Thursday, January 12, 2012


Title: Searching for You
Medium: Graphite
Time (start to finish): 1hr

The t-shirt has frustrated me slightly. It makes him look muscular and broad (maybe it's the angle), when it's really just the baggy t-shirt filling with the wind. The model probably only weighs 120 pounds at a height of maybe 5'6"?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here Just Barely

The ideas swirl throughout my mind. One old, one new, all perfect. But all are too much for me in this moment. Ah, the creative bursts of color; the different words that come to me, each tantalizingly beautiful, each just perfect to describe the surroundings.

But time hates me. So I can't write them all out. No matter how much I feel I need them. I can't put them on paper...not quite yet.


Monday, January 9, 2012


Whenever I remember the lost time
The sun shined so brightly
Like a stained glass, broken memory
The rays of warmth and light

I stopped writing this forgotten poem
Because I was afraid
But I can't stop, this place I call 'home'
Must be filled with words

Held in the arms of one like a fortress
A familiar face smiles at me
Laughing, crying, but never loving less
I can't forget that day

You whispered a prayer with me
In the moment when my held-back tears fell
Even though you didn't believe
Any good would come from those times

The hours late into the night, spent talking
The things I will never understand
Every time I think of it, I keep walking
Measuring up to standards

People everywhere, crying deep inside
They're calling to me, silently
Gazes that always have something to hide
Nothing new under the sun, vanity

Faces burning in the back of my mind
Hands I've held, voices I've memorized
The colors were so vivid when the sun shined
Those times when I had no fear at all

And then I close my eyes, and I sigh
What will be made of this?
The times I spend alone, staring at the sky
Making faint wishes on the brightest stars

Indeed, the light catches, reflected in the soul
A light I feel I can't see from anywhere
A smile is piercingly clear, but I keep forgetting
The reason that I decided to come here

My memory is of a quiet, rainy day
A book in my hand, music in my ears
As I carefully pondered what I would say
Ah, it's been so many years



Friday, January 6, 2012

New Sketch+Playing with my Webcam

Yes, I finally embarked upon that New Year's Resolution of a drawing once a week. Or a sketch. Or just anything that includes me putting something beautiful and unique in my sketchbook.
 Now, though this was just a's beautiful and unique to me. And, pardon for not having the hair poking out the back of his cap shaded in yet. I'm not exactly the type for remembering that before taking pictures...
 Anyway, yes. I titled this 'Searching for You', because it seems almost as if he's looking for someone. I still need to add in some stuff, shade a few things...maybe tomorrow.

 And, then, I wanted to play with my webcam in my mom's hat. And my pajamas. :P

 Tomorrow, I'll hopefully get a few pictures of the hats&gloves I got today. They.are.awesome. I got two hats, two gloves...and a journal, which I actually will post here right now.
Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL? I love it so much. ^.^ Plus, it has a bit of a favorite verse-'all things work together for the good-' on the front, and then it cuts off. And then this is written on the front as well-'what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will give us later', which just reminded me of something special.
Inside this verse is written-'May God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord show you His kindness and mercy and give you great peace of heart and mind.' 1 Timothy 1:2

Aaaaand, of course, I had to play with the webcam a little...XD

-Argentia Krystofel

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is coming...

Someways, it comes with a great shout, a screaming of voices. Someways, it comes with quiet sadness, tears falling in silence.
 But for me, it usually comes slowly, quietly, in the cold night, creeping in. I neither shout, nor cry. I smile, maybe. But it's always in that moment, when I neither feel regret nor great joy, that the New Year comes.

 I can't describe it.

Goodbye, 2011; it's been a good year.

Hello, 2012; I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring.


Well, there you go...

I'm sitting here, staring at the mug on my right. It was full of warm, steaming hot chocolate a minute ago, and I'm missing it.

I need to summarize this year at least somehow, but I can't just condense it that quickly. It was too full of events. It was too spectacular.

I've been watching the most recent episode of my current escapade of entertainment after a whole day spent cleaning my room. It looked absolutely awful and now looks much better (and feels better, too)-plus, Mom and I have decided it's time to change the curtains from the flowery ones they are now to ones that go better with the rest of the room! Yes!
I'm worn out, to say the least. The time spent alone in my room made me think.
 As has been shown in the past, sometimes, this isn't too good for me. But lately, I haven't been doing enough of it.
 Last night, I realized that I had been putting off something that needed to get done. Someone has sent me something, and I need to write to them. I've been wasting time and making up excuses; laughing and shrugging it off. But really, I've just been afraid...and that isn't a good reason to put something off.
 So that's my first New Year's resolution (other than making good grades, cutting back on computer stuff, and reading more)-say what needs to be said.

 At any rate. 2011 needs to be addressed here. So, without further ado...

It started out...somehow. I don't really remember what happened on the first of January last year. I do remember how the year ended-dancing with my family in our kitchen. We just had a good time for the sake of it. ^.^ It was awesome.
 A lot of things happened after that. A lot of things that have changed the way I look at things.
 Life is incredibly more...exciting? that in was before! Things have just become so bright and vivid to me now. Through the sadness and the happiness this year, things have just...changed so much for the better. And I'm really satisfied with it. I've met people. Lots of people, and most of them were very inspirational to me.

 Some of the phenomenal things that happened can't be mentioned here. But I can name a few-
 Reading the Westmark Trilogy this summer/discovering Lloyd Alexander
 Having my first taste of seaweed(it's great, you should try it)
 Learning 'The Musician's Song/Allen Walker's theme' on piano
 Spending the whole week at Conference rather than just a few days
 Talking on the phone past midnight (yes...)
 Rearranging my room
 Drinking a milkshake while sitting in our front yard on a pleasant summer day...
 Driving down the road singing my favorite song in the middle of August
 Writing in NaNoWriMo!
And there's just so much more. :)

Well, going on to bed now. There should be a post that comes out automatically later...we'll see if that works. ^.^