Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Translucency

rejecting others is
gouging your own eye
for you reject yourself
the smallest fleck
of your being, your soul
knows damage inflicted,
"I am cleansing"
but you are killing,
like a cold, freezing rain
the darkest winter night
of my life,
you break away
separate, like two microbes
growing into new demons,
from those who loved
and made you a new home,
imperfect and flawed
their pale skin and
ruddy palms, their blue veins
-all mine-
were there for you,
"money is the root of all evil,"
and materialism
is the god of
a man said we should love
but he was never
spoken of,
growing away is not a good thing
but I pray to leave your midst,
though my hand rested
against your chest and
I heard your heartbeat,
are the hypocrite to my honesty,
though I loved you
you saw nothing in me
but my reflection,
though warmth filled my body
when you embraced me,
you saw my
Carolina-blue blood
seeping through
my translucency,
and halted.

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