Sunday, July 13, 2014


Original typed version: September 29, 2013, at 10:04 PM

The expression you wear
The lights flickering in your eyes
Your lips mouth a suggestion
"Stay," and the truth hits me

This can't last, it never will
Like paper back then
I could be crumpled in your hands
And I realize the truth

You came to represent that time?
It's not truly your being that I miss, right?
Because what significance was that?
Why is everything now becomming dark?

The words "I'm leaving," were bitter
Like a death wish for the past
You suggested a simple future
Oh, now I realize the truth

Chances to be were lost
The very moment before they began
Wishes or prayers for you, all were useless
You are too far away

I can't be this way,
I become disgusted with myself
My attitude adopts a stench from it
I can't face the truth

You were leaving, is that why I cried?
Or was it because I fell in love with your ghost?
I threw a coin so high it hasn't landed yet
Will I claim heads or tails, tell me now

Do you appreciate this madness of mine?
Can I create a more moving fairytale for myself?
Just imagine 168 hours for the past
Isn't that the truth?

Did you look back?
Did your shoulders even flinch?
Because I didn't see your eyes when I turned
And paused for a silent moment of the truth

Why I faltered I don't know
Why did I break under your eyes?
What about me was so cool then
Why did I lose it now?

I still remember
The image of your back
Your shoulders turned to me
The way your clothes wrinkled

Every acute detail is now mine to hold
Your messy hair and dark arms
Offset by ash and smoke, conformity
Black eyes, black sky, black pavement

Why, when, for what reason?
Did I meet your gaze that day?
Your clear image is now so blurred
I just wish I could've seen the truth

Freedom; everything became a wonder
My heart is clenched by this feeling
"Oh God, what was that?" I cry
Maybe there's a reason, but I'm blind

You and your ghost are gone
Your streets, your lights, your entire world
All is so far away, dead, deep within my heart
I still don't know the truth.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Heal the Hurt

If there were more I could say, I would
Tell you everything will be alright
Get some sleep on this dark night

If I could make it better now, I would
Heal the hurt heart aching in your chest
Show you somehow that all is for the best

But I can only watch as your spirit slowly falls
The sleepless nights, the doubting eyes
Wrinkled shirts, heavy footsteps, sighs

No matter what, I want you to know this one thing
I wish I could see your future of bright smiles
I wish I could make it alright for just a while

I hope you know how much your hurt hurts me
That I'm here whenever you need a listening ear
How much I wish I could catch your tears

And hold you tightly in my arms. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Future Faith

Like lost grasses tossed about in the wind
As smiling children we go round about
And yet we all dream, we dream like mad

We just might be searching for something
Under the light polluted skies
Of these summer nights, we're running wild

Prematurely grown, far from home, they fly
Dark and solemn are those eyes
That search for something more before the dawn

We're all old enough to know what hurt is
Our survivor smiles are beautiful
If you never feel pain, you can never feel joy

We're all young enough to know what hope is
The light of our future is beautiful
If you never fail, you may never know what it means to try again

-Argentia Krystofel