Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Well...where do I start? :P

Christmas Eve my family and I ate pizza and then opened our presents. I received Asian White Jasmine Tea and a D.Gray-man mug. If you know me on Facebook, I have pictures there. If not, I will be posting them soon! :)

Then we went to church on Christmas Day. It was a lot of fun; there was food, singing, reading from the Bible and DANCING!!! YAY!

I learned one new dance. I kind-of wished we had danced more, but it was still fun. My brother, A Confederate, and one of my friends, Cylleruion, both had Nerf foam swords and were fighting with them. My other brother, Calder, got in on the fun a little, and I did, too. 'Cept Cyll beat me over the head quite often. I brought it upon myself, though, so don't go seeking out revenge for me or anything. The person that needs the chewing out would be me and not Cyll. :P

Now, I am at my grandparents. We opened presents from them last night, had a huge meal, as usual, and once again, I ate too much...gladly, I'm feeling much better! :P

Anyway, I don't have a lot to reminisce about-no, wait, I have so much to reminisce about that I don't want to! :P The highlights of this year have probably been-

Learning some Japanese
My dad getting a new job
Making a few new friends (a great feat for socially inept and introverted me)
Having a good time. (I haven't exactly had a perfect year, but in comparison to others, it's been awesome. I have learned that I've got some amazing family and friends who are like family who are there for me. I've also learned that I have Jesus who is there for me ALL THE TIME. Unlike people here, He is always there.)

So, love you guys and hope you had a great Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Kiss


Close your eyes, night growingYou’ll recall that memory

Biting our freezing lips
We wrapped our arms around each other

I hid the day when I saw you last
At the bottom of my memories

We walked on the lake; that Wonderful view
(I’m feelings so alive)

snow kissDon’t tell me
That I’ll be saying good-bye to you like this

I want to see you
The starry sky is beautiful enough to stop time
wow wow…

The white and shiny breath
Envelopes that child gently

The surface of the water changes into iceThe darkness turns into an aurora

When the darkness dissolves, will I be able to live? baby
I’ll start walking toward the light without showing my tears
(I’m feeling so alive)

snow kissEven if we become separated far apart like this
Please don’t cry…

I want to see you, on that day, at that time, your loveA star of white sighs

snow kissDon’t tell me
That I’ll be saying good-bye to you like this

I want to see you
Unremovable scars such as feelingsPlease don’t erase them
Please don’t erase them…



Me o tojite naito gurowinYobiokosu ano kioku

Kogoeru kuchibiru kande
Futari kata o yoseau

Saigo ni kimi o mita hi oKioku no soko ni kakushita

Mizuumi no ue aruita ano Wonderful view
(I’m feeling so alive)

snow kiss
Kono mama kimi to good-bye nante

Toki ga tomaru hodo utsukushii hoshizora o
wow wow…

Shiroku kagayaku iki ga
Yasashiku ano ko o tsutsumu

Suimen ga koori ni kawaru
Kurayami ga oorora ni naru

Yami ga tokereba ikite yukeru no? babyNamida misezu ni hikari no hou e arukidasu
(I’m feeling so alive)

snow kiss
Kono mama tooku hanarete mo

Aitai ano hi ano toki your love
Shiroi toiki no star

snow kissKono mama kimi to good-bye nante

Kimochi to ka torenai kizuato

Original Japanese- (Not sure if it's Hiragana or Katakana. Might have some Kanji in there, too.)


目を閉じて ナイトグロウィン
呼び起こす あの記憶



湖の上 歩いた あの Wonderful view
(I’m feeling so alive)

snow kiss
このまま君と good-bye なんて言わないで

時が止まるほど 美しい星空を
wow wow…

白く 輝く 息が優しく あの子をつつむ


(I’m feeling so alive)

snow kiss

会いたいあの日あの時 your love
白い吐息の star

snow kiss
このまま君と good-bye なんて言わないで


Any way, hey, it's a cool song. That I am obsessed with. It reminds me of Allen, who I am also quite crazy over. He is the middle character in the picture above. The other two are Yu Kanda on the left and Lavi on the right. Who are also AWESOME characters. I have been unable to decide upon my favorite.

Now, I have been doing quite a few drawings lately, but this is the only one I'm going to be able to put up-

This is Gris and Katell, two characters that a friend of mine has. He's been wanting me to draw them and color them, so I did. The look pretty good, imho.



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh my gosh! It's-it's...

SASUKE/SPIDER-MAN!!! UWAAAHHHH!!!! He's so handsome!!! :P

:P Sorry, I HAD to post this. If you don't watch Naruto, you won't get it.

So, Sasuke is an awesome dude, right? I hate to break it to you, but this is the only thing of him that I think is awesome. He DRIVES ME NUTS!!! Get outta here, Sasuke! He's the only reason I don't watch Naruto much. Sasuke just messed everything up...T.T

Anyway, Sasuke-Man is much cooler, and I hope you enjoy this trailer.

Did I mention I've never seen a Spider-Man movie in my entire life? LOL

-Argent (There he goes! He's almost as cool as Dark Mousy!!!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter Is Here!!!

Today is the 2nd of December and to spite Winter still being weeks away, I've gone ahead and changed my blog colors. The name is still Downy Flake, but I have debated changing it to Snow Kiss. But maybe that's a bit too much! lol, what do ya'll think?

My recent obsessions for this winter: Drawing some of my friends and my own characters, dancing on Christmas Day (which we do every year and I am totally excited about DOKI! DOKI!), seeing snow, using my special Sakura eraser, Hikaru no Go and D.Gray-man!!!

Hikaru no Go-Favorite Character: Yuki Mitani, Fujiwara no Sai, Waya.

D.Gray-man-Favorite Character: Allen Walker and Lenalee.

The song on my blog header and playlist is Snow Kiss, the ending theme of D.Gray-man, which I love! It's so beautiful, and whenever I hear it I think of Allen in that adorable suit...^.^

So anyway, have a great Christmas, ya'll! I have changed a lot of the music on my blog to Christmas music, enjoy!

Argent ♥