLEASE!!! :P LOL I am trying to remain positive...and drink more makes you sleepy, being dehydrated. I lost something important, too. I hope I find it...I miss it. :P

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Argent ~♥~

*is listening to Shell Shock by Clint Mansell. To self*- If you feel bad, stop listening to tragic music, you baka!!! :P

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm very bored.... I decided to do a video tag I recieved from Nate while I was gone. I won't be tagging anyone, if they want to do the tag, they can! just let me know you're doing it, I'd love to see what you post! ;)

My first video is a Bionicle vid. that I have always liked.
Love you, Matoro... :P

The second is FMA.

NOTICE: I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST CANADIANS. I'm sure there are good ones and bad ones out there, just like American's. I just like the song, the vid, and like the fact that there is a decent song to the tune of American Idiot, which is very profane and I wish had never been made. But then, we wouldn't have the great tune that Weird Al put Canadian Idiot to...Oh, well.

The fourth is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. A movie I loved. I would recommend it, if you don't mind about 4 instances of h*** and d***. Other than that, it's an awesome movie with a great plot. The main character reminds me of myself. :)

And, as a little bonus, I have a video I made.

Also, I named my fish. The blue one is Mizu, the orange one is Kaji, and the green one is Midori.

I love them a lot. ♥ Cute fish.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Back! (Sort-of)

Konichiwa, everyone!!! Hope you're all doing well! Gomen for being absent so long!
I am now fourteen! A few things about my birthday celebration-The Dorito chips were spicy.
The lemon bars looked like cornbread.
Cylleruion Gwaithovorn has an interesting set of cards.
It's fun to eat breakfast to Weird Al's White and Nerdy.

RANDOMNESS IS COOL, isn't it??? :P

I have been drawing a lot lately. Here are some of the drawings.
  1. Two characters from an RP I am in.
  2. A character from my story. (Which I am no longer posting. T.T Gomen nasai...)
  3. The same RP characters.
  4. A request from a friend. She is drawn from a character in FMA, and she's eviiiiilllll. :P
  5. Another RP drawing. He's a character I haven't yet written but am excited about. I won't be able to start writing him until I get to a certain point in the storyline, but I'm super excited about that and wish I could get there sooner.
Also, I will only be posting once a week (on Friday) from now on. School, drawing, writing, and some new things I am hoping to be taking on in the new year. Pray for me, it's going to take lots of practice and determination to learn to play the piano! I have tried twice and been unable to do it, so I hope I can this time! I'm a lot older, so that might help.

One last thing-I changed my username to Argentia because someone else has the username Autumn and I didn't want any confusion. :)

Enjoy your week everyone!!!

♥ Argentia